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  1. I know a lot of people on here are very open about their hobby(Bionicle of course), and it may be different in college, because form what I've heard, college is way less judgmental than high school, but doesn't anybody feel uncomfortable telling people that they like Bionicle? I personally have a Bionicle-Themed Instagram account, and haven't told anybody except for my friends that also like it. For me it is mostly the connection with a toy theme that leads me to not tell anyone, despite the extremely complex and mature storyline. What are other people's experiences with being open or closed about their Bionicle hobby? (If this is the wrong forum, I'm sorry, it didn't seem to fit into any others)
  2. How much for Brutaka and Nocturn? Also a pic of masks would be nice.
  3. Yes! I would love them both!
  4. Do you think you could make this mask? Also a mask based off of this could be really cool: http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Priest_Mask
  5. Every sand color! Oh and also clear dark pink!
  6. I might be able to hook you up, but If you don't mind me asking, why?
  7. These are really cool! Someone should write a Tron/Bionicle AU fanfic
  8. She thick. But in all seriousness, I usually don't agree with overfeminization of bionicles, but I quite like this one, I think it does her justice.
  9. I too have been experimenting with making silicone molds of masks, and have produced some promising results. I guess bzp will be hit with some custom resin masks soon
  10. Wow! I saw a post on tumblr the other day asking for this exact thing! Im glad someone made It, maybe you'll see a purchase from me soon.
  11. My two Trans Orange Kraata I have a number of other rare collectibles too but nothing that hasn't been mentioned yet.
  12. Wow! I have admired your deserted website for years, and it good to finally see you back! Keep your eye open for me in the future
  13. Asylum itself wasn't bad, really. The concept was sound, it was well setup, and in the beginning, it was actually pretty good. It was just executed poorly, by inexperienced staff. It wasn't dependent on railroading to any extent - the staff both had different ideas of where they each wanted the game to go, and failed to take into account the wishes of their playerbase. I would strongly recommend having a look over some of the existing games on this forum - Corpus Rahkshi, the BZPRPG, Y60K, MuP and Bionifight - and perhaps joining some of them and playing for a while before attempting to make your own game. that is good advice, I think I will do that, thank you!
  14. How would I go about making my own rpg? What components do I need? Is there a guide?
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