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  1. thought the inika were pretty cool with the quad zamor launchers and blue spheres. Also I always really liked the phantoka. I remember the trailers like it was yesterday.
  2. 2/5. I vaguely remember you when I first joined, but you were under a different name.
  3. My first set was Reidak. I found him at borders books(retro, I know) in probably february 2006 with my grandma. I had never heard of Bionicle before and had only gotten into lego about 9 months previously with the Revenge of the Sith SW sets. Anyways, I had no clue who Reidak was but he looked cool, so of course I begged my grandma to get it for me (That was easy. Back then canister sets were so cheap lol). I loved it, and a few days later my other grandma gave me Zaktan and Thok. Uhhh after that I have no idea. Started buying up the visorak and remaining piraka (last one was Avak) then over the years backtracked my collection thanks to ebay.
  4. I mostly come back to see if there are any new member title/post rank images getting unlocked by the top posters and gawk at my new spinny. Been itching to see yours for quite a while now. Honestly pretty happy for this update! Bionicle was my entire childhood, and, although I was on the younger end, it blows my mind I've been here 7 years and that Bionicle ended around half my life ago. Bionicle has been in my life somehow since I was 6, and this community and bionicle youtube were what got me through ages 10-15.
  5. 666 profile views, does that make me special?

  6. Current! Although I still have my bionicle stuff, as a 19-year-old, I have definitely outgrown it. I still have it for nostalgia's sake rarely take it out or do much with it. It's still a goal of mine to get the last big sets that I've wanted since childhood (the manas and exo-toa come to mind), but, being a busy college student with an actual life, I can't justify spending three figures on a relatively small set. Now that I'm older, I still love lego, but my focus has shifted from the play aspect to the building aspect as I've grown. I love the creator expert sets, especially the modular buildings, and, since most of them are marketed towards 16+ I can say I fit in that age range. Since they're so expensive, they have become more of a once or twice a year kind of thing, but I still enjoy the experience tremendously. On top of that, I made pretty good money over the summer working at the lego store in my hometown, and, coupled with my employee discount, I was able to pick up a couple really fun sets for myself.
  7. Man, college is stressful

  8. Bought pokemon ultra moon a couple months ago. Really liked the game, especially since the last pokemon games I played were HGSS. I got held up for about a month trying to shiny hunt Giratina in the ultra wormhole, but finally after taking a few weeks off from hunting I found him in 20 minutes, pummeled the E4, and now I'm having a lot of fun IV breeding and training some awesome 'mons!
  9. Fun fact: Velika is not his real name, just an alias he used for if he used his birthname then people would know that he was a Great Being.

    1. Great Being Velika

      Great Being Velika

      Shhhh bro, I've had this name since the reveal back in 2012... also your name is cool. :)

  10. I really miss the archives, especially the reference stuff.
  11. I joined 4(!!!!) years ago now. I've had many usernames, but I always come back to this one. I'm definitely not active, but Bionicle and this website have a special place in my heart, so I make an effort to drop by every couple months.
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