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  1. IC: Toa Fetix/Toa BaronuA couple of hours after they left Onu-Koro, Fetix and Baronu finally arrived in the Po-Wahi quarry. Fetix led the Toa of Magnetism over to his and Kakopa's home base."So this is your headquarters?" asked Baronu."Yep. We'll probably be keeping all of the prisoners in here," Fetix replied, entering into the Iron building with Baronu following behind."It must be pretty convenient to be able to make buildings appear from the ground. A place like this would have taken a while to construct manually.""Indeed." Fetix once again used his Iron power to create several rows of Protosteel prison cells in one of the base's four main rooms and led Baronu into that room. "This is where the jail will be set up. All you have to do is look after whoever's locked up in here, place any criminals we bring back to you inside a cell, and pin them down with your Magnetism powers if they manage to get out somehow.""Sounds simple enough, and decently exciting too," Baronu answered. "Thanks for letting me know about this open position that you had.""No problem. Besides, we probably need you at least as much as you need us. The kind of people we're going to be imprisoning here should not be left unsupervised.""I'll keep that in mind," replied Baronu. He decided that this was probably going to be a better life than the one he had before, and he could at least ask Fetix to build heavy metal doors on the cells if the prisoners got too loud and obnoxious.
  2. IC: Toa Fetix/Toa BaronuAfter searching around Onu-Koro for some time, Fetix noticed a silver-and-white being carrying a long staff and wearing a Kanohi Sanok emerge from a nearby hut. That was indeed who he was looking for. Fetix stepped over to the being and began a conversation."Hello there. Do you happen to remember me, Baronu? I'm Fetix, Toa of Iron."Toa Baronu paused for a few seconds, trying to remember. "Yes, I think I remember your name and voice. You were thinking about living down here with us, weren't you?""Yes, and then I came across you. Maybe you had a harder time recognizing me because of this mask I'm borrowing.""That's probably it. So what did you want to talk to me about?""I recall you saying that you were bored of your job last time we met. If you still are, I'm offering you a brand-new one.""Really? What is it?""A Toa of Fire and I are considering building a prison for any sentient enemies we defeat and capture, and I was wondering if you would like to guard it.""Well, it would certainly be more exciting than working in the mines all day. I suppose I'm in. So where's the prison?""Outside Po-Koro, where I lived as a Matoran and still do now. Follow me." The pair of Toa, one behind the other, began to retrace Fetix's footsteps back to Po-Wahi.
  3. Does anyone happen to know where I can get sprite sheets for the character and enemy sprites in this game? I'm considering creating my own Bionicle-themed video game in the next couple of months, and these are the most fluently animated and all-around best sprites I've seen so far.
  4. IC: Toa FetixI wonder why he doesn't want me to know about what he did in Ta-Koro that got him a bad reputation there. Must have been pretty serious, whatever it was. Fetix sat for a moment, considering where to search for a jailer first. Ta-Koro? No, he'd already looked there for people to assist him in his previous quest, only to find that everyone was extremely busy all the time. Ko-Koro? They were a bit too anti-violence for the kind of being he had in mind. Onu-Koro... Fetix remembered encountering someone in Onu-Koro once who would be perfect for the job. He immediately got up and exited Po-Wahi in search of his acquaintance.
  5. http://imgur.com/XJXZXhttp://imgur.com/lzGrJThis is Baronu, former Toa of Magnetism. In terms of construction, he's rather simple, having an Inika-like base for his torso and three of his limbs. His defining features, however, are quite unique and interesting (hopefully): his razor-edged Buzzsaw Staff and massive robotic gun arm.BackstoryBaronu was originally a Matoran of Magnetism working as a toolsmith in a village of Matoran near the eastern shore of the Northern Continent. He was transformed into a Toa around 50,000 years ago by a Toa Stone of unknown origin. The Order of Mata Nui soon discovered his existence and instructed him to stay and defend his village rather than go adventuring and risk the Brotherhood of Makuta learning about him and killing him like they did so many other Toa of Magnetism. After his transformation, Baronu happily abandoned his original profession, always having found it boring and not as important as his fellow Matoran believed it was.Life was more or less ordinary for him until about 25,000 years ago, when the village was attacked by a particularly aggressive swarm of Nui-Rama. Baronu managed to get rid of them, but not before losing his left arm and the systems that allowed him to control his element. The Matoran of the village were kind enough to take him on a boat to Xia, where they met up with a Vortixx engineer and granted him an immense quantity of metallic Protodermis in exchange for a robotic arm and short-range jetpack for Baronu. Afterwards, Baronu continued to protect the Matoran village from Rahi (as well as Exo-Toa/Rahkshi when Teridax took over) until the Great Spirit Robot was fatally damaged and the entire population of the village evacuated to Spherus Magna.BZPRPG ContinuityIn the universe of the BZPRPG, the Nui-Rama incident never occurred, meaning that Baronu still has two normal arms, no jetpack, and full control over Magnetism. 24,000 years later, his entire village was destroyed during an earthquake resulting from the Great Cataclysm, and Baronu was the only survivor. He later made his way to the island of Mata Nui along with many other Toa and members of other species as well. Once there, he settled down in Onu-Koro and began using his elemental powers to help the Onu-Matoran miners dig metallic ore out of the ground. He finds this job nearly as boring as his old one as a toolsmith, however, and would rather be taking the fight to Makuta than working monotonously in claustrophobic tunnels. He is smart enough to know that the former is essentially suicide, though, so he doesn't try.Personality/AbilitiesBaronu is rather arrogant and not much of a strategist, relying on his equipment and powers to carry him out of battles victorious or at least alive. Back when he had his elemental abilities, he was spoiled by them in a sense, as most of the foes he has faced have had plenty of metallic components for him to crush and tear apart. After losing his Magnetism powers, however, he has successfully adapted to having to rely on his weapons more than anything else. He has above-average intelligence in general, but doesn't really use it that often. He's not very ambitious either, which is part of the reason why he was content with staying in obscurity even after his transformation.Baronu's weapons include the Buzzsaw Staff, a long spear/staff-like tool that has a set of spinning Protosteel blades on the end. In MOC form, the blades can be spun by rotating a gear on the outside of the staff. The blade mechanism can be detached from the staff and thrown at foes with the help of Baronu's Kanohi Sanok. Back when he had his elemental powers, Baronu could magnetically yank the blades back over to him and reattach them to the staff after they hit a target. Now, however, he has to run over and physically pick them up, and his staff is about as useful as a large rock on the end of a stick until he does so.The robotic arm that Baronu possesses, however, more than makes up for the loss of his Magnetism abilities. Not only does it contain a Zamor launcher with spheres that can corrode armor, but it is also equipped with seeker missiles, a laser scope/cannon, a pair of dagger-like blades, and a single-barrel explosive Cordak dart launcher. The power of these various weapons is further enhanced by Baronu's Sanok, which ensures that they all very rarely miss their target.Full Image CollectionDownload: http://www.sendspace.com/file/0y816y(As you can see if you download this, the robotic arm is so heavy that it has to be supported with both a 90-degree Av-Matoran arm and a variant on the normal Inika arm design.)
  6. "I'm fine with it," Fetix said, "but why is is that you're not welcome in Ta-Koro?" He handed Kakopa his Volitak. "Also, would you mind lending me your Garai in the meantime so I'm not extremely tired and weakened?"
  7. "It doesn't sound like a bad idea," Fetix responded, "but why do you need a Volitak? Is there anything partularly stealthy about searching for weaponsmiths? Besides, I could conjure up some Protosteel weapons if you needed me to, although I couldn't give them any intrinsic powers."
  8. "Regardless of their abilities," Fetix replied, "these beings are going to find ways to escape. To have a functional jail, bars can't be the only things keeping the prisoners in." He took a break from speaking for a few seconds in order to expand the dome-shaped shelter to nearly twice its original size. "What we could use, though, is a jailer. Someone who looks intimidating and is also very physically powerful would work well. Do you know of anyone like that?" Fetix brought walls of Iron up from the ground and outward from the sides of the dome, dividing it into four lower rooms and an open second floor. "Hopefully this will be an adequately large headquarters building," he added.
  9. IC: "Whoa, slow down," Fetix said. "Who said anything about a council? We don't need to have some kind of vast organization, just help get rid of any threats that happen to pop up. I'd be happy to expand the shelter a bit, but don't you think it would be a bad idea to keep a whole bunch of extremely dangerous criminals locked up in one place? Most of these people can slice through Protosteel and survive direct hits from elemental blasts easily. There's no way we'd be able to keep them contained."
  10. IC: "I suppose that is our best course of action after all, at least for now," Fetix answered. "I still believe that there is a way to defeat Makuta once and for all, and that we can be a part of it, but it might not really be that time yet. For now, we'll just help with defending those who can't defend themselves."
  11. IC: Fetix replied, "This may sound a bit overconfident, but taking down evil beings one at a time isn't enough for me, nor will it have any real effect in the end. I wish defeating Makuta were that easy, but it's not. He has to be gotten rid of with a single, momentous action, or else he'll just regenerate and keep attacking us. Another idea I had would be to evactuate the island by creating a new one with elemental powers and a ton of boats to carry everyone there, but Makuta will probably just follow us there, and even if he doesn't, the Great Spirit himself will be completely at his mercy. The question is, though: is it worth sacrificing Mata Nui to save thousands of lesser lives?"
  12. IC: "If only I were that successful," Fetix answered. "The only one who responded to my own sign was completely against the idea, ignored all of my attempts to convince him that it's our best option, and even threatened to attack me if I try to carry it out. I doubt he has any idea where I am, though, so he probably won't be able to physically threaten me. I still believe that my plan could be successful if there were enough people willing to help us, but the one flaw with it that I didn't anticipate was that everyone is either too busy or not reasonable enough to. There aren't really any good alternatives to what we're trying to accomplish right now, but even that isn't proving to be good enough. You don't have any other suggestions, do you?"
  13. The Chronicles of Xa and Vu: Episode 4 100 feet above the Silver Sea, about 5 miles off the northwest coast of the destination islandXa (staring at the island): Looks like the super-powerful elementally charged being isn’t making his presence obvious. This place looks like any other Southern Island to me: lifeless, rocky, and all-around boring.Vu: Are you sure he’s here?Xa: The tracking device says so. Its readings on the elemental power level are OVER NI—Vu: Let me see that. *grabs power detector* No it’s not! It’s only eight hundred!Xa: Vu, I was doing it for comedic effect. Anyway, we’re going to be entering the air above the island any second now. We’ll probably land in that valley over there and then have a look around.Vu: Do you think the Baghar sent us here for some other reason than what they say?Xa: Maybe, but it doesn’t matter. If it turns out there isn’t a super-being here, we’ll just say the problem was in the detector and head right back. Besides, we’ll only have missed about twelve hours of demolishing, thanks to the speed of this damaged “Invincibility Robot”.*As Xa and Vu begin to approach the valley, twin bolts of Plasma and Acid streak past them, one too far to the right to hit them and the other too far to the left.*Vu: Aaah!Xa: Who’s firing on us?! Could it be more of those fake Bohrok?*More bolts follow, most coming within a few inches of hitting the two investigators. After a couple of seconds, one makes contact with the Invincibility Robot shell and knocks it out of the sky.*Xa: Abandon ship! *jumps off*Vu: *follows* Wait for me! Wait for me!*Vu curls up, begins flying, and dives down after Xa, allowing him to grab onto Vu and the both of them to land safely. They watch the Robot shell smack into the ground of the valley and explode.*Xa: Well, there goes our only way of getting off this partially submerged rock. What are we going to do now?Vu: *turns around* Maybe we could ask him for help.Xa: *also turns around, gasps* What the—*Standing behind them is a massive Bohrok, slightly taller than even a Toa and with patched-together-looking orange, red, and green armor, dark green eyes, and a green Lehvak faceplate. Clearly incapable of curling up because of its proportions and lacking any portable shields, it instead holds in its crablike clawed hands a pair of barbed katana for combat purposes.*Xa: Orange and green armor—the primary colors of Acid and Plasma! He must be the one who attacked us! Get him!Vu: Die, mean person! *charges toward him with shields raised**The mysterious Bohrok simply raises a katana, which begins to glow orange, and a geyser of concentrated plasma erupts right in front of Vu, blocking his charge.*Xa: Who—are you?Mysterious Bohrok: I am the King of all Bohrok, and you have invaded my empire! For this horrible crime, you must die!Xa: Whoa, hold on a sec. First of all, how are you the King? The Bahrag are the queens of the Bohrok, and they don’t seem to have ever heard of you. As a matter of fact, they sent us here because of all the elemental energy you’ve been emitting!King Bohrok: *immediately lowers his weapons* So you didn’t come here out of disrespect or an an attempt to claim this island for yourself like the others have. It was those sadistic monsters the Bahrag who commanded that you journey here.Vu: What others?Xa: And what are you? How long have you been here? Why do you hate the Bahrag so much?King: You two love to ask questions, don’t you? Well, in no particular order, 95,000 years, various explorers, warlords, and dimension-hopping Toa of Light, a giant Bohrok, and they abandoned me here instead of killing me and assumed I would die on my own.Vu: A Toa of Light?Xa: Wow. Can you tell us more? Maybe we could help you if you let us know what your problems are.King: Yes, little Nuhvok. A Toa wearing grey and white armor appeared out of a wormhole just over that hill and shot a laser at me on sight. I returned fire, and the only way he could escape was to jump back into the wormhole. I never saw him again. *sighs and slumps down* I kind of wish he didn’t try to kill me. Maybe he would have stayed and I could have had some company on this lonely chunk of rock.*As the King bends down and exposes the front of his faceplate, Xa notices that he is a Krana Bo, the lowest class of Krana and by far the least intelligent.*Xa: Sounds like you have a pretty hectic life. Once again, though, how did you get here in the first place, why are you so massive, and how can we help?King: I don’t need your help. My life is about as far from hectic as we are from the Bohrok Nest right now, but I don’t see any reason to change that. If you want to hear my story, though, you can by all means.Xa: One last thing… if there’s anything we can do for you, please let us know. See, we don’t have any means of getting off this island now—not that we want you to be lonely or anything—and we were thinking that if we could do you a favor, you could help us escape.Vu: So could you do it? Please?King: Admittedly, there is one thing you could do. Now that I think about it, you, Nuhvok-Vu, would be perfectly suited for the job. It involves a lot of searching and collecting items, but once it is finished, none of us will have any trouble leaving this place for good.Help me reassemble the Kal. Help me overthrow the Bahrag.END OF EPISODE 4
  14. IC: Fetix exited the tunnel system for what would probably be the last time in a while and continued to walk towards Po-Koro, passing the shelter he and Kakopa built along the way. Once in the village, he noticed a rock with a message probably written by Kakopa burned on it. The grooves in the rock still looked hot, so he assumed the Toa of Fire was nearby. Sure enough, after backtracking slightly, he noticed his ally walking towards the quarry to wait for respondents to the sign. Fetix deactivated his mask and followed Kakopa to his destination.
  15. IC: Toa Fetix arrived in Le-Koro after another considerable amount of time walking, this time from Ta-Koro. While there, he had gotten into an argument with a rather stuck-up Toa assassin who believed his plan was rediculous and refused to acknowledge that it was more or less the only option for getting rid of Makuta once and for all. Looking around, Fetix hoped to spot a being with a Kanohi or element that would suit his plan's needs, but he found none at all.I should have anticipated this, he thought. This region is best suited to Air and Lightning types, both of which would be essentially useless to have on the team. Even if I did find any Toa or Skakdi of Gravity, Earth, Stone, or the other preferred elements, there's no guarantee they'd help me. Most of them would probably be too busy with their own missions to worry about mine. It almost makes me want to abandon this whole idea, but I've been thinking about it for hours on end and I can't find another way. Unsure about what to do, Fetix decided on the most neutral option available and re-entered the tunnel system to discuss the matter with Kakopa. Sure, it meant more monotonous walking, but two heads were better than one in these situations. As he stepped back into the darkness, he activated his Volitak. Maybe it would get rid of those odd footsteps that seemed to be following him.
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