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  1. Yes the 100 TNGM lot was me. At one point I had about 2,500 of those masks lol. I am down to my last few of them now. I did put another lot of 25 up. I do have some other really old stuff to put up in the next few days. Keep an eye out. And heya Flint
  2. Awwwww HH... I remember back in the days!
  3. I am selling the following on ebay 100x TNGM 5x VAHi 75x Chronicler's staff Not letting me post links... but just search lol. US only.
  4. Great to see you back! :)

  5. Ok, let me jump in a bit here. I fully admit I have only skimmed over a few pages here, but I see some things popping up over and over. I will try to touch upon them since I am pretty much the only one here that had a hand in making these rules :)but first - let me just say I am amazed at the fact this place is still kicking. It really does make me feel good that I know I helped to lay the foundation that this site was built on.Ok, so the rules about linking to sites with forums. It was purely for two reasons.- Saftey for the younger members. We can police this site as much as we want (and I know I am saying "we" like I still have a role here lol) - but once you click on a link and go away from here we have no control. None of us wanted a little kid who is new to the net to click on some link and see stuff the parents would not be too happy with them seeing.- Power. I have no idea if anybody has admitted this in the history of BZP. but power had a LOT to do with it. If we could keep you on BZP we could keep you as an active member of BZP. Yes, you may stumble on another site on your own, and even like that site - but we were not going to draw you a map on how to get to another site. Back then it was a mad power rush to be the "biggest" Lego fan site. It was something we all took pride in. Like for me, I could go to Legoland and say "Hi, my name is Mark and I am mfuss903 and an admin on BZP, the largest and most active Lego fan site on the internet... now what do you have for me?". Now, those words were never said.. mainly because I never HAD to say them as they already knew it.I have seen Bricklink mentioned a few times here also. I was actually *the* one who put the lock down on Bionicle Legends "Bricklink". Do I feel bad about it? Eh.. lets say I can understand the views on both sides. But it really went back to the power thing. Bionicle Legends "Bricklink" did some stuff that really disrespected certain things and people and it was more of a retaliatory move than anything else. But it did fit the rules for it to be banned so it was. If the rule has been overturned I can understand that. But if you see the word "Bricklink" then it looks like the rule was overturned (not knowing how the new forum does its word replacement deal). (EDIT - looks like when you type the word out on its own it gets nuked, but putting it in quotes keeps it safe. I am going to use the former Admin card to get me out of jail on this here lol)Were we harsh? Yes. Yes we were. We needed to be back then. But keep in mind people still loved us and we only grew more and more with every passing day. Did it backfire on us sometimes? heck ya it did. Between all the hacks and attacks it was easy to see it hurt us. And most of them were banned members we had to come down on hard to keep what we had going, those who could not understand the fact that when you came to BZP you had to follow the rules of BZP and not just do whatever the heck you wanted to do. Again, dealing with kids who probably never had parents that said "no" to them and they reacted in a way you would expect these kids to react.Now - where is BZP going? Who knows. But I know it is still here and it is still an active site even with the long downtime. With BIONICLE a long gone line BZP has to change. Will BZP be a BIONICLE site first and foremost? Yes, I think it should. BIONICLE is the reason you are reading this right now so why try to shun it away? But I think BZP has done a good job at growing and fitting in to the current Lego needs and lines. heck, if there is a review for a 'girlie' set on the main page that shows more than anything BZP has grown up pretty well.I need to come back and read more of this thread at a point where it is not 1am..
  6. *sniff*I see my name up there Kinda takes me back a bit.
  7. It is sad you left bzpower

  8. Happy Birthday, old admin. :P

  9. Dude, you're online! :o

  10. The "Visit My Website" link in your sig is broken ;)

  11. You are NOT 101 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Happy Birthday sir! :)

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