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    As of right now, Monster Hunter is my main hobby. I've played way too much of it.

    Bionicle and Lego, Terraria, Monster Hunter, trolling people, archery, DDO, stuff like that. Also fencing.

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  1. By "new Monster Hunter" are you referring to Stories or World? Stories is coming out in the west in a few days.
  3. Well, you can always just get it on ebay or amazon or something.
  4. I remember the struggle to get some sprites for the transport... unfortunately, it still uses the basic ship sprite to this day. Yeah, I didn't know the size of the spritesheet for RMVXA back then. I've used it quite a bit since then, and looking back on it I'm actually disappointed in myself.
  5. Whoa this is still around? I remember trying to make sprites for the ship thing a long time ago but they were really bad lol.
  6. this is actually one of the most adorable mocs ive ever seen i love it everything about it
  7. Real picture of what goes on in Lego HQ: http://img.memecdn.com/i-hope-bionicle-will-back-in-2015_o_2892351.jpg
  8. Honestly, I think it's better for the fanbase if it doesn't return. We were sad the first time it ended and sad the second time. Do you really want to take part in a cycle of happiness, followed by "oh... it's not as good as it was," followed by sadness after it inevitably gets canceled again? No matter how good a new generation might be, the older fans will always prefer G1 because they grew up with it, and if Lego tries to cater to the older fans as well as the newer fans, it would just be such a mess and end up being terrible. That might be why G2 didn't go so well. It tried to bring back older fans using the names of the Mata, similar masks and weapons, and the Uniters were probably meant to be the recreation of the Nuva. Or maybe the Phantoka. But it was this desire to appeal to the older fans that hindered what the sets could have been. If they just started over with new characters, they would have more artistic liberty to design the sets. You might say "but it's not Bionicle without Tahu!" That's not for us to decide. That's for Lego to decide.
  9. Arzaki


    Can't believe this comic is as old as it is. New comic reminded me how much I loved it too.
  10. I'm pretty sure I've seen that first one used as an avatar for a BZP member before. As for the others, look at that Kakama's eyeholes. Imagine that on Pohatu.
  11. Too much blue to be grayscale.
  12. I'd love to get Overwatch, but I don't have any the new consoles and as far as I'm aware it's not on Steam.
  13. You. I like you.
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