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  1. It was at this very moment...he relaized, he screwed up
  2. Just bought Celldweller's latest album "Offworld" and I am liking it so far. Although my very last minute pre-order bundle is on it's way, I highly recommend it if you want to unwind.
  3. That was possibly my most shortest death in the history of this franchise
  4. While Tobduk is a rather cool looking character in the G1 Bionicle story, one of things that's been bugging my mind is was the releasing of the Visorak by Chirox not just a test of their power, but rather a secret note to eliminate his species. From what we know about Tobduk's species is that they are taller than Toa, can use masks like Toa, but their powers are revolved around emotions. Its a cool concept that we can absorb other peoples' anger or fear to make one stronger, but the Makuta have certain creatures in their army that use some of those powers as well. These are of course the Turahk and Kurahk of the Rahkshi species. Imagine just how overpowered Tobduk can be if he were just fighting only Kurahks and the Rahkshi just kept blasting him with anger beams. The guy would be an absolute juggernaut beside the fact that he can still take damage like any other being. If the Makuta were to invade and take over his island (before it became known as Visorak) the inhabitants probably be able to push the Makuta back since they can absorb emotional energy. Tobduck and any other one of his friends who can absorb anger would be able to completely annihilate the army by taking just a few Kurahk blasts. The island would basically be a stronghold for everyone if they were all still alive and had seen Teridax's Brootherhood fully take over the world. Remember, the Visorak were created on Tobduk's very island. If Teridax was already scheming during that time line and secretly told Chirox to make them specifically on that island, it would be pretty devious plan indeed. With Tobduk's species out of the way, their be no way for the Matoran Universe to resist as long as it did when Makuta took over. If they were still alive, all of Tobduk's race would've been a valiant ally and great aid to the world in order to defeat Makuta. What do you think? Was it just a coincidence or was it all planned out? Leave a comment below
  5. IC: Aukume (The Wastes) As Aukume kept his eyes sharp by trying to watch all the actions of the Vorox, he noticed one of them to appear different. Like the alpha of the pack or their commanding officer. He pitched his Sand Shark towards the direction of the other more powerful looking Vorox. Upon doing so, he could hear the whizzing of air as one projectile sped in front from below while another one managed to the tip of the wing. Knowing he could only take care of one problem at a time, he had to make a decision of whether taking out the more tougher looking Vorox in hoping of draining morale, or attacking the other normal ones. Choosing to take their moral down and gain an upper hand, Aukume fired his Pulse Bolt Generators in the direction of the Glatorian armored one. He gradually accelerated his speed the more closer he got to the Vorox who was being helped around by two others. While he maintained a steady fire of Pulse Bolts he kept his sights and vehicle steady at his target. The very second the target were to move away from the sights of his blasters, Aukume would turn the Sand Shark to its direction.
  6. Dragon Ball Xenoverse series but with Bionicle as the main setting.
  7. IC: Aukume (The Wastes) Aukume had travelled around the known land of Bara Magna. The people had made many efforts to make new governments and cities to help support the new populations of all the species from the MU. Some made were strong and still stood tall; others on the other hand, began to crumble in the face of despair. When he had heard of an attack on Tesera while he stayed on the Cliffside, he went over to check it out. Staying his distance from the jungle city, he felt a strong surge of fear in the air around it. It was unsettling that such an attack on one city would cause the people to become so unstable. After only several minutes of eyeing the city from a clifftop, the being went away. While he would venture in to see what he can to do to help, the matter of the situation would only fuel his power and make him the most powerful being in Tesera...or perhaps all of Bara Magna. He was one of the last of his kind. A race of beings that can use absorb any natural emotion which in turn makes them stronger. Sadly though, the vicious Makuta unleashed the Visorak horde onto their island, and only, Tobduck, and some other made it out alive. Many years have passed since then. Now Aukume lives the life of an outcast. Choosing not to be a part of the government bodies that surround this world. As he made his way to The Cliffside to gather clues, something caught his eye. Two beings with their ships were engaging a troop of flying creatures. Aukume steered the Sand Shark towards the commotion. As he got closer, he could make out the look of the Vorox creature. They all had bat-like wings protruding from their backs right next to where the base of their tail is. Seeing the actions given by the pilots of the Rockoh and the Airship, Aukume could tell they had no idea how to take on these flying beasts. The Airships were not built for battle and due to their large size and mass, this situation was not in its favor. Aukume accelerated his Sand Shark at full speed towards the swarm of Vorox. He fires an electro-rocket at the group of beasts surrounding the Airship. Hoping to draw their attention away from the vehicle so that it can get away. “Get out while you still can!” As he drew closer to the Vorox, he switched to his Pulse Bolt Generators and fired a volley at them. OOC: It's been a while since I did this, so I hope I didn't write anything impossible.
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