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  1. There is plantlife, but I think that might go with the Green.
  2. Zombie Balloon Heads?

  3. It has had a great impact on my life. Heck, even when I get away from it my other interests stem from it. Elemental creatures? Bionicle! Druids? Oddly enough, Bionicle! Its impact has waned over time as the series ended and I moved into other interests, but it will always be there. Heck, considering how fast my interests disappear and reappear, I wouldn't be surprised if I got obsessed tomorrow!
  4. Does anyone know how to get metal bars in Metru Nui Online?
  5. I can't remember, because it was so long ago for me, but I believe there was a really awesome fan-made game that took place in metru nui. To describe it, I think I would say it's kind of a combination between the mnogs and vnog. And it was awesome. I really wish I could remember what it was, I would totally try to find a way to play it. You could play akilini! Here it is! http://www.menol.org/menol/index.htm
  6. I was wondering where I would post a thread to discuss the fan-created game, Metru Nui Online. I cannot post it in the fan-created game subforums, as that is for the creators to share their work. Help?
  7. I've seen a fully-packaged onepu for around $4 and and starter deck for the Quest for the Masks trading card game for $3.50. Would love to get them, but I already have so much I want to get...
  8. Yes! That NEEDS to be in the software library!
  9. So far great! It really emulates those classic rpgs from our childhood. I was also wondering if there was an option to switch movement keys? The down key on my computer is broken.
  10. Post anything you think is controversial here and discuss it.
  11. The mask looks a little small on it, but they don't make kanohi that big anyway, so it still works.
  12. Do I extract it to the RTP folder with all the game files?
  13. Some fan-made games require RTP or Rpgmaker 3. After downloading those, how do you play the game? Thanks in advance. Note: I am trying to play Seal of Success
  14. My god...first person rpg with shooting elements...
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