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  1. I logged into BZP for the first time in months just to vote in this poll. I think it's unlikely that it'll come back. Now, I did ask LEGO on Twitter if BIONICLE's cancellation was due to poor sales, and they said the line was "overall successful". Because of that, there was obviously another reason behind cancelling it, and I don't they'll bounce back from it. Personally, I don't want it back, whether it's good or bad. G2 will always be a poor part of it, a part that was worse than 2009-2010 honestly (except for the sets, mind you). It was a part of my childhood, and I was excited for the pre-G2 hype, but was extremely let down after it came out.
  2. Just throwing this out there... Need For Madness is an awesome car racing/smashing game created by Omar Waly. I think you guys would like it. Go check it out! http://www.needformadness.com/
  3. Well, thank you for giving us what might be the last Hero Factory set you'll ever review.
  4. Definitely a good, interesting piece of animation! Very good work!
  5. I have yet to try this out (despite being the one who reported it ) It looks pretty fun and all, but rather boring. Nevertheless, looks like its worth a try.
  6. Lol, no one is banning you for this? Ok then... SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAMMYSPAMSPAM XD
  7. Bionicle GOLD? Another name for this CD. I have a copy of it. I never realized it had downloadable music on it though. I might have to find a computer that still runs it and download some of that. Oh. Hmm, I don't think I've seen that one before. Do you know if it's on BMP? It is! That was one of the first things I checked when I found out there was music on that disk that I never downloaded (well, after checking to see if I could find my own copy of the disk). Turns out the actual software won't run without an obsolete version of Quicktime, but the files on it are still accessible, so I've added that music to my iTunes. I don't think it's quite as powerful and dynamic outside the context of the game as the stuff on the Power Pack was, but it's still quite nice. Well, it would just so happen that I do have an obsolete version of Quicktime. Guess that's one perk to having a ~12 year old Mac. It's cool that it's on BMP. I'm surprised I haven't seen it there before. I'll definitely have to check it out. Of course we on BMP have it. We have everything. XD (I iz a staffie there) ANYWAY, BIONICLE Gold was fun to play. I also was unaware that it had downloadable music...
  8. Cold? Heh. Terry Balsamo is with them... Terry is from Evanescence... I love Evanescence... ANYWAY. This would've been pretty interesting. I would've done anything to see this happen. Such a shame it didn't come to be.
  9. Well bro, you'd have to be good. Is it possible? I wouldn't really know. It would take forever to accomplish. If you intend to do so, good luck.
  10. AT LAST!!! Multiplayer games are blocked on my computer due to my dad's security systems that he must have in place, so this is truly great for me! I can finally play this awesome MMORPG!
  11. Bro, I've seen many pieces of BIONICLE artwork. I've made some too. But this is truly amazing.
  12. Oh, hey, the email sent. XD I really hope they add more to this app. I want to catch up on the Chima episodes I missed.
  13. I am leaving BZPower for good. I have nothing to do here anymore. I'll check in every now and then, but don't expect to see me posting. If you wish to contact me, my details are on my profile. Thank you to all my friends, and thank you to the staff for making my experience enjoyable. Goodbye to everyone. ~Fastcar800
  14. Let me know if you have suggestions, or if you wanna be a guest star.
  15. In Po-Koro...Hafu: "Ok, so here's the plan. We distract the oncoming Bohrok by throwing our disks at them, while Kopaka and Pohatu sneak up and knock em' out!"Hewkii: "It sounds too simple... by the way, is Macku alright?"Ahkmou: " Stop obsessing over her. Just give her a kiss and be done with it!"Hewkii: " Just let me have my dreams!"Hafu: "Anyway... let's just move on"Ahkmou: "By the way, did ya hear that Disney took over Star Wars? Stupid George Lucas!"George Lucas: "Help me..."Hewkii: "Stay off of the internet kid!"Ahkmou: "Nope. Never gonna happen "Hafu: "Are we gonna just sit around all day, or are we gonna fight the Bohrok?"Hewkii: "Actually, we were just gonna sit around"Hafu: " "Hewkii: "In massage chairs! "Hafu: "Moving on... oh, they are coming! Lets knock em' to the ground!"A swarm of Tahnok melt through the stone gates of the villageAhkmou: "Ohhh... pretty..."Hafu: " Just wait for my signal. Ready... aim... FIRE!"The Matoran throw their bamboo disks at the oncoming Bohrok swarmKopaka: "(Whispers) Ok my stony friend, lets take them out!"Kopaka freezes a Tahnok, and Pohatu unleashes a hail of stone. Kopaka then freezes a krana that attempts to escape. Pohatu throws a pizza at a TahnokTahnok: "Ow! Hot, hot hot!"Kopaka eats the pizza and throws the Tahnok into the waterPohatu: "Nice work brother!"Kopaka throws a Krana at Pohatu's facePohatu: "Nothing can take m- Clean it all, it must be cleaned. Clean it all, it must be cleaned"Kopaka: "I guess the victory cake is MINE! "Kai: "Not so fast!"Cole: "Really? That's all you got?"Kai: "Ughh... fine, we shall come up with more one-liners later"Kopaka: "You are in the wrong LEGO theme!"Cole: "Eh. Whatever. I'm just gonna sit here and watch Pohatu run around like a maniac"Cole and Kai pull out beach chairs
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