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  1. Hmmmm.... a mask of mutation sounds like it would be ideal for Mutran. And that mask of Avarice is AMAZING. Perfect for some giant titan. I'm currently working on revamps of the 2008 Toa and Makuta, and one of the big challenges is the Mistika. With Tahu, I'm wondering if it'd be better to use his 08 mask or this shapeways one. I'm also wondering if it'd be better to dye the dark red pieces bright red, or dye the custom mask dark red.
  2. Anyone got pictures of a mask they ordered being worn by a figure?
  3. I'll get back to it soon. Right now, I basically just need one line for the Planet Ripple trailer, and then it's done. After that I've gotta finish a few commissions and I'll get back to updating this pretty regularly. One page a day... no way, then it would take years and years to finish this comic. I'm going to wrap it up within one year if I can help it.
  4. Thanks. Sorry to say, this month is gonna be kinda crazy. I've begun work on the Planet Ripple trailer, but it's a collaborative effort so I'm still working things out with other people. I can only hope I'll have finished editing it in a week or so. Once that's out of the way and I've prepared everything I need for the convention, I'll get back to this. Wish me luck. And yeah, I know it feels a lot like MNOG right now.... but this story's gonna go some crazy places before it's over. I'm going to keep it as coherent as I can, but if there was only one year for finish Bionicle's story, well it's going to end up being very different and have a different message at the end. No 7th tribe, sorry to say. I only just found out about that unused concept yesterday. But the Matoran are being taken... somewhere. You'll find out later.
  5. Oh yeah. I'm just saying I thought it'd be neat if they were ejected on the way down before Mata Nui landed, as if to make it harder for Makuta to intercept the canisters somehow.
  6. Yeah.... ever since I saw that shot from the cancelled PC game of the cans falling from the sky, that image stuck with me and I was SO DISAPPOINTED when Dume and the other Turaga revealed that no, they'd been floating in the ocean for all that time. Given the later revelation that Mata Nui's robot body crash-landed on the planet, that he himself literally fell from space, I was even more dumbfounded by this retcon. It seems perfectly plausible to me that the Toa cans could've been EJECTED from the robot as he was falling and remained floating up there until the Turaga realized their heroes were taking too long to show up and appointed Takua to summon them. ....and I think I just gave away another thing I've changed about this story (their pods being ejected while Mata Nui was still in space, I mean). Oh well. There's something weird about Ga-Matoran and Toa of water being uniformly female. It pushes the stereotype of women being wiser and fairer than men and puts an undue burden on any given team's Toa of water to be the voice of reason when the male members fight or whatever. Makes you wonder how many Toa teams may've been dysfunctional to the point of disbanding if they didn't have the "girl ninja" tempering them. Changing that just seemed like a good idea.
  7. Well, I guess that settles it. There's no way we're getting another movie based on lego's own IPs. It's just parodies of licensed stuff from here on out... sigh.
  8. Sorry to say this is it for now. I need a break, so I'm taking the week off. Hopefully the comic will resume this next saturday. What's everyone's impression of this so far? As far as the "first issue" and the first few pages of the next one go?
  9. I love how much the sky adds to these scenes. So glad I took those pictures when I did. Even if the quality isn't great, gumming them up to look appropriately cartoony for this isn't too hard. Enough with the exposition dumping, time to see some Rahi fighting in the present! Is what I'm sure some are thinking after these five pages of non-stop talking... don't worry, we're not far off from that.
  10. Tried doing a few things differently with this page. It was cathartic after those last coupla' pages drained me.
  11. You might enjoy this, then. A debate about what the three virtues actually mean. Yes, this is happening. Remember, if these pages are too small to read you can enlarge them on DA. https://nickinamerica.deviantart.com/gallery/64101494/The-Toa-A-Bionicle-retelling
  12. Oooohh, then you're gonna love him in today's uploads. Also... Dangit, I really wanna call him Jala but I don't wanna get hacked by a troll or something claiming to be a maori representative... which is basically how things went the first time. Guess I'll go with the name changes just to be safe. Sigh.
  13. Question... is it okay for a non-profit fan tribute to call him "Jala?"
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