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  1. Okay people, I know that there's a topic that discusses the long lifetime of MU inhabitants (which is over 100,000 years) but what about those organics of Spherus Magna? You would think that a mostly organic species would have shorter lifespans than biomechanical ones, but actually most of the Agori/Glatorian we've seen are much, much older than the MU itself. Here's an interesting quote from the Farshtey Feed, in which the ages of some characters are given in earth equivalents: Now, somewhere out there is a quote saying that Raanu was very young at the time Lein died, which was roughly 265,000 years ago. That means 265,000 Agori years is roughly equivalent to about 60-63 in human years! Thats about 4,200 agori years for every human year? The problem we have is: how do Agori years compare with human years? Is it an direct ratio? (as in, does X Agori years = Y human years) Or do Agori reach maturity at the same rate as humans, with their aging slowing down as they get older? Another question that needs to be asked is this: How do biological beings live for hundreds of thousands of years? I could understand lifespans in the high hundreds, maybe as high as a thousand, but hundreds of thousands??? That's pushing it for me. Is it some sort of super medicine? Or do their mechanical implants prolong their lifespans artificially?
  2. Teridax of course. Other than him, I have to Tridax. The idea of creating an army of evil Takanuvas was simply brilliant! I'm kind of disappointed that his army got so little attention.
  3. When you think about it, there really isn't any need for surnames. Because the GBs made each and every Matoran using the MU's programming language, wouldn't it make sense for each one to have an unique name? For example, many humans share their names (I personally know 3 different people named Mark). It would be odd if there was an Onepu of Metru Nui, and also an Onepu of the Northern Continent. Since everyone in the Mu has a unique name, there isn't a need to make an distinction with surnames.
  4. 08 Toa Nuva. I'm surprised you don't have the Toa Hagah on the list. I've always viewed them as the most powerful non-Nuva team, because they were the elite servants of the Makuta, and they had Rhutoka shields and power spear abilities.
  5. I agree that we do not know if Matoran have DNA. Because their organic tissue is made of a form of Protodermis, we can assume it has special properties that probably protect them from diseases. But we do know that they do get sick. on Mata Nui, the Po-Matoran were infected with Makuta's darkness that caused illness.
  6. I like the idea of following the chronicler around, plus it focuses on Matoran, who have not been in this kind of spotlight for a long time. My bestest problem is that you make Malum so evil. I think he is not as bad as you make him out to be. I do like the idea of the Botan Vorox joining with the Baran Vorox, though.
  7. Everything in the MU is made of protodermis of some type, so the organic material is an organic form of protodermis.
  8. This is awesome looking! Not exactly what i imagined the Marendar looking like, but still really well done. I personally think the tail looks a bit awkward and i suggest you either remove it or make it longer. Because of the size of the whole thing it needs more length to be of any use unless it attacks its opponents backwards,
  9. I agree that it does not seem much like a toa, but its an awesome moc none the less! I love now much armor it has, and the red and white go really nice together. You don't usually see those two colors together as they represent opposite elements. i think he looks more liek a Order of Mata Order member than an Toa.
  10. This moc looks so simple, but yet so complex at the same time! I'm impressed by how you made the reloading system. All that toa needs is a way to carry more ammo!
  11. I think the waist/torso is a little thin compared to the rest of the body, but as said before it is very posable. He looks weak for a Toa, especially an Toa of Earth. The use of Hero Factory parts adds to the simplicity, and limits what you can do with the arm and leg armor.
  12. I love how you've given him so many weapons. Daggers, a sword, and a shield ! This glatoran is ready for anything!
  13. I really like the torso design. I always like using rahkshi heads for armor. I think the sword design is really cool. I've thought of using something like that before but never got around to it. I agree with Delta Titan Sparta about the hair. Shorter is better. I personality dont like the idea of hair on Toa.
  14. I remember playing that game, it was a lot of fun! and the rahi are very well done. But i think you make the Gafna's tail too thick. Also, the Lava Ape looks a little too spider like. The Burnak is excelant! Well done!
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