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  1. At first I thought it looked kind of bad, but then once I looked into it it seemed to get better. I mean, it has Morgan Freeman and Will Ferral in it. How bad can it be? (to answer that: bad. But I don't think it will be terrible)
  2. yep, did this on the computer TPBM's favorite character is gali
  3. Name: Shadow Destiny http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=10088&do=findComment&comment=563801 Review topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=10089 Number of chapters: 13 Thank you for your time, I will enjoy the feedback
  4. yeah, I'm planning on another book, thank you for the feedback!
  5. IC:kurkaiThe tunnels were very small, and with our submarine being on the larger side, more then once I had to rush to the back because of the breech alarm. We explored 3 underwater caves, with no result. I could see that cedoka was getting impatient as we entered the fourth tunnel. About a bio in, I almost triped on something. "Cedoka! You have to see this!" I yelled. I stumbled upon a mask of quick-travel. It was of the finest quality, most likely made in metu-nui. "I knew that he was a thief , but all the people I had talked to said that he stole from science and medical facilities, not from mask making foundries," I said "Ever since he snitched on another skakdi on zakaz, he worked for the hunters. I think he was exiled from there for being 'too rebellious', but I never thought he was a high end thief. I think we either stumbled upon his hideout, or a stash of a completely different type...."
  6. Ic: kurkaiI paused for a moment to answer cedoka's question. "Well, it appears that the tunnels are start at this passage here," I said, pointing to the map. "We have 19 hours of air. But I believe that he is hiding in an air pocket because no one has seen him since he bought the submarine. If there is an air pocket, it would most likly be down one of the least explored areas. This would also explain why ga-matoran haven't already found him. So lets start at doom viper's nest, and work our way up."
  7. IC:kurkai"Ok, ok I'll give them to you," the ga-matoran whimpered,"the map is in the back room, and take sub 27-a, she's my finest..." We took the sub and the map. We then set off into the unknown
  8. I updated my profile, thx for the advice
  9. IC: KurkaiI watched as the matoran a face turned from a scared to a paniced look."ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, I left one part out," turis exclaimed, "He said he wanted a map of the underwater tunnels under the koro, and said if a toa of plasma were to come by, to direct him away from the tunnels!" So he knew I was coming, I thought, interesting
  10. IC:Kurkai We traveled to the docks where I showed him the man who sold him the sub. "She's right over there, a Ga-Matoran named Turis, let's...... interrogate her..." I walked over. "Hello how may I help you?" she said, smiling. I responded with an upper cut. "Evidently, you didn't tell me everything that I needed to know last time," "Please, don't hurt me... I swear I told you everything I could!" she wimpered "I won't hurt you anymore, but my friend Cedoka will," I said, leaving Cedoka to ask her some more questions
  11. IC:kurkai I looked at cedoka and smiled, "Under one condition," I said, "I get first punch."
  12. IC: kurkai boy he's questioning.... I thought to myself. "Just us, I came here looking for people who may know about his location. As for the cave, It's just a hunch but as I've said before, I searched the entire ocean and didn't find him. I know he stole some money and 'rented' a submarine. So I believe that he used the sub to get to some sort of cave system below."
  13. IC:kurkai I shook the toa of crystal's hand firmly. "Hi Cedoka, I'm Kurkai, let's get started shall we?" I said. I still didn't know if I could fully trust him, but I would need help finding my turaga anyways. "Ok, so from accounts from my village and others, this guy is a Skakdi, black, and has impact vision, and a chainblade. I believe he is working for the hunters. I followed clues out to this island from the core, and then I heard that he took a custom submarine, and escaped into the sea. I looked for months out there and found nothing. So I believe that he is hiding in a submerged cave under this village."
  14. Name: Surara (1997) Species: Ba-matoran Gender:Male Appearance: Purple, with black mixed in. His mask is purple, with 2 black 'tears' running down to it's end. His tissue is also black Power suit: Damaged, it is blue and gold with flashing lights of both colors attached to the shoulders. It provides data on the main core of the ship, and an alarm will sound in the suit if it becomes too unstable. When the user says the word za, it activates an attack sequence that can fire a laser to destroy solid protodermis. When the users says mno, it powers down. When the user says yeai, it goes into defense mode, and a bubble shield pops up around the user. The shield will stay active for 3 minutes, or until it takes a mediocre amount of damage, such as a single energy blast. Abilities: none, other then being stable on his feet, and a slight atonement to gravity. personality: He is very cautious, very timid, and scared. He dislikes open fighting, but enjoys quite conversation. He enjoys quite things, but when it comes to combat, he will only fight if he absolutely has to. He is also very loyal, preferring to stay with a group rather then wandering alone. He is extremely smart, but has forgotten many things on the voyage.
  15. thank you, I haven't started work on it but I'm probably going to do a sequel
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