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  1. Clever use of the Fangz head pieces and Stringer shoulder pieces. Also, I'm not exactly a fan of spiders, but this one sits well with me. Great job.
  2. I'm in a weird situation with this. I honestly don't know if I should fork out the money or skip it. Like, I love/despise Overwatch. I've been playing it on the Playstation 4 for about a year, now; And I appreciate it for the fun it offers but really dislike its lootbox system, and I just can't wrap my head around how there's now an official Lego Overwatch theme. It's just so weird how quickly LEGO's policies regarding violence and stuff has eased to the point that something like Overwatch can get a LEGO theme.
  3. Hmmm. I'll see if I can enter. Sounds like it could be fun. If I don't participate, I'll gladly watch, though. Wow, still handing out those NYCC Masks of Fire, eh? It's almost like they aren't that rare.
  4. I didn't even know "Old Fishing Store" was an actual set until you posted a picture of it here and I searched it on Brickset. On its own, it looks like a wonderful set. But... This lighting kit makes things even better. It's like a highlight with highlights.
  5. You're a lucky lad. I've been out of the loop with Bionicle for over a year, now, so I've forgotten which copper mask it was I have. I know I've got one of them, at least. Welcome to the club. The Copper Club.
  6. Having all of those locks around the entrance/s to the room full of old Bionicle stuff was a great idea, but I'm surprised to see that area right next to what looks like a public walkway of sorts. Well, at least those things are still there for giveaways. I like that stuff, but I'll watch other people enter this first giveaway; I've got enough Bionicle in my life. Anyway, it's good to see Faber stay active with his projects and engaging with Lego fans. We've got a nice treat here.
  7. Whoa! The use of the Shadow Trap pieces! Clever... And that mask... Looks pretty good. Likewise with Rassilon, my only complaint with it is the lower arms and elbows; a patch-up could work wonders. But, yeah. That's some good stuff. I like it!
  8. The bottom of the packaging says "collect all" instead of the more-usual "collect 'em all!" Sounds like a threat rather than just an advertising phrase.
  9. PRoJEkta (Paul Roberts and John Ellis) - Definitely Drowning.
  10. Gotta go with this. Yeah, same! That might be why he was left out of the show.
  11. "I wish I had an oxygen tank with me. It's the only way to survive down here." Gali
  12. I'd like for a G3 to have... -A new team of 6; 4 males, 2 females. -Different main elements; stuff like gravity, sonics, etc. -No gender fixed elements, also. -lots of masks! -more variety in environments; ocean floors, very deep caves, etc. -more female characters in general, really. -well developed, humanoid villains; skull spiders and shadow traps weren't the toughest villains.
  13. Political content and other inappropriate content removed. -B6
  14. Do NOT post political comments. -B6
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