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  1. diffidently electricity. their's just something about the smell of electrocuted makuta in the morning that helps me get through my drab schooldays. ( I know rahkshi serve makuta)
  2. Thanks for answering my question. I can't wait to get these sets.
  3. I have a question on the rapid fire stud shooter. Can it fire the Round Brick? I ask because it is pretty much a larger stud.
  4. Really? We have Turaga staffs, Rahkshi staffs, Rahaga staffs, Takanuva's staff of light and Twin light staffs, and even Vahki staffs. Bionicle has staff overload.Toa that have had staff weapons: Two Toa Hagah (presumably the others too, but we never saw them as sets) and Takanuva. That's 3 (sets). Turaga and rahaga do not count, as they are no longer Toa. Rahkshi and Vahki most certainly aren't Toa, so more Toa wielding staves would be welcome from my perspective. Staves, it appears, are enemy weapons. Rahkshi and Vahki both played an antagonistic role. The turaga have walking sticks or badges of office, not weapons. Finally, the rahaga's staves may count, but they weren't Toa at that point. Yes, but if you give staffs to nearly everything that walks that isn't a Toa (ever Matoran have kohlii staffs ), giving Toa staffs doesn't really make that much sense. To have a greater variety of weaponry, it would make sense for the Toa to have any weapon but staffs. Also for the record The Hagah have spears not staffs
  5. Mine would be Alternate Teridax definitely. He is one of two(?) surviving makuta and he is good.
  6. I'm wondering if for example a Toa Kaita was formed with two Toa of fire and a toa of air would it have double the amount of power over fire? Second if for example a kaita was formed with two masks of shielding and one levitation would it's mask have a stronger shield?
  7. Thanks that makes a lot more sense It was just I read a post by Bonesii (i believe) that had a chart of known disk combos
  8. In my own opinion it would be better to have thermal vision but assuming it's x-ray vision is highly limited like having a range of 20 yards it's not so bad.
  9. I Just looked at chart of disks used to make mask and I noticed the X-ray, and Levitation both use Teleport+Weaken disks I am wondering if it is the order in which disks are combined or the amount, or other that is the reason they use same disks to different effect? If already asked I apologize
  10. I love all nuva and inika weapons PS does anyone else think tahu mistika should have had a sword i think lewas sword is perfect for him
  11. i came up with it based on my moc self who was like orde a guy but a Toa of Lightning until said thing happened. and then i realized hey what if it were canon.
  12. what if it is just like the charged bolt from the mahri jaller game except huge beam possibly if done right anyone could survive that.
  13. hey i had the idea to start talking about my idea for a new toa rank. The ult toa, Toa nuva who rego through energized protodermis. Can control all elements but have as much strength using the a regular toa, and have 5% less EE, and can use the Kanohi Kanohi or mask of masks which switchs to any mask you know of. then ult toa nuva same but nuva. EE is 10% less the normal toa. Of course in my mind these would be prototypes of toa that were held on spherus magna then released after the reforming. and then toa nuva(Tahu too) were changed into these by Ignika. what do you think and do yo have any 'classes' you created or elements for that matter.
  14. transformers i know we can not have it but it would be pretty cool. rick rioridans books would be awesome
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