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  1. Alright. Thank you so much for the help, everyone. ~A7
  2. So, you can request that they can allow Soundcloud onto the forums? I have a link to the soundcloud blog that tells how to do that - I would just put a request in the tracker? Or send one directly to Black Six or another staff member? EDIT: Or should I start asking around first and find out just how many others would be using it? ~A7
  3. OOC: Oh my gosh, I haven't posted in forever. Shame on me. Konuju, when will your character Dack be getting to Hearthome? IC: Malachi didn't like how empty the streets were. Or how dark. Everything was covered in darkness, from the clouds in the sky to the buildings of the city. It was difficult to see, but here and there he noticed the eyes of a Pokemon lurking in the alleys or houses, some strong or unyielding creature who managed to survive despite the takeover.
  4. Thank you. It means a lot that you would appreciate it. I hope that it will be enough to enlist my help on this project. ~A7
  5. Alright, so I finished it. =) At least, I finished a test piece. The first half is more of a background; the second half is more of a theme/background thingamajig. Enjoy. ~A7
  6. That'll work out perfectly - I was expecting a request of this type. Your directions are quite specific, at least to me. =D I do have one question though - do you want it to be atmospheric, like a backdrop, or more of an actual piece/theme? ~A7
  7. This is the code I'm using (I think it's called HTML5?): <iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src="https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F81110745"></iframe> It seems that you need to purchase an IPS License in order to get to downloads, rather than just buying a app without a membership. Is there any possible way to embed/link without needing to buy a membership to do it? Buying an app, I'm totally fine with.
  8. Ok, so recently I asked about putting like a widget that plays music into my signature, and it's all good just as long as it doesn't play the music automatically. However, I'm having some difficulties putting the Soundcloud widget with the music into my signature. When I input the dimensions and URL in special BZP code under 'Media', the widget appears in my signature editing box. However, when I click 'Save Changes', it vanishes. Is this because of something I'm doing wrong, or is it because Soundcloud isn't a supported type of widget/link?
  9. OOC: Ok, I see. Rewriting . . . IC: Malachi shivered. This place was so dark - Hearthome was only a shadow of its former self. 'Ha, shadow,' he thought. 'Aren't you a funny one.' His Pokeballs shivered, and he patted them reassuringly. "It's alright guys. I won't bring you out unless I absolutely have to."
  10. Brilliant, then. Thanks for the chance to help. I'm looking forward to it. ~A7
  11. Azarath17

    Lego Universe

    OOC: Well, this has been active lately, hasn't it? IC: Stephen leapt from platform to platform, breathing hard. It had not been easy to get to the Dragon's Cave, and he could not believe he was actually still alive. The cave was unimaginably large, with eroding spires jutting out from the unseen ceiling and floor. A constant storm of Maelstrom energy roiled far below the floating platforms Stephen now stood on. Bolts of violet lightning occasionally erupted from the primordial typhoon, scorching the walls and occasionally blasting the platforms into clouds of grating dust. It was like the birth of the Maelstorm, uncontrolled, violent, and terrible. But Stephen felt oddly at peace, surrounded by the chaos - it energized him, filled him to the brim with its power. And yet he knew if he got too close, or tapped too much of that power, he would be overwhelmed. Wonderful, tip-toeing the line of death and discovery.
  12. Hey! I was wondering, is it alright to link to music in your signature, such as to your own soundcloud account? If you can, can you put a widget, or is it only supposed to be a link anchored in the text? Thank you.
  13. IC: Malachi waited for a moment. Hearthome City was up ahead, and he wanted a good moment to study the tower dominating the skyline. He had never been to the city, but it seemed like a place that would have been fun. "Well, let's head," he murmured to himself. The young man had flown non-stop to reach the city this soon, and had taken a jeep to the country surrounding the city. It wasn't a place he enjoyed, as wet as it was. A heavy downpour was sheeting down even now, casting gloom over the area. OOC: So, is the city like under completely Darkrai control?
  14. OOC: Mostly the reason is because I don't think my brain can handle more than four each. =D However, as they progress, the variety of the new moves will help keep things interesting for me. Thank you for the offer to join your character. IC: "Malachi, we think we may have something," called one of the technicians. Malachi strode to the side of the room where a large map covered the entire wall. Markers of all kinds were scattered along the surface, the most recent of which was a line of black rectangles. "What is it?" Malachi asked, considering the map. The technician pointed to a point on Sinnoh, which was marked as Veilstone City. "Veilstone City?" Malachi wondered. "What's there?" "We've recieved intel that there's some sort of tower there that's been constructed by the Darkrai," the man replied. "We checked back on it with some sattelite scans, and it's confirmed as a source of the power that radiates from the Darkrai themselves. It's possible the Darkrai's power might be linked, but we're not sure." "Have you sent word back to the Alamo about this?" "Well, no. Most of this information we've only confirmed ourselves, just to double check. But we've gained permission to send one of our agents to check it out." Malachi nodded. "On my way."
  15. Azarath17

    Lego Universe

    OOC: Yeah, but it seems to be in full swing, and it's always difficult to jump in on a storyline that's so far in. IC: Trouble was coming. Stephen knew it. When you were summoned by Vanda Darkflame herself, it could not be good. He wondered what it was about. Maybe his research project was being pulled. Perhaps he had done something against the Paradox's Code, or even worse, the Nexus Force. He pushed through the doors of the conference room apprehensively. To his surprise, Vanda Darkflame herself was seated at the end of the long table, smiling mysteriously. Her legs were crossed and she held Stephen with a powerful gaze. Her eyes flashed with purple, and dark flames seemed to roar behind her composed expression. "Stephen Gray," she said, standing. "It's a pleasure to meet you." Stephen crossed the room to shake her hand. "And you, madame," he said. "Have a seat, Mr. Gray," the Paradox leader said, gesturing to a chair. Stephen waited until she sat down to sit himself. "I've heard much about you, Mr. Gray," she began. "You're research on Maelstrom control is . . . intriguing. You have a powerful mind, and go about things in an unorthodox manner. In many ways, you are a great asset to the Paradox, just as all of our agents are. "I have a mission for you, Mr. Gray, one that will test your abilities, force you to make difficult decisions. It will make you a better Paradox operative. Do you think you can handle a challenging assignment?" "I believe so." "No, Mr. Gray. In the Paradox, we don't believe." Vanda grimaced. "In the Paradox, we do. We are unafraid, strong, willing to use whatever means necessary to win the battle. To become a leader in the Paradox, a warrior must be hardened enough not only to weather to power of the Maelstrom, but to delve into it, experience its greatest power, and survive. Now . . . I'll ask again. Are you ready?" "Yes, m'lady!" Stephen barked. Vanda grinned. "That's what I like to hear. Now listen closely. You are aware that not far from here is the Dragon's Cave, an extreme well of Maelstrom power. It has corrupted the dragons to the core, and will do the same to any who would dare stay for too long. Anyone, that is, except a Paradox soldier. I need you to investigate what caused the cave to become corrupted. Take whatever equipment you require. Good luck." And with that, Vanda Darkflame rose from her seat and left. Stephen stared at her seat, surprised at the briefness of his meeting with the head of Paradox.
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