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  1. They're not even a film critic company. They're an aggregate site that plucks a bunch of reviews from other critics' sites and boils them down to "Did you like it or dislike it?" for the sake of the percentage, which is ultimately just a glorified like/dislike ratio rather than an indicator of the movie's actual average score.
  2. Annona. Just...everything about Annona. The idea of a creature driving you insane with such a subtle and benign change over time is pretty disturbing like the mental equivalent of a frog in a boiling pot. All fueled by no other motive than to simply feed, over and over again. Her, Tren Krom, and Irnakk were pretty much my first exposures to Lovecraftian horror as a kid. Good stuff.
  3. Though I find a Miru strangely out-of-place on a Makuta, that neon-green looks lovely for his color scheme.
  4. As if I need further proof that I won't be winning this contest. XD
  5. It's the Chrome Hau that came with the 2001 PowerPack, it's not very rare. Oh.......................still looks cool.
  6. It's probably still there, just lost among the entries. Try looking through your list of posts on your profile to find the ones you put your entries on. Edit: Whoops, didn't initially realize you were referring to the actual Entry List. Yeah, the last post there was on November 28, so of course last-minute entries haven't been added just yet. Hm...maybe to pass the time until the results come out, we can review each other's entries?
  7. Good point...but everyone will have the right to critique the winning sets all they want. Of course, that's not the same as whining... Too late and wrong thread.
  8. I hear you. Still threw in three entries anyway, but whatever. They had been built months before this contest anyway. Does it help that my self-MOC wasn't an actual Makuta?
  9. -Name: Cordak, "The Last Makuta" -Backstory: Cordak was once a simple Nynrah Ghost named Destrolax, whom inhabited an isolated village deep in the Southern Continent, commonly pillaged by Dark Hunter raiders. To counteract the attacks, the Matoran constructed a massive robotic suit for personal combat against the thieves. An explosive conflict ensued, only for the unleashed energies to destroy the village, and permanently fuse the suit to Destrolax's body. Ridden with guilt and a hatred for the Dark Hunters, the Matoran wandered the wastelands of the Southern Continent for 10 years, refusing any companionship and slaughtering any Hunter he came across. One day, he stumbled upon a furious battle between a Dark Hunter raiding party and a fortress held by the Brotherhood of Makuta. Enraged to see more beings oppressed by the vicious murderers, Destrolax stepped in and quickly flanked and dispatched the attackers, Impressed, the leader of the group of Makuta took him to Destral, where he was introduced to a visiting, and wounded, Teridax. Teridax was intrigued by the Matoran's story, and gave his own secret: he was creating a special squad, a group of highly trained assassins at his beck and call, to which he required a leader. Taken aback, Destrolax reluctantly refused, despite the prospect of doing battle with more Dark Hunters. But Teridax didn't take know for an answer. One swift blow, surgery, and implantation of a specialized helmet later, and the former Matoran was ready for service, and took on a new name under his new master: Cordak. And thus the Shadow Hunters were born. Following the death of his master at the hands of Mata Nui, Cordak was left devastated and lost. But not directionless. Rallying his team members to his side, Cordak took on a oath, to avenge his master and ensure that the future of the Toa would be a dark one. -Quote: "You merely slew the master of shadows. The shadows themselves shall always roam free." -Photos: Full Body Shot: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-zxBBbiFzY_0/VHv848QCyzI/AAAAAAAAAYs/RioNQyLk78k/w514-h685-no/photo%2B1%2B%282%29.jpg Zoom-In Shot on Upper Torso: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-f6dig4uN2dk/VHv8xGOAQ7I/AAAAAAAAAYg/u7SgIUggzL8/w514-h685-no/photo%2B2%2B%282%29.jpg
  10. -Name: Subject 06012001, a.k.a Toa Hunter -Backstory: Years after the fall of Makuta Teridax, the glorious city of New Atero came to be. But with it came new problems, some in low places, some in high. Turaga Dume, new head of the city council, began to become increasingly worried with the potential destructive power the Toa possessed, and sought to have them enlisted into a personal militia where he could monitor and enhace them with cybernetic implants that would rob subjects of their free will. To accomplish this, Dume approved a special genetic project: the creation of the perfect predator. After numerous trials and errors, that creature was finally born. Equipped with experimental transforming technology, a massive cannon, fiery breath, enormous strength, a sharp, strategic intellect, heightened senses, , and fierce loyalty to Dume, the Toa Hunter is prepared to find any Toa and retrieve him, dead or alive, depending on his master's preferences. -Quote: "The Master bids that you must be removed. Yield now, or prepare for obliteration." -Photos: Robot Mode: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-gw-ZA_lXlao/VD8qOcx_dbI/AAAAAAAAAS0/xGJXmJbVsx8/w514-h685-no/photo%2B2%2B%281%29.jpg Cannon Mode: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-kH_6N8gFvsY/VD8qPUZs5oI/AAAAAAAAASs/bZHVIJt8sk4/w514-h685-no/photo%2B3.jpg Dragon Mode: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-YRN0fFzAmj0/VD8qPq667nI/AAAAAAAAASk/zhR0rzXNMlM/w913-h685-no/photo%2B1%2B%281%29.jpg
  11. (I'll be entering my characters separately) -Name: Venak -Backstory: Venak was a former Toa of Air of Jovan's mysterious Toa team, separated from his comrades during an expedition on the island Visorak. Captured and mutated by the spiders, Venak soon found freedom...and revenge. Quickly escaping the island, Venak's mind became warped by the venom, slowly driving him to madness, and became obsessed with the concept of death, and developed a delight in trying various methods on those he came across. One day, a shadowy figure whisked him to an island known as Destral, and gave him an opportunity: join a team he was preparing, and get all the fresh meat he desired. He graciously accepted. After painful experimentation, he is now equipped with a vicious alternate wolf form, and is more than ready to combat the enemies of the Makuta. -Quote: "You think this is about vengeance, little Toa? No...I've just come to enjoy the hunt...and the kill." -Photos: Robot Mode: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-7-pPjnpkQlg/VHvyvmDM2-I/AAAAAAAAAXY/A1iX0lVTMDk/w1030-h685-no/DSC_9153.JPG Wolf Mode: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-QJpB4YmZaG4/VHvyv21r_DI/AAAAAAAAAXc/86Q8yUy02Mo/w1030-h685-no/DSC_9149.JPG
  12. So where do Bioformers stand in all of this? And what if one of them has a third form where his upper torso turns into a turret akin to Lockdown from Transformers 4?
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