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  1. That was...well...a fitting ending to say the least. 8/10.
  2. Pretty good stuff Ghiddy, the Ghidfather was a bit creepy upon first inspection. 8/10, needs to be cleaned up a bit, and needs more me.
  3. Minus Irrie's input, this was pretty funny. (Han Sovika? Really Ghidora?) 8.9/10!
  4. Everyone calm? Good. Now have a cookie.
  5. I'm going to lie and say I don't know you people and that I'm not a member.
  6. Has anyone entertained the thought of shooting the nose? Someone needs to put that thing down. *Loads .357*
  7. Well, we've recruited prison convicts on Pi day.. Yeah, I don't see a future where this ends up in any positive way..
  8. Call an exterminator! A wild beast is on the loose!

    1. Ghidora131


      Not again...


      *grabs flyswatter*

  9. REMINDER: Civil War submissions are due in 4 hours! Be sure to get them in!

  10. Well... Could I bribe you to kill Arzaki?
  11. Is that sarcasm I detect in your voice Bonkle?
  12. UPDATE: To all participating in the Civil War, the deadline to submit your profiles via PM is Friday at 2400 hours Central Time. That is all.

  13. Well, Dragon's already dead in chapter four? You'd think he'd last longer.. Well, at least I'm alive. For now.
  14. I'm considering doing a modded playthorugh of Morrowind. Any suggestions?

    1. Ghidora131
    2. Kovika: Visorak Lord

      Kovika: Visorak Lord

      That's only for Skyrim. I said I'm doing Morrowind.

  15. Welp, today's my birthday. Y'know, it's funny. You never really know how far yer going to make it until you've reached the end of something.

    1. Tahu3.0


      HAPPY B DAY!!!

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