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  1. Awsome!I've got golden Kakama!
  2. Yo, thanks for adding me! :)

  3. I wanna help you.I think yo could need some help... Click any object with write button and then press duplicat and a copy is ready!
  4. Thank you.A help form a programer is a good help
  5. With USB.If your phone is nokia, i think it needs an USB cabel from alcatel The other way is with Bluethooth
  6. Thank you,Emzee.That was a big help to me
  7. @TNT-Vezon with an Olmak,alpha123:OK,thanks! @Jungle Predator:OK,and sorry!
  8. I can't download it.It says that it is a invalid or deleted file
  9. OK.But if you mean that,i meaned that is is the first online multipleyar game
  10. I don't know.I think it isn't has virus but if you want you can start the antivirus
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