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  1. Just a question, because im currenty writing a bionicle story. The races are zyglak, vortixx, skakdi, visorak, vorox, and bohrok. i just want to have a idea of what people would think they would look like etc. Also if i have this in the wrong section, can a adman move it to the correct section.
  2. I was wondering because his mask is the only mask of light so far seen, and since there are other av matoran it is possible for them to have a mask of light aswell, im just a ittle confused.
  3. Here i am a gain with random questions in bonicle. What would happen if visorak venom touched a Agori or vorox or skral or bone hunter or Vortixx or skadi or bohrok or matoran or turaga? Will they mutate as past toa have?
  4. ^ This so much. ...Joking aside, I would say that Velika's plan didn't go through, to be honest. Given that, y'know, the people in that building were our protagonists after all, and some fairly major popular ones to boot. We don't know that, and we probably won't until Greg gets back to writing, if he ever does.Hopefully he does.
  5. Im hoping not, the people he planned to kill were some of my favorite characters.And if his pla did work, could Brutaka easily just teleport him and the others off of the red star?
  6. What would happen if these great mask either were near each other or if someone tried to merge them.
  7. I ask this because if his plan did work, and he destroyed the titans near the insane great being, wouldnt that intern destroy everything? Seeing as artakha wears the mask of creation.
  8. Well after watching this and seeing that the krana-kal are still intact i thought that would be a easy way for teridax to take out the toa. i see.Thanks for the awnsers.
  9. Hello, i am currently looking for a way to contact the leads that are making Bionicle: Next Generation. I would like to ask them a few questons. I also have a friend who would like to talk to them. If you have there email and or skype please send it to me. If you are a member of there team please message me back. Thanks.
  10. I always asked my self this becuase this could have been a fighting chance for The makuta or teridax.
  11. also who killed tren Krom and Karzahni? and did this killer ever kill all his targets? ie. Axonn, Brutaka, Miserix, Tuyet, Vezon, some Matoran, Helryx, and the insane Great Being.
  12. Greg would have no control over that, since he doesn't own Bionicle or its associated copyrights and trademarks. But I can answer that: Yes, but no. Lego could conceivably transfer the rights to Bionicle to some other company, but they never would. All it would do is create a competitor to Lego's still-running lines like Hero Factory. And Lego would want to hold the rights to Bionicle close to their chest anyway, since it's so closely associated with their brand.What company were you thinking of, anyway? I can't think of any which would be interested in a defunct toyline. If Lego couldn't maintain its success, what company could?Well i ment someone who would write more into the story of bionicle, and maybe make a few movies for it. And i have a friend who is is intrested in bionicle and wouldnt mind keeping the story going with books movies etc. he has a entertainment company he owns.
  13. Well first question is what has happened to the toa mahri? Can there be a toa team of 15?(by that i mean fire, water, air, earth, stone, ice, lightning, magnatism, plasma, gravity, sonics, lights, plantlife, psionics, iron) and lastly can bionicle be given to another company so they can continue the legacy? because i have one in mind who love bionicle like the fans do.
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