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  1. 3.5/5 a little like stoner rock the way it builds up. Pretty good, probably not something I'd go out of my way to listen to though
  2. Oo, I got a few. I remember when I first joined, this place had more stuff than I could could comlrehend. Even though 2013 was well after the 'golden age' of BZP, that one year period after I joined was the golden age of BZP to me. Activity was exploding compared to now. I spent hours at the computer screen scrolling through pages and pages of stories, mocs, theories, comics, games, and so forth. One of these instances that I remember fondly was my discovery of the Dark709 comics, and I'd spend many an hour reading through all of them. To my 11 year old mind, those were comedy gold. I remember closely following Staff Survivor II and the Titans/Monsters Attack on BZ-Koro contest, and participating in my first MakutaFest. I remember participating in various RPGs such as BZPRPG, Trapped in a Map, and the Gangs of Metru Nui, and getting called out for the unintentional bunnying or godmoding or whatever other general noobiness that I inevitably did. I remember sending in dozens of news reports in a desperate attempt to earn proto. Now that I have been OBZPC for a couple years now, I look back on that and cringe.. Sometime after I had been a member for a while I found G&T, where I would come to make a lot of friends and enjoy playing games with them. The mafia games especially stick in my mind. I remember closely following all 40 some pages of Tower of Trepidation hosted by MT Zehvor, the first mafia game I ever played. And of course who could forget sending Vox into space. Good times. Oh, also all of the leaks preceding the return of bionicle. You could just feel the general excitement of new fans and old alike as everyone anticipated what would come from G2. And who could forget the hype train, the dead meme that was beaten into the ground so much that it died again. Kinda anticlimactic now looking back on it all knowing how much of a flop G2 was, but it was a lot of fun at the time.
  3. My band also has a camp next week.Do we know each other? Quick what instrument do you play! Alto and tenor saxI play alto and bari sax.Are you my band step-son?! (Before anyone gets really confused my school band has created a family tree of who is related to who with no regard to how a family tree should function.) Uhhh I don't think so
  4. My band also has a camp next week.Do we know each other? Quick what instrument do you play! Alto and tenor sax
  5. Game resumes right in the middle of band camp ._. feels band man
  6. Let's go B and B
  7. Sorry, was busy all day. Question A and option A if it isn't too late, if it is don't worry about it.
  8. I really hope the episode doesn't THAT long. Joking aside, that was a really good episode. It also makes me interested in finding some of the shards. I think that's how they write it in fake countries like England
  9. Chuckles Deenkerneeken Qendroj of earth, please
  10. Have fun with the next rounds guys
  11. I spent it doing homework so that's pretty cool
  12. I think it's fair to say that a significant amount of people who tried to get into Hero Factory were somewhat older Lego "veterans", who perhaps had been with the Bionicle story for several years. And compare Bionicle to Hero Factory: Bionicle had a complex and engaging storyline and relatively deep characters (for being aimed at kids, anyway). Hero Factory...well, didn't. The older audience that had came from Bionicle might've been expecting some of those things in a new line that had replaced the story that they had grown to love for the past 10 years. So, there are plenty of reasons not to like Hero Factory. But one has to keep in mind that, at the end of the day, Lego is just a company with the aim to sell toys to kids. Bionicle was obviously flopping at the end, due to its overly convoluted story and sets that weren't selling as well, and it was greedy to expect Lego to continue with something that was clearly damaging to themselves. It's unfortunate that Lego and Hero Factory got so much unwarranted salt. E: Wow, this is my first non-G&T post in over 2 months
  13. 2.5/5 decent instrumental and vocal wise, but nothing's really jumping out at me
  14. Haha no. Switching from ff to Jed because I don't want to be part of a bandwagon.
  15. Underscore watched as each of his new teammates went off in separate directions, each with their own course of action in mind. So much for the plan. Underscore followed Pahrak, leaping over the snake pit and diving and somersaulting through drone and electric platform alike on his way to the 3rd tier. Once there, Underscore started performing a complex gymnastics gymnastics routine in an attempt to divert the drones' attention from Pahrak while he was destroying the machinery.
  16. Underscore nodded at Pahrak and Pulse. "I'll help distract him, I guess. I can teleport and move fast."
  17. Sleep deprived because my calculus teacher is a maniac ;-;
  18. Underscore sat up and rubbed his eyes. He appeared to be on the deck of an enormous ship surrounded by nothing but water. As his eyes adjusted to the bright light, Underscore noticed the individual battles that were taking place in various locations on the ship. One in particular caught his eye, a duel at the front end of the ship between a brown-tan figure with a green mask and the brown figure with sideburns and a lightsaber that Underscore had seen in the previous battle. Underscore began to saunter on over to them through the no man's land of a ship deck, tipping his mask at each of the other fighters as he passed them. "M'TimeLord." "M'Imrukii." "M'Nato." "M'capMARVELOUS." And, stopping in front of the first two figures, "M'Pahrak and M'Salama-OW", Underscore exclaimed, as he had just taken the blunt of Salamance's fire blast to the face. Underscore backed away, nursing the 1st degree burns on his shoulders and neck.
  19. I know, I feel sorry for the people who have mist out on it
  20. *groan*... There is not enough chairs on the island for me to throw at you. I'm not exactly sure what you mean, could you be more sPACIFIC?
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