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  1. Well this is the review topic for Tale of a Traitor.
  2. Here is the review topic. Hope you enjoy it. Tale of a Traitor Chapter #1 Have you ever been trapped in a battle with The Shadowed One in the dark raining night? Well that's what I'm doing right now. I am Clue. I am a Dark Hunter from the glorious city of Metru Nui. You might be wondering how I got into such mess. It all started on the island of Xia. Three weeks after I joined the Dark Hunters. I was doing some target practice. To be honest I'm not that good at shooting far range. "Clue! You call that a shot?". I noticed it was Triglax . He looked at me straight in the eyes. "Clue, imagine that there's an army of Toa approaching from kios away. Would you attack them from close range and die? Or you would take a Zamor Launcher and shoot them far away where it's safe?" asked Triglax. I didn't know what to say. A smile appeared on my face after I saw Lariska approaching. I hoped that she would bring good news. "Clue, The Shadowed One needs you right now." said Lariska. "Your'e excused for now kid." said Triglax. I was relieved that I was excused from training but I didn't know why I was called by The Shadowed One. My eyes narrowed down to my feet as I felt worried. I asked Lariska,"What does The Shadowed One want?". She looked at me and said,"Just wait.". I just continued walking. As we arrived at The Shadowed One's palace, Lariska waited outside. "Welcome Clue. I see it's been over 3 weeks since you joined the Dark Hunters." said The Shadowed One. I smiled after I heard what he said. "And now I will introduce you to your new partner." I was thinking it would be Lariska. She was the entire reason why I became a Dark Hunter. All of a sudden, the doors busted open. It was a strong and tall Skakdi. His armor looked damaged as if he was running through a field of flames. He bore a long and sharp blade which was attached to two chains. He looked like a chaotic man. "This is Terrorist. He is one of the most greatest Dark Hunter from the Northern Continent. And he will be your partner." My eyes narrowed down at Terrorist. "Not only he will be your partner but he will also be your mentor." continued The Shadowed One. My mentor? I was completely frustrated. I thought about complaining it to The Shadowed One. But I wouldn't dare question The Shadowed One. After The Shadowed One told us about our mission, we set off to the island of Nynrah.
  3. Well the story was nice but you have to be careful with your writing. The first letter in Vahki is supposed to be in caps. Example: The vahki came. because he ate their sandwiches. See? Next time be careful with that.
  4. Looks like I can't be a PGS. XD Well it is nice too see you making comics.
  5. I pictured the Golden Skinned Being looking like Thok. As for Tuyet and others I imagine them in movie form.
  6. New av, new name.

    1. Hitoshura


      So you were Riddle Master...well, your name gives me a clue.(what a stupid pun =P)

    2. Clue: The Traitor
    3. Clue: The Traitor

      Clue: The Traitor

      lol i dont even have skype

  7. Lol. The characters are funny but the fonts? Seriously?
  8. I prefer to be alone. So i dont know. Although I guess it would you Kranan.
  9. Primary Color: Green Secondary Color: Black Body Type: Toa Metru Mask: Faxon Mask Color: Green Weapon: Grey Jungle Shield
  10. Me? Not much. Just new. Writing short sentences in every topic (just kidding).
  11. Both of them were so nice. But I suggest you should have added a few more parts to the Rider.
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