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  1. 1. They were Mr. House's cult of necromancers. 2. They briefly teamed up with Echelon to take Ko-Koro but then got kicked out. AFAIK they're de facto disbanded, especially since House disappeared.
  2. IC: Vine - Ihu-Koro "Nothing better to do," Vine said. "Might as well check if they're open for business."
  3. IC: Vine - Ihu-Kor "That bad?" Vine said in surprise. "I had suspected that the Shadow was making a resurgence, certainly in the hearts of people, but for its followers to capture one of the original six Koros even after its defeat? Terrible, terrible news..."
  4. IC: Vine - Ihu-Koro "Very well then," Vine replied. Beginning to follow behind Arabeth, he asked, "I didn't recall seeing this many people in this locale the last time I was here. What happened?"
  5. IC: Vine - Ihu-Koro A Vo-Toa had approached him, perhaps mistaking him for a local. "Spirits bless you, but apologies. I just arrived and I don't know this town very well. I'm very much looking for the same thing."
  6. OOC: been a long time IC: Vine - approaching Ihu-Koro "... Moss. Of a rare breed adapted to the Ko-Wahi mountainous climate. But growth is slow, not suitable for insulation nor for decorative purposes." A Bo-Toa covered in multiple layers of coats and cloaks clutched a handful of moss, muttering half-remembered trivia while poring over every detail of the plant. After finishing his meditations, he cupped the moss in his hands and breathed warm breath into it, before rubbing it into a rock. Infusing the moss with his elemental power, he watched with satisfaction as it rapidly spread over the stone, before getting back up and resuming his course towards the nearest sign of civilization. Ko-Wahi had become a turbulent place in an equally turbulent time. To think that the Spirit's Shadow being bound would not herald the Omnipresent Spirit's awakening, but rather the awakening of a small shadow inside each and every heart. But Vine wouldn't know much about it beyond those surface-level fears; he had sequestered himself from the world after an epiphany. Not of some grand spiritual realization, that would come later. No, the epiphany was just how much of an idiot he had been in his youth. Fortunately, the icy wastes of Ko-Wahi would not bring many reminders of his former folly. Ihu-koro. Vine didn't remember the place being so lively the last time he visited. Truth be told, the village never made much of an impression on him at all. But he needed to resupply, and Ihu-Koro was preferable than making the trip all the way to Ko-Koro. Nothing but darkness resided there now. But perhaps the same could be said of here? Unsure of what to expect, Vine took his first steps into the settlement.
  7. BS01 puts it at 486 kilometers in length and 285 kilometers wide. Converted to US units, it would be just short of 302 miles long and 177 miles wide. As for Matoran height, we never got an official figure for it, and all the sets over the years were on varying scales. 4.4 feet doesn't sound wildly off the mark, but there's really nothing to verify it either. What frame of reference are you using?
  8. This place is still alive, huh?

  9. IC: Asa Waiting for her food, Asa... well, would eavesdrop be the right word? ... No? Yes?
  10. OOC: SORRY IC: Sutrox What to do about these tin-suits - oh? "... Well. Well, well, well. Here we are!" Was this anything to be impressed about? ... YES. "So, we go in, salvage what we can, and take care not to get eaten by the creeps from the deep?"
  11. ​IC: Sutrox ​"... Well... There's our coffin!" Nevertheless, the Skrall got in line to board. "At least death will be less monotonous than daily existence. And that is assuming the worst case scenario comes true. I have severe doubts about that." Before stepping inside the bell, "Sutrox" peered inside, looking at the diving equipment and whatnot. "So... I guess some of us will be swimming? Because I don't see how we can get anything if we sit inside this metal jar the whole time." Taking the final step, the black and blue warrior stepped into what might be his voyage across the river of the underworld.
  12. ​IC: Asa ​Nodding, she thought on the Skakdi's words. "No credit for doing just the job you're expected to." ... Was that not the way the entire Archipelago worked? One worked to maintain Order and preserve Honor, but Honor was not freely given. Only the most exceptional were seen as anything mroe than maintainers of Order; Honor was something to be hoarded lest it be lost, not gained. A female Toa approached her; unconsciously, Asa's posture became more relaxed. Were she to be asked of this, she would be surprised. "Thank you. And this village has been nothing but pleasant so far."
  13. ​IC: Asa ​Asa nodded. "Thank you. ... It is rare to receive such comments individually and directly."
  14. OOC: I actually forgot that lol IC: Asa "Right... Perhaps it was because of my family connections. My clan have been doctors, scientists, and engineers since our split from the Dastana. We are - or were - regarded as the leading experts in the natural sciences."
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