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  1. Bread and rubber slugs

  2. Do we know that Takua was created when the Great Spirit Robot was being constructed? Or even when the Core Was going on? He could out-date Tren Krom by thousands of years and doesn't remember a thing about it. Matoran are made of metallic and organic protodermis, which is essentially a synthetic stable version of EP. As we know, the Core War was sparked by a dispute over what to do with the substance shortly after it was discovered. Therefore Takua could not have been built before the war. There are conflicting statements on how long the war (and construction of the MN) actually lasted. Greg said the MU only took a few months to build. But BS01 claims that the Hand of Artakah operated successfully for over 200 years before being disbanded and succeeded by the Order of Mata Nui, which was already established when the Toa Mata were created. In either case, MN was launched only moments before the shattering but there is no telling how long the war was going before the GBs decided to build a giant robot. I doubt the GBs would start making workers before they new what they would actually need to do.
  3. I think, it depends. If G3 were to happen within the next say, five or so years, I would rather see them do something different. Shake up the formula. Maybe give us a smaller main team. If Lego wants to persist with $20-$30+ main sets, I believe they would benefit from a smaller main (Canister equivalent) collection. It would be easier for fans to collect and leave more room in the budget for proper titans. Lore wise, We just had the Okotan Toa. Remixing the same story and characters, no mater how well executed would get monotonous if done too frequently. I don't believe G3 even has to be a reboot, It just needs to be sufficiently distant from the existing narratives that new fans can jump in without knowing any backstory. On the other hand, I feel like the Mata are an important starting point for the Bionicle legend, If enough time passes before a potential G3 arrives, then I would want to see namesakes of the Mata herald its return. But only then.
  4. I... honestly disagree with most of this but. -Tahu being devolved -The Skrall and some Skakdi siding with Makuta in JE -Excessively long Lifespans (it's no problem biologically but it destroys any concept of relative age) -The GSRs excessive size and what that means for SM -The entire opening scene of TLR (Just one big cannon deep moment) To many plot threads in the otherwise great serials, went nowhere and only served to keep characters out of the main story. Now, I'm going to put my baseplate on the line and try to defend the some of these. -Gender locked tribes. My understanding is that this was proposed early on as a way to ensure that there would always be a female presence. No, this doesn't make the idea any less stupid but it was made with good intentions. And looking at Ignition and BM, Lego may have needed the structure. Between 06-08 Gorast and Gavla were the only female non Ga- sets. In 09 we only got Kiina. One thing I think is important to remember though, is that this rule has only ever applied to the Matoran. Lego did not make the same mistake with other species and not retconning the established rule with Matoran shows a commitment to the story. -'Love isn't Canon'. Or more accurately 'the biomechanical denizens of the Matoran Universe have no formal concept or social structure which allows for the development of romantic relationships'. I think that makes senses. It doesn't mean they can't feel deep affection towards one another. In fact, if I recall Greg said on the LMB that, having been exposed to the concept on SM, such relationships could be possible. Greg also explained long ago that 'technically' Love (romance) was never cannon. Although that aspect of the lore may have not been set in stone, Templar and. Miramax were prone to artistic licence. Yes this may feel like a cheat but consider this; Mata Nui is an isolated place where the Matoran are developing a new culture centred less around work and mor around individuals. Matoran can feel but just don't know what to do with those feeling (biologically not much). Huki and Maku start hanging out more, they feel 'attracted' to one another, they become more than just friends, not sure what just 'more'. Other Matoran start to notice and start to consider their own relationships with especially close 'friends'. Huki and Maku have sparked a romantic renaissance. It's beautiful. 'Love isn't Canon' it the most romantic thing I've ever read...
  5. Well firstly these abilities are not available to most individuals (at least on such short notice). But perhaps some beliefs are just too strong to be swayed by these 'shortcuts'.
  6. If I recall, the goal of their first voyage was just to find somewhere safe to take the matoran. They had no idea what they would find on the other side of the Great Barrier or what they would face on the journey. The Toa weren't going to risk everything on a blind hunch (read: ambiguous vision). As for why they didn't go back and stay, I think thats been covered. Plus the Vahki were still a thing.
  7. Bohrok. I just mixed up Bohrok colours when I was bored. Had a stash of parts beside my bed.
  8. Just wanted to add. Using the Vahi, Vakama also bought the other Toa enough time to get the Matoran they were carrying out of Makuta's sight. His confronting Makuta alone was a distraction.
  9. We did see some Onu-Matoran wearing blue in Tales of the Tohunga/Quest for the Toa. Anyway, I imagine all the Kal colours as valid tertiary colours for their elements and for come reason I imagine green as an ultra rare lightning colour like blue is for fire (again referencing TotT). Actually I think I read some ware that green lightning was a real thing? Oh and yellow being a common tertiary colour sor sonics. Hey, remember that one green/purple Matoran who looked after the trees in TotT? He was probably a Bo-Matoran! I mean, that probably wasn't what the game designers intended but since one of the Toa Mangai was supposedly a Toa of 'the Green' it's not unthinkable. Or mabey it's just an ultra rare Onu or Le Matoran colour mix...
  10. The hand pieces aren't the eyes though. There like the fake 'eyes' on some bird wings, meant to trick potential predators. It's real eyes are the tr fluro green studs underneath.
  11. Deep within Okoto's region of ice strides the mighty Mountain Axe. This docile giant carves its way through the mountains with its acidic spiked hooves, gathering nutrients to mix with the pools of water created when it slices its mighty single tusk into the ice. This beast has unfortunately narrow vision but deceives predators (and potential competitors) into thinking otherwise with the large luminous bulbs resting just above its true eyes. Builders note: Don't you just love it when a build writes its own story? One upside to G2 ending is that (as a collector) I can focus my budget more on just parts for MOCing. Until I get addicted to the next theme. Working out the neck was the only real challenge with this build and I still think it turned out pretty week tbh. Any tips that don't loose the 'Metru Torso' would be great. https://www.flickr.com/photos/142627018@N03/sets/72157670284454894
  12. They were both perfectly fun... but nothing special. MOCreation had really pretty environments though. I said 'other' for recommendation because, well it depends. For a cheep (free) fun time waster, yes. For an engaging story/experience, no.
  13. Each of these can be explained by the villains motives Makuta (Terri) was responsible for the deaths of many Matoran and Toa, directly or indirectly (he hired the DH to kill the Mangai). But on Mata Nui killing matron would have been counter productive. He wanted them to worship and fear him (killing off a few wound have scared them yes, but the Rahi were already doing that just fine). More so, he needed them, and the To a Mata for the plan to work. Why he let Takanuva live is still a valid question imo. True, he was a threat, but once he existed, Takanuva became a symbol which could lead the matroan further into his 'trap'. The piraka wanted a worker force and Matoran have proven themselves quite resilient. But they weren't afraid of letting Matoran Die of engineering situations where they died, even when the Piraka were posing as Toa. I do not recall the Dekar-Barraki situation, though I imagine they were more convened with the Mask. Remember when Pridak? casually through a matron to the sharks to intimidate the rest. Or how Ehlak regularly hunted Matoran (off screen).
  14. There are no bad characters, just underdeveloped ones. Like seriously, pitifully underdeveloped. Like six feet underdeveloped. But to choose one, honestly... Makuta. His motives were obscure and a bit inconsistent. "He's jealous, he legitimately thought it was a good idea, he's just evil". And why does he want to destroy Okoto all of a sudden? Didn't he just want the Okotans to like him? He never even got to do anything, at least on screen. I was totally on board with the "Makuta isn't the true villain" idea until CB3, and even now I have my doubts. Im not sure even Lego knew where they were going with him. Runner up... 'Narmoto's Son'
  15. Thankfully Pohatus sence of humor broke his fall This episode was actualy pretty cool. I can't wait to read the full battle when the book comes out.
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