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  1. I want to particicpate, but I live in New Zealand, and I'm not sure how much shipping would cost for me to send my MOC in for all 4 conventions, and I'm not able to PM Black Six. Can someone please help me???
  2. OOOOOOOOOOO, I do want the gunmetal and mek kraahkan and I would kill for the misprint avohkii. I really love how it's not the dull gold. I don't really like the dull gold. And that WMKK. Unfortunately, I don't have the items you wanted to trade, and can't pay for those prices, even if I didn't have to convert currencies ;( And the gold kanoka is amazing. I may not be able to help you, but I'm sure someone will. Good luck.
  3. Wow! Not expecting that. I consider myself a hard fan, but this, is.............. interesting. And I agree with HahliNuva. There are so many ways, and different things, that can happen in the story now. Can't wait to find out more!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I, Cian Toa of Rage, state my interest to enter in said contest, regardless of the fact that I may not be able to participate in MakutaFest 2012 because of these blasted time differences. If I can't, I hope all goes well and is enjoyable for those members who ARE in the position to say the definitely will participate.
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