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  1. O_O This game is addicting, I've never even played the original flappy bird I still haven't gotten past 2 though xD
  2. I hate rain....most of the time.

  3. Re-changed my name.

  4. Exited about TTV this Saturday!

  5. I will get the comics back on soon!!!
  6. Ozzy looks awesome! The legs are really well done, with the way you integrated the tubing and all.The neck is really flexible, which I like. And the armor coverings work really well. This is why I voted for Ozzy.
  7. Fortunately, they didn't have to take it in the first place!
  8. I hit you with a LEGO swored, my mask!
  9. A violent mopy and tacky or rabid aviation newby. Kina
  10. I ask for the mask, pretty please, with spinkles on top? my mask
  11. Fortunatly, the doctors color and flavor it.
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