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  1. Entry name: Makuta Maerinst Main Picture: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-qlBPGjNxgnTnhqZkFsVV80VzA/view?pli=1 (note: a female Makuta, gown like wing parts hanging on her back can rise up and act as actual wings) //For anyone interested link to more pictures in my signature.
  2. Excuse me but how do we submit our creations? Where to upload a picture for the contest on BZPower?
  3. Transformers showdown on my desk. Nightwatch Optimus (Leader class, 2007) vs. Megatron (Custom upgraded leader class, 2009)

  4. Soooo, it looks like that I am the ONLY Bionicle fan that takes it seriously to create ambitious Bionicle stop-motion projects on BZPower and I can't share a link to the one of most popular internet websites without reason. Where is the logical explanation? Why block? Is it harmful to anyone?Ok I will make an edit with link my Site with forums removed. -B6 page ok?
  5. Since I already have something I want to show my animation project.For now I have a teaser trailerhere: Site with forums removed. -B6This animation is an adaptation of a Bionicle moment in storyline when powerless part of Toa Nuva's team led by Kopaka fought against powerful Bohrok-Kal.All the shooting and special effects are done. It only needs to be properly cut with scenes and sound.Hope you like it and share this information with other Bionicle fans.
  6. Ultimate answer: http://that-1-unique-skakdi.deviantart.com/art/Barraki-Races-367250177
  7. What the firetruck? These on Roodaka's head are not some "cables" (ehh, gonna puke). These are just natural hair, yes they are thick but haven't you seen Predator? Normal hair!
  8. LOL! They might lead their elemental energy through these zamors, simple.
  9. Kanaohi masks are their FACES. So everyone will always have something unique. For example: When Jala/Jaller first weared his Hau it changed to be his face. Also these are not fully solid so they can move their lips and eyebrows.
  10. Let's calm down now. Please do not use inappropriate language on the forums. -B6
  11. There is a big difference beetween crack on still hot kanohi that was crafted just a moment ago and on mask that functions as somebody's face for lots of years. Also There is no way that crack would overpower mask because e.g. elemental power of the wearer would deplete.
  12. This topic is nonsense and should be immediately closed. Anything that was shown in any bionicle heroes game was not canon and had nothing to a story. Everything that wasn't consistent with the real story was made just for needs of game which is one of many reasons why the game sucked (DS version was ok for gameplay) because they didn't have to make story completely different they should made this game like Lego Star Wars or Indiana Jones and Harry Potter, but no they done something different that lowered the standards of a whole Bionicle series.
  13. What if GB was Space Jockeys from Prometheus?!!! Seriously I imagine them as beings similar to them similar to humans but just better.
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