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    In the space between spaces, the plane of reality between all others..the multi verse of the Bionicle.
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    Swords, Bionicle(gen 1, not the slightly junk gen2), reading, gaming, and murdering people in Player versus Player combat to curb homicidal and psychotic urges like you would not BELIEVE!

    Also, dinosaurs and dragons.

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  1. Ironically, this guy looks like the Yu-Gi-Oh card, "Mekk-Knight Red Moon"...With a shield added. Very nicely built!
  2. Out comes Toa Ignika 2.0. In goes an anime chick and Gali...
  3. ...I thank thee...Alve'eir talxua zr'ien, Gran'tul Zelveir; Rest forever peacefully, Honorable Hero. Again, thank you, Israeli, and I'm with you on the fact that there are Matoran and other characters, in many different places, in many stories, so strong of personality, that they are truly alive; for me, it was Vakama from Bionicle, as well as several other characters I will always be a fan of, and then some. Picture a small bow, with a guy with a sad frown on his face...that's me right now. Edit: and...I woujwoujld read that epic.
  4. MAKUTA IS A LICH?!?!?!?!?!?! AN UNDEAD NECROMANCER THAT RAISES MORE UNDEAD?!?! my brain ish deads now. It was blown away. Me like it. Good build, but DANG man...a LICH of all things 0_0
  5. They turn into Phoenix....uhhh what would the plural even BE?! Whisper me it, plz... In goes-myself, because I'm too sleepy and trip into it while instinctively turning into an elemental...
  7. 0_0 SOMEONE GET KING VARIAN FROM THE GAME NO-oh, wait, Gul'dan killed him, demon-spawn little eyesore...well, rip. With the levity out of the way...HOLY SNAP THIS IS A GOOD BUILD! , MAN, HOW DID YOU PULL THE LOOK OFF SO WELL?! I only have one gripe: the head. Its not lower than the shoulders...perhaps make this a masterbuild titan? Just saying. Besides my one gripe, I like it! Now I wanna go on my demon hunter and go hunting for a Gul'dan raid boss so I can get personal revenge...you do NOT kill my favorite WoW character and live! I wanna kill that diminutive little orc and then feast on his corpse after some meta t-bagging...
  8. I asked who died, ages ago, due to one solitary truth: Names, not numbers. People, not logistics. Honor and compassion both dictate to me that I have to know the names of the fallen, and this story had resonated in a way that just feels so right, like it MUST have happened in a real Bionicle Universe, and yet...I ask who died, because the fallen warriors-true heroes-MUST be named, lest they be forgotten amidst the endless turning of the tides, beneath the waves of eternity, and lost to all...I may not have teared up here, but I do respond, deeply and personally-and so fully about the sense of loss-to this story...please, even if you must come up with a name, name the Matoran...that is all I ask...
  9. I pop back in, spinning, clutching my head, accidentally touch the ignika, and seal off the dimension before swearing my head off at Le-Toa that love pranks...then realizes what just happened, panics, grabs the mask, gets cut into pieces and reforms due to complete regerative abilities, true immortality(Double-cursed to never die, sad honestly...), and proceed to shake it while angrily slamming it into a mountain, screaming for some assistance to get it to make it so people can leave or enter the dimension again. (Angrily) my mask, until someone realizes that I just want some help convincing the stupid Kanohi to unseal the dimension(4TH WALL H4X: Which should take about 4-5 posts by others...just to be clear, this post includes one 4-5 into the future, so...just know: I had to!!!! Fresh ideas every once in a while. I escape this dimension-which the seals back up. Not my mask.)
  10. Huh. Warhammer, hulking titan of a warrior, heavy-duty and practical armor, still a good person, yet wearing a Kraahkan...you accidentally created a dark-armor variant of my favorite Makuta, Mirror Teridax!!!! I, for one, am hoping that you win! Joke incoming...? 50/5, that's my vote, lol...that was a Metus-style joke, by the way. So...to serious critique. This will be done in paragraph-esque format. Each segment will have its own...particular subject. Let us begin... The hammer, interesting choice to use protodermis Hau for the heads; I would have opted for the jetpacks of the Av-Matoran in Karda Nui, but that's a preference for the challenge of molding parts around them to produce a hammer. Nice pommelstone for the hammer, regardless. The choice of semitransparent light green pieces was a good choice, as it can be inferred, along with the Hau, as a reference to MNORPG, which had Makuta in the form of a Tohunga, with a Hau, as well as the realization of antidermis, which was black and green. The hand seems to have been made before the hammer; doing so makes more sense to me, so the handle can be specialty designed for the hand easier. The armor. The choice of design, the way it all seems to clip together, brings to mind plate mail armor. The shoulders were actually well-chosen, seeing as they are an iron-grey color, as well as, if in real life suits of armor, serving a practical use in simply rolling the shoulder to block a hail of arrows. The color scheme, in my sight, seems to suit staying in a forge for many years, whilst being practical in the sense of the blues and greens, which, I suspect, infer to a line in the back story: "First he made an armor out of iron and crystal." Those ARE the crystals, correct? The VERY excellent feel, of the Kraahkan and the shoulder armor, produces a heavy plate helmet feel; expertly devised, good sir. The anvil has one major complaint: the "face" of it, the top, is too thin for a sword, a hammer, a mace, none of that. Its good for small plating for armor, but not much, well, practicality in the anvil. What's more, I see no accompanying furnace, nor a bellows and molding stack. Without those, it seems incomplete. The weapon racks. A true weapon forger must also have racks of armor, but yet, they are well chosen blades and staves, bludgeoning and piercing weapons. I noticed Mata weapons, funnily enough noticing Onua's two glove-like weapons. That, honestly, had me chuckle. You could have added a shield, for a shield is not just armor, tis also a weapon. And I mean a shield OTHER than that used by Kopaka Mata!!! In conclusion, I have found only 3 flaws in the entirety of this build. His original, can be construed as a what-if, and you accidentally made several references to the past of Bionicle. My opinion in full? A good, well-built, nicely done moc. You may have quite the chance to win.
  11. Out comes the YouTuber, Shade2800's Po-Toa, who is a freaking cross between every Onua and Pohatu Nuva. We are talking a walking tank, with the Pakari. He goes toe to toe with powerhouse Makuta, and wins 50% of the fights solo. Beast mode. In goes the "Bionicle: Gods of the Apocalypse", aka, ManiaMac1613's Kaethrani, Vestal, Gods of Destruction(BEFORE THE DRAGONBALL ONES!!!), and Demon Warrior/Cyborg Zaries MoCs...this might be pretty stupid. I am more insane than I thought...
  12. Out comes a rubber mallet with a metal handle. In goes a sleeping Lewa...!
  13. Hmmm...being exceptionally creative(I tear apart MoCs to create even better, newer ones as time progresses, making up to 20 an hour, 200 a day when I was younger, each one nothing like what was before it) I may have to agree with how odd the nuva plate is, and yet...from the viewpoint of one knowing Medieval Ages armor basics, I must admit, armor there serves an exceptionally practical use. That scythe is definitely NOT a scythe of Souls, a Reaper's blade, but a more...focused type, a scythe meant not to steal souls, but meant to simply reap men like wheat or grass, a weapon of necromancy used by a farmer...I love that scythe! Not gonna lie, as a connoisseur of blades, I love that scythe! The specific parts of the entire being that have armor absolutely FIT the armor in my opinion, providing better reinforcement to the arms against the force of even Good Teridax's warhammer at full, destructive force, if the bio is correctly read...and nobody can kick the guy THERE without hurting themselves. In all honesty, a wonderful gardener reaper: one that removes weeds not meant to be there, by reaping the weeds with a blade, severing at the roots. Good job, man, good job.
  14. So...this is the creature buried next to where it was born...impressive. I would have suggested making a custom had to produce visorak-style eye, with an LED brick, but this works out better than my idea!!! Congrats; you outdid my Deviil'torenz'zush dragon Rahi, sadly ripped apart when I was younger by the pet dog, which hates lizards and thought it was one. I never imagined to find all the pieces of its head...or torso...or located the missing wing in the yard...I now realize suddenly just how many pieces went missing that day. Still, good moc! It fits the character QUITE nicely! Which brings me to a question...how the trip can they talk in Matoran?!?!
  15. Create three separate dimension/reality spanning devices, a power source that creates infinite energy, and a complete suit of armor, 2 swords that contain the elemental properties of fire and ice, sheaths for them, a sword/laser bow, a laser pistol, and become the first human to walk between several realities and possibly cause a cross-reality war and be on the front lines of it. Because its fun, and I enjoy bloodbaths. If you saw Nokama, as a Toa, in an unconscious state, and realize she looked like a human, you would...
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