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  1. Huh. I finally found this after a month of trying to access the old URL

  2. Noted. If I have time during the summer, I may be able to rebuild the characters and start it again. For now though, the most I'll do with this topic is use Garry's Mod for the final chapter
  3. Welcome all! I am pleased to annouce my newest project, The New Adventures of Geha and Friends. It will be my current comic series with hand-drawn figures. First off, here's a little background on how I got here. After the utter failure of my picture comics, Toa Geha's Life, I reconsidered my options here on BZP. As some may know, I am still in school, which doesn't give me a lot of time to make picture comics. A month after releasing my second chapter of Destruction at Will (my epic), I had the urge to begin making comics again, but not with actual models. I worked out many ideas and eventually settled with doodle-comics as I can draw fairly well and I can get them done during my free time. For now, that will be all. Be sure to keep watch for the first/piolet comic.
  4. Chapter 2 Kasha rose from the ground, her vision slowly fading back in. The last thing she remembered was having her hands bound together by some form of electrical energy. She observed her surroundings, though there wasn't much to see. She was in a small prison cell made of smooth stone tinted blue from the bars that closed her in. All of her armor and weapons had been removed from her. She walked up to the guard that stood in front of her cell. "Hey," she asked, "What's this all about?" The guard sounded like he was straight out of Skyrim. "Dont know. Only thing we were told is that we're supposed capture and question anyone who is or associated with the Kanohi Force." Kasha was about to question him. "Why would you-" But the guard interrupted her. "No lolly-gagging." Kasha grunted, but obliged. She stepped back and turned around to take a closer look at the objects in her cell. To her right was a polished Cherrywood nightstand with a poorly made Pixar style lamp on top of it. In front of it was the bed, a queen sized luxury, not as nice as the nightstand, but enough to earn Kasha's complement. She turned back around to the guard. "You treat your prisoners well here." "It helps with the breakouts," the guard responded. Well, it's not going to stop me from getting out. We had better furniture on the ship anyway, Kasha thought. She observed the guard. He wore a modified armor of Lhikan with a Glatorian helmet, which meant that he probably didn't know about mask powers. "Oh yeah," the guard told her, "Forgot to tell you. That's not your mask. It's just a regular Kaukau Nuva, if you didn't already know that." Nevermind… Kasha grunted again. That meant she couldn't use her powers to EMP anything around her, so she needed to figure out another way to get out. She walked over to the nightstand and looked in it. There was an MP3 player from the 21st century. She picked it up and scrolled through the songs, eventually coming over the song "We R # 1". At that moment, Kasha knew exactly how to get out. She walked over to the guard, clutching the MP3 player in her hand. "What's this for?" She asked. The guard turned around and looked at the device. "Oh that?" he replied,"That's for your entertainment. We don't include headphones for security reasons." "Well," Kasha smirked, "bet you didn't think about this!" She tapped the play button and "We R # 1" began playing. The guard collapsed to the ground and started spinning in a circle, while screaming: "NOO!! DEAD MEMES! IT'S TOO MUCH, TURN IT OFF, TURN IT OFF!" Kasha chuckled at his reaction and bent down. "I'll turn it off, but only if you let me out. Deal?" The guard was still rolling around on the ground. "I SUBMIT! IT'S A DEAL!" Kasha tapped the pause button, and the guard got back up. He went over to the control pad, tapped a few buttons, and the energy bars that contained Kasha were shut off. Kasha walked out and turned to the guard. "Don't tell anyone, and I don't kill you." The guard simply just nodded, and Kasha silently ran off. ~~~~ **Kasha had trouble navigating around the prison. Every section and cell was the same, and guards, all smarter than the one that had guarded her cell, waited around the corner. What she found interesting about them though, was the fact that each guard wore a different mask and different armor, but their masks were colorless, just like her mask was. They had been drained of their powers. Kasha kept searching for the master controls, or at least for Geha. She came across a large chamber filled with wires, mechanisms, and a containment tube as big as the room itself, sat in the back. Approaching it, she saw what they were attempting to keep contained. It was The First Shadow. He was held in place by the same energy that enclosed Kasha's cell. Below the tube was an intimidating control panel with flashing buttons and switches. Luckily for Kasha though, she had experience with these and knew exactly what each button and switch did. So she tapped a few buttons, and flipped a little bit of switches. The containment tube released a cold breeze, and lowered to the ground, releasing Shadow. Unfortunately, upon releasing Shadow, an alarm went off. He fell to his knees and looked up at Kasha with calm eyes. Wasting no time, Kasha helped him up, grabbed his wrist, and darted out as fast as she could. The alarm blared in her ears, and she heard more and more footsteps as she dashed through the halls of the prison. All of a sudden, a door came down and blocked their path. Kasha let go of Shadow and turned around. The amount of guard that were pursuing them almost shocked her. Another door came down on that side and blocked the guards. The lights went out and the alarm stopped, leaving Kasha and Shadow in complete darkness and silence. “I know who you want to find,” said a voice on the intercoms, “but you are not going to find him.” The voice sounded just like Geha’s, but slightly deeper (not that it could get any deeper). “How would you know?” Kasha shouted back, “With our technology, we could find him in an instant!” “You speak as if you’re going to live.” Kasha took what he said as a challenge and formed a Plasma Sword with her light, while Shadow, being as advanced as he is, took a piece of his armor and transformed it into his staff. “Step into the void, if you wish to suffer…” the voice told them. Doors on another side of the wall opened, leaking dark red light into the room that Kasha and Shadow stood in. They ran into the center of the room, the lights shut off, and windows opened on both walls. The room was enormous, almost three times the area of Shadow’s containment room. In front of them was a tall throne with stairs leading from the seat to the floor. In the throne sat an armored being. Kasha tried to recognize the armor it wore, but she could only name a few. Thagomizers were his arms, Deadeye was his chest, and Lhikan’s Hau was the mask. No, Kasha thought, that’s not a stock Hau. This one is Geha’s! There was no denying it. The mask had everything that Geha’s had. The scratches, the paint, and the leftover Gorilla Glue on the sides of it. The being stood up and pulled out The Infinity Blade and a shield. “Prepare to meet your doom!” he shouted as he leaped into the air. The ground shook as the warrior landed. Kasha charged into him, being able to knock him down. She attempted to stab him, but was thrown back by an invisible force. She slid across the ground back over to Shadow, who had already began sprinting towards the warrior. The warrior swung The Infinity Blade, but Shadow dashed behind him and was able to hit him with his staff only a few times, before he was blasted away as well. The warrior leaped back and sheathed his weapons. “Take care of them,” he spoke to someone, “They’re wasting my time.” ***As he spoke, a circle shaped elevator lowered him down into the building and was sealed. Another being walked forward. It’s appearance startled Kasha. There was almost nothing organic left, not even a mask. Wires and metal stuck out everywhere, parts of the original being had been molded with the artificial. It was twice the size of Shadow, and twice as bulky as Geha. The only way Kasha could tell that it even was once living was by the few areas that had been untouched. “I’m sorry, please forgive me,” the amalgamate said. Even how it spoke almost made Kasha faint. It sounded as if there were hundreds of voices speaking at once, but mainly a female’s voice was heard. The amalgamate’s right arm molded into a needle of some assortment. She raised it up and slammed down upon Kasha so fast that she had no time to react. Kasha was flung back and she hit the metal door with such force, it sent knocked her out. Kasha’s vision would fade in from time to time, only for it to fade out again. In the moments her brain was conscious, she could hear bits of Shadow’s voice. “This is Shadow… Requesting evac… Casualty…” The world became a blur. Her vision went dark, she became deaf, and she couldn’t feel Shadow dragging her across the ground, yet she could still think. The area she was in was just darkness. Nothing could be seen. Is this… the afterlife? she thought. Or is it another plane of existence? She got up from the ground and looked for the Light that would guide her to her final destination. Nothing was there. She called out. “Hello? Is anything there?” There was no response, so she sat on the ground, crossed her legs, and began to meditate. (*Note: This is unfinished. I am unable to insert links in the mobile version of the site)
  5. You need another hand? It seems it has left you, unless you're all right without it. I mean, you've got the trumpet, so break a leg! I'm sorry, am I pulling your tailbone? ...Okay, I've let all the puns I have out
  6. To New Age Retro Gunhaver: 1. Yes, I did realize how bad they are, and how much I regret making them. The reason the setup kept changing is because I live with my siblings and I used to have to share a room with them, and I couldn't find a good setup. And remember, I'm just 13 with ADD, of course these are going to be bad. I didn't even production of these for almost six months. I kept reading Erin Hunter's Warrior series (Great author by the way, check her out) and viewing Marvel comics to see how I could make this all flow together. In the end, I guess I didn't think too deep about it, just my usual. 2. He did have a name. I didn't put it in the comics though. I think his name was Takuanuva or something like that. 3. I really don't know. I'm just glad I made that Infinity Blade reference in E5P1 so four of them were dead. Now to finish off Kahi. They were supposed to have been hired by Kami to give him info about Geha and the group. 4. I was going to have a plot twist where you guys find out that Kami is that Matoran I never introduced. The reason he hates him should be pretty obvious (as in not very obvious). Notice how Geha never speaks of him, nor does anyone else. He never speaks either, except when Geha falls off my trunk. The reason behind this was supposed to be that Kami was jealous of Geha being the "cool kid". This whole comic thing worked out better in my head. 5. To be honest, I really don't know how Deathless can only die to the Infinity Blade either. I guess it's something like "Oh, this guy can only be killed with poison," or something like that. This really works better in a YouTube video, I'll make one for the sixth comic instead. I hope the video, this post, and these new comics will sort everything out.
  7. You sir, have just saved these comics. I was literally about to close them because they weren't doing good enough. But you may register for next season
  8. ERROR DATA [sWORD] SEARCHING WARNING: FILE FOUND ATTEMPTING TO DELETE FILE... Success I will let you off the hook for now. Next time, I will not be so generous. Now choose to Talk, Run, or Ignore the Makuta Toa 4: You quickly dart out of the Makuta's way, using the shadows as an advantage. It looks around, confused, then eventually wanders out of the cave. Toa 3: After watching the Makuta walk out, you get up and turn on a flashlight. You notice a remarkable map painted on the walls of the cave. It seems to lead to the Protosteel mine, though most of it has been worn away. You make out these instructions on it: 2, 3, 1, 3, up, left, up, right, right... The rest has been worn off. You motion for Toa 4 to follow you, and the two of you walk out of the cave and begin searching for your friends.
  9. Toa 3: Suddenly, the dimension of time itself begins to alter around you, as if a great being had forbidden your actions, and you are back to the point before you teleported! Remember guys, this isn't an "Add a sentence to make a story", we need to move this along. I'll start: As each of the Toa were going on with their shenanigans, a Makuta attacked each one!
  10. Chapter 1 Theme 1 * Theme 2** Theme 3*** Theme 4+ Theme 5= Geha slowly got up out of bed as he usually did, except, without coffee. He put on his Hau, and headed off to the control room of the ship. *Once he got there, he found Kasha waiting for him. “Well you’re up late,” she laughed. Geha smiled. “I know, I know. I just don’t have my coffee.” He walked over to her and sat down in the seat next to her. “Found anything new?” Kasha sighed. “No, nothing but more rubble.” Almost as soon as they launched, they had found the remains of a large war with only parts of one survivor, Tahu3.0. He was a machine, built to try to improve on the cannon versions of Tahu. This plan however, failed, and Tahu3.0 was used as a battle machine. **Geha dragged in the remains of the machine, and began studying on how to rebuild him. Soon enough, he whipped out his tools and began rebuilding. And in five hours, Tahu3.0 was up and running. He groaned, gripping the top of his Hau, “W-what happened? Where, am I?” Geha put a hand on his shoulder and sat him down. “It’s a long story, and I’m not sure you want to know it. You’re on the Glory of Light, it’s a ship that Kasha and I built.” Tahu was still confused. “K-kasha? W-who’s Kasha?” And as usual, when someone called her name, Kasha always seemed to be there out of nowhere. “I’m Kasha,” she told Tahu while leaning against one wall of the door, “I’m also Geha’s girlfriend and the captan of this ship, you can thank me for finding you.” “I-I… don’t…” Geha sighed. “Don’t worry, just get some rest, it’ll all make sense soon.” He lead Tahu to the guest room. “Here, make yourself at home.” He walked out of the room, shut the door, and ordered Kasha to keep observing. Once he made sure she wasn’t looking, he rushed to the back of the ship where they had the soda machine. He looked around again to make sure no one was there. ***He turned back to the soda machine and hit a series of numbers in the keypad. The machine slid to the left, revealing a hidden staircase to an extra part of the ship Geha included. He walked in, turned around and grabbed the machine, and made sure no one was looking one last time. He slid the machine back into place and began walking down the staircase. Once he had reached the bottom, he observed the dimly lit area, and grabbed a large purple curtain at the back of the room, and pulled it off, revealing two large bodies of metal. He observed them carefully for a moment, and walked towards a large machine, that seemed to be creating the Ignika and a Kraakhan. Geha smirked, “Soon,” He murmured, “my plan will-“ +He was abruptly cut off to the sound of Kasha’s voice over the coms, an explosion, and the ship rumbling. “Geha! We’ve been hit, the ship is going down! We need to get to the life pods, NOW!” Geha sprinted up the stairs, pushed back the soda machine, and ran to the guest room to grab Tahu. He burst open the door. “Tahu! Get-“ But Tahu had already made it to the life pods. Geha began sprinting towards the pods. By the time he had made it, the life pods had already launched. They were set on a timer, and it would start counting down if the ship was hit. The ship rumbled again, and an explosion knocked Geha against a wall and left him unconscious. Geha woke up for what seemed to be days later to find himself among rubble and ashes of the ship. He stood up and felt his Hau to find a large crack across it. “Welp, it was nice while it lasted. Now, let’s see if I-“ He was cut off again to the sound of armor rattling and footsteps advancing. He looked up a moment later to find four large Toa, each wearing a Jutlin except for one, which wore a Shelek, and a Maxilos Robot shell. They stood in a battle formation, and pulled out axes made of different elements. Geha staggered. "W-what? Who a-are you?" =The Toa wearing a Shelek approached Geha. "We are the royal guards of Geha, and we seek his imposter." He said it fluently, without looking Geha in the eye, as if he had said it to thousands of other people. Geha became puzzled. "But, I'm the real Geha!" The guard quickly pulled his axe from behind his back, and the other guards pointed their axes towards Geha. "You are the one we seek," the Shelek wearing guard announced to Geha, "you will now be escorted to our leader, where you will face the Trials of Judgement." He formed a prison around Geha made of lightning. Soon after, a large ship appeared over them, released a gravity beam, and pulled them onboard. They were then transported away, with Geha having no hope of returning.
  11. Alright, here's my form. Clean of blood and totally violent- *A rocket launcher falls out of the satchel* Heh-heh, where did that come from? *picks it up and puts it back* Anyway, as I was say- *The Infinity Blade falls out* Uh.. Heh-heh... Lemme just pick this up.. *Picks it up and puts it away* So, let's just- *Weapons begin to fall out of the satchel* Man, I am just so clumsy today. *Puts weapons away, but more and more begin to fly out* *Vigorously picks them up* Just take the paper! *Flies toward the sky, leaving a large hole in the ceiling* Member name: Hadouken Toa of Shadowlife Game title: Bionicle - Pacifist Route Game topic: Here
  12. For the G&T Contest #2. Story: You are a Toa who is part of a kingdom. Your occupation is a resource scavenger. Your other fellow Toa have built the walls of the kingdom out of weak Protodermis, but they will need stronger resources for it to last. You know of a spot where you can find a large amount of Protosteel. Unfortunately, the area is incredibly far off, and the land has been taken over by blood thirsty Makuta type organisms in search of the Protosteel as well. Your king does not want to hurt even the smallest creature alive, and will not allow anyone to harm the invaders. Your goal is to gather as much Protosteel as you can without hurting anyone. If you hurt anyone, the game will crash. (Basically, if you make a post that involves hurting anyone or thing, the game will "crash" by me deleting the topic. You have been warned) How this will work: You will make a post that says which Toa you are controlling and what you will do, which acts as a turn. The next player will decide if you run into a Makuta or not. If you run into a Makuta, you have three options: Keep walking, Try to talk to it, or Run and try to hide. The next player will determine your fate if that Toa's mask is removed from them or not. If the mask is removed, that Toa is disqualified and the others must keep going. Some examples: _________________________________________________ Toa 3 After much thinking, you decide to take the left path _________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ Toa 3 After walking for a few minutes, you hear the bushes rustling. A Makuta attacks! What will you do? ________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Toa 3 You figure it's best to talk to it and try to start up a conversation with it ______________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Toa 3 The Makuta begins to calm down and nods it's head. It let's you pass and you begin to move forward again. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ There will be five Toa to control, and there are two ways to switch between them. You can have them take a rest in a nearby cave (if the Toa is in an environment in which a cave or well hidden bed can exist) or another player who has not played a turn in the game yet may take control of another Toa. If no Toa exist to take control of, you may join in on another Toa. Rules: Absolutely NO hurting what so everBe fair, don't make a Toa run into a Makuta every turn or have their mask torn off in the first turns of the gameOkay, at least make them run into a Makuta sometime!NO portals, time altering, dimension leaping, etc. WHATSOEVER.The Toa MUST split up after turn 5 or soonerIf all of the Toa get their masks removed, the game will restartThe game will end AFTER you reach the destination AND return back to the kingdomOnly people who have permission or Windrider may end the game 1 day before it is closed. To earn permission, send me a P.M. and I will decideHave fun!I will now start the game. You choose 4 other Toa to bring on the journey. You all pack supplies and head off. Toa 1 After walking for a few hours, you run into a fork. The right path leads to hills, the middle path leads to a dense forest, and the left path leads to a dark cave. Which path do you choose?
  13. Toriel + Tahu Boy, is Sans going to be mad. I'm not sure about Papyrus though, he'll hate the fire puns, but he'll have someone to heat up his spaghetti
  14. -5/5 I don't think I've ever seen you or heard of you
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