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    Uh, hi there. I'm tentatively declaring myself back from a three-year (or so) hiatus. Still might not be too active, just realized "hey, Bionicle 2015 is a thing, wonder what happened to BZPower?"

    And as far as actual interests go... well, as of late I've been into the Fate francise (and Nasuverse in general, because it's fun), but there's a lot of older stuff that I used to enjoy that I'm sure I wouldn't mind talking about again. I guess if I see a discussion about something that interests me, I might jump in. Or you can just PM me and bug me with endless questions about whether I like this or that, that works too.

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  1. In other news, I'm also back after said three years

    1. fishers64


      Come back to S&T. We need you. :)

    2. Meta-Mind


      be glad to, but I have no idea what's going on with the lore anymore. :L Guess I'd best get to bso1 or somewhere and get reading.

  2. It has been three years what the ###### is this

  3. Sword Art Online

  4. What's a Boxor? Another seafood dish?I mean, I guess if it smells awful enough, Jaller could throw it at Zaktan and get him to run away, but... seems like a waste of perfectly good food if you ask me.So, uh, on an unrelated note, could I get a recap of this year's major events prior to the Piraka's arrival?
  5. That awkward moment when school hits again... and you realize you still haven't caught up in the BZPRPG. XP

    1. Chro


      The awkward moment that you realize you've tried three times to join the BZPRPG and failed

  6. Oh, my first character? Funny you should ask...The first RP character I ever made was Will Volune, for a game called "Platania" on another forum. Unfortunately, the forum is long dead now, and the RP itself doesn't even exist anymore. He used a sword and energy generation powers in combat, the latter of which he had to keep secret from the metahuman-persecuting government he worked for. He was quite fun to write for - the RP died off far too quickly for my liking.The first RP character I made here on BZP was actually a De-Matoran designed for the BZPRPG. However, the end of the 2012 arc was (allegedly) coming soon, so I ended up not using him at all. The first RP character still (sort of) in use on these forums would be Glacio, a Toa of Ice also made for the BZPRPG who I created for the 2013 arc.
  7. Right, so I'm trying to catch up here after my little hiatus. Could somebody fill me in on - ...
  8. Wait, does this mean I should have taken wood as a weakness after all? Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww *sneaks off to change app*And I debated actually doing that, but it didn't really seem to fit his personality. I guess I could have that fancy domino mask be a thing, at least...
  9. *Sam and ErikaAnd as funny as that would be, they're off in Samuel's quarters, rather than an open area. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww(got them mixed up with someone else, my bad.)
  10. I honestly thought people'd be more worried about naming a Green Lantern "Will."
  11. I'm actually kinda tempted to have him walk in on Seth and what's-her-face as they're discussing the OP-ness of Green Lanterns.
  12. Anybody call for another Lantern? I'm almost surprised nobody's gone this route by now, to be honestAlias: Green LanternName: William Allen Scott, commonly goes by "Will"Age: FifteenFaction: The TeamAlignment: Lawful GoodEquipment/Abilities: Will wields a Green Lantern Power Ring, which grants him a variety of special abilities fueled by his willpower. [*]Energy Construct Generation[*]Force Fields[*]Protective Aura[*]FlightHe also has possession of a Green Lantern Power Battery, which he can use to recharge his ring once it loses its power.Weaknesses: [*]Recharging Protocol: Will's ring must be recharged often - once every twenty-four hours with his average rate of energy consumption. If he does not have access to a Green Lantern Power Battery when his ring's charge is depleted, then he will be rendered completely powerless.[*]Crash Damage: Shortly before Alan Scott found the Green Lantern Ring that Will would later use, it crash-landed onto Earth's surface at an extremely high velocity. The crash severely damaged the ring, putting its AI, galactic knowledge database, and universal translator system offline.[*]Wood: For whatever reason, Will's ring is still weak against wood. The ring's green constructs cannot directly affect wood, preventing Will from moving or destroying it.[*]Charge Degeneration: Since Alan Scott's ring hasn't been charged in decades, it has yet to regain its full capacity for charge - as a result, the power ring is slightly weaker than rings which have remained in frequent use. Frequent charging periods over time have begun to restore the ring to its usual state, however, so it can be assumed that the ring will eventually regain its original capacity.[*]Red Lantern Power Ring: Will's energy constructs can be corroded by the red light of rage, forcing him to expend willpower constantly to keep his constructs intact.[*]Lack of Experience: Since Will's ring cannot tutor him in its use, he has often been forced to rely on improvisation rather than standard Lantern techniques to get him out of a jam. Some instruction from his reluctant grandfather has enabled him to achieve independent flight and create a protective aura, but he still has yet to develop equivalents for many common Lantern tricks.[*]Pride: Will's massive ego makes him easy to trick, bait, or trap. It also puts him at odds with any more humble allies.Appearance: Will looks much like his great-grandfather Alan Scott, with bright blue eyes and blond hair. In his civilian identity (insofar as he has one), he commonly wears blue jeans with Green Lantern T-shirts featuring Hal Jordan's stylized Corps symbol. His costume resembles the standard Green Lantern Corps uniform, but with some minor differences such as the sleeves ending around the elbows.Personality: Will's ego is one of the biggest facets of his personality. He is hugely overconfident, and believes that his ring makes him more or less invincible. Despite his narcissistic streak, however, Will honestly believes in doing the right thing, and thinks of himself as carrying on "the Green Lantern legacy" since most of Earth's Green Lanterns have retired.Origin: There's very little to tell about Will's history. Born William Allen Scott, he lived a fairly average life. He went through elementary school, then through middle school, and then on into high school, with nothing indicating that he would be anything special......Until one day, on a visit to his grandfather's house, he found a secret room in the basement. After a little poking around, he discovered that the room contained a collection of old Green Lantern memorabilia from the late 1940s. Chuckling to himself, he tried on a replica Lantern Ring, and pointed it around, jokingly pretending that he was blowing holes in the wall and laughing at how much of a dork his grandfather must have been to keep this thing around...One can only imagine Will's surprise when, only moments later, a green bullet of energy blasted from the ring, impacting the brick wall and punching a hole clean through into the basement proper.After confronting his grandfather over the ring, he learned that his great-grandfather Alan was in fact the Green Lantern. When Alan had died, he had left the vast majority of his possessions to Will's grandparents, including his old Green Lantern Ring and Power Battery. Not wanting to become a superhero, Alan Scott's son had stashed it in his basement, where it had stayed until his grandson found it.After several long, serious, and boooo-ring talks with his family (along with a substantial amount of begging on Will's end), Will was allowed to take the ring home and take up superheroics as a hobby. Calling himself simply "Green Lantern," he put a stop to a number of small crimes in his hometown before being noticed by the Justice League. After determining that he knew nothing of the Green Lantern Corps or the Emotional Spectrum, the League inducted him into the Team, where he could be taught to control his powers - and just as importantly, his massive ego.Could I get a quick rundown of the Team's current status?
  13. I actually believe it was specified that almost any regular protodermic power had a small chance of being the power of a newly-formed Toa/Matoran. So yeah, as a power it could also be the ability shared by a group of power mutants. Although I think that "create, control, and absorb X" sounds a bit too element-like for a regular power... hm.
  14. I proceed to shoot you with your own (presumably Lego) Bass Cannon, sending you flying away with whatever the heck it shoots (some kinda blue wub-beam, I think?). Mask is mine.
  15. When a Matoran is transformed into a Toa, their Great Kanohi's power is just the power it would have had had it been forged from a Level 8 Kanoka to begin with. So for example, Vakama's powerless Huna became a Great Huna, while Krakua's powerless Suletu (probably in the shape of a Great Hau to begin with) became a Great Suletu.
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