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  1. I mean, yeah, it has its flaws… But really, in my opinion, it makes up for it with the humor and all the tiny details they used! How they animated where all the pins on the sets spin in the movie, all the worn coloring (You don’t see anything 10K+ years old that still looks brand new, do you?), the subtle hints to the fact that Metus was the traitor… Heck, I even liked all the battle scenes! Yeah, I am aware of a lot of the flaws, but I honestly still love The Legend Reborn, and I still think of it as a fitting final movie for the franchise. Also, I’m mostly looking at The Legend Reborn as a standalone movie, not comparing it to the previous ones. if you look at it by itself, it seems much better than it does than when you put it under comparison with the previous three BIONICLE movies. You don’t judge a videogame by the games preceding it, do you? …….Okay, maybe you do, but that’s really not my point here. My point is to stop looking down upon TLR just because it differs in style from the previous movies. (And before you say anything, I actually like how they animated the mouths.)
  2. Granted, and they are furious at all the inaccuracies in their written storyline. I wish for a mobius strip.
  3. Out comes an avatar and sig for said sig shop. In goes a few widgets and a kohlii ball.
  4. I give you a hamburger. As you bite into the hamburger, your eye twitches involuntarily. The hamburger was poisoned with a paralysis potion. I take the mask from your paralyzed hands and abscond. My mask.
  5. Out comes a brand new Kanohi Kadin. In goes a broken digital camera.
  6. You get a half a wi I wish I was just the right level of cute to "Daww" at, but not so cute so as to cause mental and/or physical damage.
  7. I would have to say MNOGI because it has more nostalgia jam-packed into it than you can shake a stick at.
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