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  1. I was playing MNOG, and I was looking at some of the prophecies on the telescope. I need some help determining what some of the markings mean. There is one symbol with Mata Nui on top, while on the bottom row all six Toa Mata are assembled. Does this have to do with Mata-Nui's future awakening? If not, then are there any other hints to this in the early storyline?
  2. Does anyone remember playing this game? It was one of my favorite games as a kid. My favorite level was in ta-koro.If you played, what were some of your favorite parts/levels?
  3. Last unopened; Tahu stars like everyone else.I ordered a Tohunga Jala asnd built him recently.
  4. MORE TOHUNGA!The rest of the Toa Hagah would be nice.I also wouldn't mind more Rahi.
  5. Preston 1.0. I don't really like hero factory, but of the new designs, my girlfriend and I picked up Rocka and Core Hunter, and Rocka is my favorite! The new dark green head and shield are legit!
  6. Regret... hmmm... probably the Atlantic sets that came out a few years ago. I spent way too much money on them, and I would have much rather used it on something else if I could.
  7. I hate that name. Teridax.The original Makuta in his tohunga form.
  8. Toa Nuparu of the Inika. Not necessarily his personality, but the Kadin accompanied with his mounted zamor launcher was ridiculous.
  9. Currently relaxing on this cool fall day.

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