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    Creation in general, designing, art, drawing, engineering, and of course, MoCing, though the latter is now a much less frequented pastime.

    I have a keen scientific interest, and enjoy debates immensely.
  1. Do we have any canon info that might indicate a time-range? I'd imagine there'd be a distribution in the times that specific Matoran, not just Ga-Matoran, could hold their breaths for, as evidenced by Taipu being stronger than other Onu-Matoran. Presumably it's variation in organic components which can be trained, and we know that Toa and Matoran have organic lungs so it's plausible. I also remember reading that someone here got the impression that regular Matoran could hold their breaths for a bit longer than humans. I don't know about those sources per se, but if anyone knows any please let us know. It seems that the average time a human adult can hold their breath is somewhere between 1-2 minutes (a quick look didn't yield a more specific number, but it's probably out there for anyone who wants to search more). It seems like most people can fairly reliably train to go to like 4-5 minutes, pro divers can usually do like 10, and the current World Record is astonishing 22 minutes and 22 seconds set by German freediver Tom Sietas in 2012. My current headcanon on time ranges is: 3 min for average Matoran / Toa 15 min for average Ga-Matoran / Ga-Toa 30-40 min for trained Ga-Matoran / Ga-Toa, i.e. fisherwomen etc. 1hr as the extreme pinnacle of what Ga-Matoran / Toa can do. Obviously all of these times go down if the diver is having to do any form of exercise. I'd love to read your thoughts on the matter, and any canon evidence you can bring forward
  2. If I were good enough to do so, I think working in the Hand of Artakha would be great. You'd be making such cool things and the island of Artakha seems like it would be a nice place to live. Once it was disbanded, I think I'd like to go to Metru Nui, since the other organisations would probably have a higher risk of death/injury than your average life in Metru Nui, seeing as: 1. The League of Six Kingdoms had the Barraki as their leaders, and we all know how lovely they were. I think there'd be more corruption there than in Metru Nui. 2. Brotherhood of Makuta is a no-no. Even before they went full-on evil, they were already pretty creepy and arrogant. Not the kind of people I'd want as my superiors. 3. Dark Hunters are a pretty cut-throat type of people, I'd constantly be paranoid and having to just look after myself. Too much hassle lol. 4. Order of Mata Nui...well, you'd probably be doing wrong things for the right reasons. Helryx is a good leader, but the organisation did some pretty brutal things, even if they were for the best. And then there's the risk of dying on a mission of course. 5. Forming my own group is certainly appealing, but I think I'd find the existing infrastructure of Metru Nui too appealing.
  3. This is too funny not to exist. And considering Axxon and Tiribomba already exist I don't mind.
  4. Agree, Toa of Earth. I love the idea of an Onu-Toa digging super fast lol
  5. Not everything in the MU is metallic. Whilst it's all Protodermis (atmosphere and a few objects aside), a lot of it is Protodermic rock and other non-ferromagnetic material, which seems to behave pretty much like normal rock and other normal non-ferromagnetic material. So if you shoot at them with rocks or energy they wouldn't be able to affect the projectile directly. But, since most beings have metallic protodermis as significant parts of their bodies, it makes them very dangerous, especially to Makuta, since even a small hole in their armour can lead to their Antidermis leaking out (explaining why the Brotherhood tried to eradicate them). You would basically be able to do what Magneto does to Wolverine. Reminds me of Blood-Bending too. Actually, a Toa of Iron (AKA Toa of Metal) would be even more dangerous in the regard being discussed here, since they control metal in general, whereas a Toa of Magnetism would only be able to affect certain types of metal (like Iron or the Protodermic equivalent). Really, a Fa-Toa combines some of the metal-manipulating threats of a Fe-Toa with some of the electricity meddling effects of a Vo-Toa, so in that sense they can tap into aspects of two very powerful abilities.
  6. I think it's entirely possible, I'd assume it's the case (although Protosteel may work in unforeseen ways). I don't understand what you mean by it explaining why the Brotherhood didn't eradicate the Vo-Matoran though? A Vo-Toa wouldn't be able to do anything with the magnetised metal anyway. At best, they would be able to magnetise a non-ferromagnetic metal in order for a Fa-Toa to do something with it, so not really a direct threat in terms of magnetic attacks...
  7. If it were a continuation I would strongly object to Teridax. Since it's almost certainly a reboot, I'm not completely opposed to the idea of Teridax being there. Depends on how they reboot it. But definately not for the first year. It's been a while, but I wouldn't want the return of Bionicle to default to Teridax straight away. Save him for later when Lego have gotten a feel to how fans have reacted. Since for most people Teridax is basically synonymous with Makuta, I don't think there should be a Makuta for a villain in 2015. I would be more open to the idea of a different Makuta later on though. As for the Makuta actually existing in the new universe, I defo think they should in some way. They're such an important part of the lore they need to be acknowledged to some degree, preferably with a Makuta as a character in some way
  8. I like the combinations in principle, even considering that they were rare occasions. For my the problem comes down to the fact that the combo sets looked so ugly. If they looked cool I think Lego and the fans would have felt better about them, and we would have seen them more often. So, assuming they looked cool, I'd have been happy to have them and have them used more. Since I like them in principle (they're dramatic metaphors for unity too) I'm gonna vote yes despite the objections I mentioned
  9. Huh...never noticed that one...Cool!
  10. In terms of sheer power, a Toa Nuva is known to outrank normal Toa. They even need to have the brunt of their elemental powers outside their body, as Nuva Symbols. So, they are definitely the most powerful team. They are also very experienced and effective together. Tahu Mata with the Golden armour beats any Toa in terms of power though, but since the question said team that's what I voted for.
  11. "A Makuta did not assign a level seven Rahkshi to a task unless he was deadly serious." Perhaps: unless they were deadly serious. Makuta can be male or female after all.
  12. What form would you want the story to take it Bionicle returns? I would definitely choose a New story on Spherus Magna, after a long time. There’s so much already in the Bionicle lore that doing a hard reboot by retconning things seems a total waste of golden material to work with. As for a soft reboot, like “same universe, different time/place/characters” seems like the best choice. It will be a fresh change, but still have links for old fans to latch on to. Some characters, like the Bionicle Poster-Boys Tahu and Takanuva, may need to still be around, or at least, well accounted for. We want to know where all our beloved characters are and why some may be missing. What about the unfinished serials? I would finish them, but keep them IN the main story. Old fans want to know what happened, and deserve to know, I feel. Just tying up loose ends like that with no benefit or effect on the new story doesn’t make sense, since all Lego would get is gratifying old fans. It makes much more sense to instead gratify old fans, and have the serials link in different ways to the new story, killing two Gukko with one stone. What do you want to be the core driving force of a return’s plot? Perhaps I should have voted “let LEGO surprise me”, but I didn’t because I feel it is important for LEGO to explore some of the unanswered areas they have hinted at and set up. Very broad things, like the wider Galactic Universe (the worlds Mata Nui explored), the Solis Magna system, and more of the Great Being’s place in it. I’m not saying they should answer the questions, but expand on them. Take Halo for example. The Forerunners made the Halos and their technology is all over the plot, but the Forerunners themselves remained in mystery in the games, really until Halo 4 where they were expanded on through the Librarian, Didact, and Prometheans. Basically, since I think they should stick to the same universe, I think they have a prefect selection of general things to explore. As for the particular stories that move into those areas, I’m happy for LEGO to surprise me
  13. Well I'd say it's possible in theory, the Holograms suggest that. But, I can't see it being easy. I'd imagine it would only be something he could do with great difficult and maybe some special circumstances, not just like a turn off/on gig. He might be a bit OP otherwise. But judging by the evidence and my hunch, I say YES to doable, but NO to easy.
  14. "They stole the weapons and killed several Va before they found the way out," Can the Va really be said to be alive? They're robots really, like the Bohrok, right? Maybe you should say destroyed instead? It's occurred to me: since Koronga's swords are non-Protodermic solids, they must be some of the most valuable things in the MU. I bet a lot of beings like the Makuta would love to get their hands on them to study them. Oh, I noticed in Chapter 1 or 2 Koronga refers to a plant as Bamboo. I know the MNOG actually called a bamboo-like plant bamboo, but none of this is on Earth. The term "bamboo" bugs me a little, I know it's easier to say babmoo, but it breaks the immersion a little, like the term "humanoid" etc. maybe just describe it a little. Also, you describe the Bahrag as looking like "tyrannosaurian" as well as the Rock Steed before, same thing here. Still, loving the series!!!!!!!!!!
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