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  1. IC: Marrow - The Wastes Though Marrow couldn't control gravity, he could still control the wood his barrier was woven from, reabsorbing as much energy as he could before the remnants reached him, and willing the rest to flow and fold to fall around his form as it toppled. He performed a similar feat on the spiked roots he'd sent slicing towards the Skakdi. Whether they'd succeeded in striking the target or were swept aside by its shield, the spear-like roots circled around behind the Skakdi to stab at him again, this time aiming for his ankles and the backs of his knees. @Sparticus147
  2. IC: Marrow - The Wastes Willing his barrier to continue growing ever denser to fend off the blistering beams of blinding blue, Marrow retaliated by mimicking a move he'd seen the Skakdi pull several times now. His foot slammed into the ground, and from it rose a row of roots that rocketed across the ground, their ends hardening into jagged points that jabbed like javelins towards the Skakdi's legs. @Sparticus147
  3. IC: Marrow - The Wastes The projectiles careening towards Marrow crashed and cracked against a barrier of ironwood that he raised before him, additional layers forming behind the first as fragments continued to pummel it. The moment the flow of projectiles stopped, the hardened wood reformed into flexible vines that slingshotted the damaged debris back the way it had come. @Sparticus147
  4. IC: Marrow - The Wastes Twisting tendrils of smoke drifted from Marrow's twitching tail as he recoiled from the effects of the sudden electric blast. A rattling roar escaped his maw as he turned to follow the path he'd sent the Skakdi flying. The roar turned to something akin to a laugh as he watched the sniveling Skakdi do as it should have from the moment Marrow had first arrived, and flee. But as the Skakdi turned in retreat, Marrow held his ground and didn't pursue. His instincts screamed at him to destroy the irritating creature, to annihilate this challenger, and he would obey them, but this wasn't the way. Every time he'd come close to the Skakdi it made itself shiny, too hard to hurt, too sharp to grasp. Even the times he'd tried to wring it to pieces in his hands it had shrunk or grown to escape his grip. Marrow was the strongest thing on the island, a titan among ants, but somehow this crooked creature couldn't be crushed. The very idea of something he couldn't grind to gristle with his bare hands filled him with rage and frustration, but was forced to face that fact that this was an enemy that he was physically incapable of killing up close. It wouldn't break, no matter how hard he tried. But there was another way. The glorious green. So as the Skakdi fled, the full ferocity of Marrow's power pursued it. Mere seconds before the Skakdi came in to land from one of its leaps, a gargantuan mass of mismatched plants suddenly sprung up from the ground to meet it. The memory of their names, the intricacies of their identifications, were long lost to Marrow, but he understood what they were, what they did, for they were of his element. They were the deadliest weapons in nature's arsenal, plants that carried potent poisons, whose stings and stalks and stems and sap and seeds possessed the power to cause pain and paralysis, irritation and inflammation, burns and blisters. When the Skakdi crashed down among them, he would expose himself to all they had to offer. @Sparticus147
  5. IC: Marrow - The Wastes The last time Marrow had gotten too close to the Skakdi, it had made itself smaller and made him float away. This time he was ready for it, already beginning to summon thickened tree roots from beneath the ground as the Skakdi cut at his hands, shrunk down, and fell from his grasp. The roots coiled around the foot and ankle that the Skakdi wasn't grasping the moment Marrow felt the strange sense of weightlessness start to wash over him, anchoring him a few dozen bio off the ground. He flailed in midair as the Skakdi tried to throw him and send him crashing back to the ground, but managed to plant his feet as he was swung around and dropped back down to earth. Marrow snarled at his assailant and struck out with his tail again, the blade-like spike at its tip sweeping forth to slice at the Skakdi. @Sparticus147
  6. IC: Marrow - The Wastes He saw the Skakdi raise their weapon. He heard them cry out their challenge. But Marrow didn't care. He kept barreling forward, his twisted tower shield raised, ready to crush the Skakdi beneath a veritable wall of wood. But then he saw, and remembered: the shiny bits are sharp. Raising his arm up to ensure the maulaxe struck the shield below where his arm was, Marrow wrenched the shield out to the side a moment after the weapon made impact. The razor-sharpened head crushed and cleaved into the hardy ironwood before grinding to an abrupt halt as its momentum was broken and friction increased as the wood began to grow back, the broken layers reforming into a solid mass, the vines twining and tangling around the intruder. With the weapon's head firmly trapped, Marrow released his hold of the shield, willing it to continue growing over and around the maulaxe to weigh it down and ensure it couldn't be freed. Then Marrow reached down and attempted to seize the arms holding the maulaxe by their biceps, with the intent of yanking them in opposite directions to dismember the Skakdi where he stood. @Sparticus147
  7. IC: Marrow - The Wastes The moment he saw his makeshift projectile caught in midair, Marrow broke into a run, charging around the channel and broken spikes towards the Skakdi. The fruit and foliage coalesced into a murky mass and began to fly back towards him, followed by a blazing beam that carved through the cloud and cascaded across Marrow's scales, stinging and searing and setting foliage alight. He staggered out of the path of the beam, smoke rising from the blistered, bloodied scales of his right arm and shoulder. The remnants of the madu tree made impact a moment later, Marrow's will reshaping and reconstituting it into a harmless cloud of leaves before it even made contact with him. The leaves flattened and hardened into binding vines and layers of ironwood that clung against his injured arm, becoming a massive, misshapen mirror of the Skakdi's own shield, which Marrow raised up like a battering ram as he continued to charge towards Taua. OOC: @Sparticus147The rules for riteborn say that "A tahtorak is immune to effects of its own element used against it." Since the Madu Cabolo were created by Marrow himself, I believe the wording of the rules would mean he'd be unaffected by their gas.
  8. IC: Marrow - The Wastes His vision blurred and blinded by the light now radiating from his form, Marrow didn't get the opportunity to enjoy the sight of the Skakdi being flung through the air. He felt the impact though, of his tail colliding with something satisfyingly solid. The light abated as the plants clinging to his body returned to being more mundane foliage, a cluster of leaves spreading and flattening against the wound to his chest as he pressed his right hand against it. He searched around for a second to figure out where the Skakdi had landed, already having returned to a larger size once again. He couldn't make sense of what this creature was, or why it was fighting him. Why would anyone fight so hard to save an empty wasteland from being brought back to life? Why did the Skakdi hate him? Why did he hate it? The only answer the Skakdi offered were twin rows of icy, stony spikes that ripped across the ground, converging on either side of Marrow. Growling, he moved towards the row on his left, the bladed tip of his tail sweeping low to the ground to smash the spikes asunder at their bases before their points could reach his hide. Fragments of frost and ruined rock rained across the sand, crashing through the unstable surface the Skakdi had created and revealing the spikes that had been buried beneath. Roaring his rage at the sight of the trap, Marrow formed a massive madu tree in his free hand and flung it like an unwieldy spear towards the Skakdi, a shower of unripe madu cabolo fruit scattering from its branches as it tumbled haphazardly through the air. @Sparticus147
  9. IC: Marrow - The Wastes Marrow was not a particularly bright creature. But he was starting to understand some things. The shiny bits were sharp. As the Skakdi rose forward and upward into the air, Marrow tensed, readying himself to spring. The Skakdi went up, and up, and up, and then came careening back down. But still Marrow waited, waited, then leaned back, pivoted at the waist, and took a single stride to the side. His judgement was slightly askew, his movements more unsteady than he'd expected. The ground underfoot was cracked and uneven from his landing, slowing his stride - hopefully the Skakdi would suffer the same problem when it landed. The Skakdi's sharpened feet scraped over Marrow's upper chest, tearing his plants to tatters, scratching his scales, leaving a ragged, bloody gash in their wake. Marrow was already making his counterattack before the pain fully registered. The plants all over his body abruptly morphed into lightvines, which at this range would hopefully blind and disorient the Skakdi enough to make it difficult for him to see or avoid the spiked tail swiping around to strike his descending torso - on the side that wasn't protected by that irritating shield. @Sparticus147
  10. IC: Marrow - The Wastes He was flying. Why was he flying? Marrow flailed in floating freefall, flung backwards by forces he couldn't begin to comprehend. He released the club he'd been holding and reached for the ground, a mighty tree rising like a reaching hand to help him, wriggling ropes of vines extending both from the tree and his open hand to close the distance. He held tight and pulled himself down to the left, out of the gravity well, further foliage rising from the sand to cushion his fall as his feet struck solid ground again. The earth cracked and caved, stones splintering and sand spilling as he made impact. Marrow's legs buckled, muscles aching from the exertion, but still he stood. The two trees he'd summoned withered away as he re-absorbed the energy he'd used to make them, putting it to use by summoning an enormous ice tree - a type of plant suited to cold environments, and therefore able to better withstand the Skakdi's frosty attacks - directly between the Skakdi's feet. The ground fractured and fell away as the tree forced its way through the dry earth, its branches attempting to ensnare the Skakdi's ankles and crush them. @Sparticus147
  11. Uninformed people who aren't invested in the themes not knowing any better isn't a great argument for mashing them together. If there was going to be a push to get the Lego company to fundamentally change these themes by officially making them part of the same universe, then surely that change should be for the benefit of the fans and followers who've remained interested in Bionicle and Hero Factory for so many years, not just to make things easier for people who were never interested enough in either one to learn the difference between them. Sure, but that's not really applicable here. A shared universe works best when it starts out as a shared universe, with the intent of being built up and grown from the outset. The MCU was very much a massive fluke that no other franchise has managed to replicate to the same level of success. Taking two long-dead Lego themes with relatively small fanbases and awkwardly forcing them together a decade after either one was popular isn't going to create a successful shared universe. It's also not going to be easily-accessible for new fans, which is a big part of why Lego made Bionicle G2 a reboot set in a separate but similar continuity. I have no problem with theorising about possible links between G1, G2, or HF, for the purpose of fanfics, or RPGs, or MOCs, or whatever else. But trying to push Lego to officially connect them all in the same continuity is just going to be super divisive and confusing for fans new and old. This is a nice theory for fanfic purposes, but making it fact would require rewriting the established canon. Greg Farshtey has stated several times in the past that none of the Great Beings (with the exception of Velika, who was a stowaway on the GSR) made it off Spherus Magna before it shattered. The whole idea is that the Great Beings were so invested into fixing the world they destroyed that they poured all of their effort and energy into preparing the GSR rather than selfishly trying to save themselves. They stayed behind, went into hiding, and they lived with the consequences of the war they caused. To say that a group of Great Beings went rogue, somehow separately invented their own form of interstellar travel during an all-hands-on-deck project, and traveled to a new planet to make the same mistakes all over again is a huge disservice to the intent of the Bionicle story. Correction: those themes did have stories, and frankly the Slizers/Throwbots/RoboRiders themes had way more in common with Bionicle than Hero Factory ever did. The stories didn't have a lot of depth to them, and obviously didn't get the same kind of print or media representation as the later themes did, but a lot of the ideas from those stories laid the groundwork for Bionicle Gen1. They had elementally-divided regions, they used disks as weapons, and even had a plotline involving a mysterious evil releasing a virus that threatened the world. They're similar in design, sure, but appearances are all they have in common. The stories, themes, depth, maturity, and genres of both lines are distinctly different. My biggest issue with forcing the two themes together is, if Hero Factory is the future of Bionicle, then where did all of the magic go? For all of the complex psuedo-scientific detail that was crammed into Bionicle in its later years, at its heart it was a multi-layered story of myth and mysticism and magic, whereas Hero Factory was only ever a very basic, simple sci-fi.
  12. IC: Marrow - The Wastes The Skakdi was... sharp? That made no sense. Before he could make sense of what was seeing, the Skakdi's snarling shield unleashed a blast of ice at Marrow's face, forcing him to move the remnants of his makeshift tree-club down into its path to protect himself. He channeled his power through the weapon to make it blossom and blood, reforming it more swiftly than the ice could destroy it. In the same moment, he felt the roots he'd summoned around the Skakdi's legs abruptly writhe and die, and glanced down to see fresh spikes of ice beginning to spear towards him as the Skakdi stepped forward, seemingly intent on pushing him back. Marrow didn't let himself get driven back. He leaped to meet his foe. Taking the tree in both hands, he launched himself forward off the ground, over the ice, throwing all of his gargantuan weight and strength directly down onto his opponent's shield - with the tree taking the initial brunt of the blow just in case the shield could get sharp, too - to smash the Skakdi asunder beneath him. @Sparticus147
  13. Similar in what way, beyond being Lego constraction lines? Hero Factory occasionally used a few Bionicle parts, sure, but in terms of setting, themes, tone, and so on, the two lines were completely different. Bionicle was a uniquely intricate medieval/future/sci-fi/fantasy with extensive lore and morally complex characters. Hero Factory was a super basic, barebones kiddie sci-fi about robot cops who arrest bad guys. As others have said, there's no harm in imagining fan theories or coming up with crossovers to hypothetically bring the two lines together, but trying to push for Hero Factory to be the official future of Bionicle just hurts both themes. What people? I've seen other topics where you talk about this as if it's a mainstream thing, but it seems to be a pretty niche preference held by a very slim minority. The vast majority of Bionicle fans I'm aware of appear to very much prefer Bionicle being Bionicle and Hero Factory being Hero Factory.
  14. IC: Sidra - Approaching Ko-Pou "Well, I meant I could just teleport us there..." but Niidak was already driving off. Sighing, Sidra shadow travelled back up to the cockpit and powered up Wairuha again, following Niidak towards the outpost. @Daniel the Finlander ____________________________________________________________________________________ IC: Marrow - The Wastes Marrow didn't offer his challenger a chance to recover. As the Skakdi stepped backwards to put some more distance between them, Marrow summoned coiling roots to snag its ankles. At the same time, the branches that he'd grown around his hands in his earlier attack redistributed themselves into a single 80-foot tall tree that he raised in his right hand and brought down like a club at the Skakdi's head. @Sparticus147
  15. IC: Sidra - Metru-Koro "I'm heading back to Kini-Koro as well," she said. "I need to have a chat with a ghost. I could give you a lift if you wanted?" @Daniel the Finlander ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ IC: Marrow - The Wastes Marrow had expected to hear the satisfying squelch of his attacker being squished. What he got instead was infinitely more sickening. As he was buffeted backwards by the sudden growth of his opponent and subsequent swell of gravitic energy, Marrow finally had an opportunity to truly see the foe he faced. At its new size he could take in every awful, disgusting detail. Skakdi. The word swam to the surface his subconscious, the once-forgotten name for those he hated so heatedly. It looked like one of them... but wrong. It had deformed arms, and too many eyes, and the colours... Hideous! It was the colours of death: barren browns, ashen blacks, and bleached whites. He'd made the skakdi grow, just like a plant, but it hadn't become green. That meant there was no goodness in it. He had to make it green. Marrow opened his jaws wide and belched a colossal, cloying cloud of grass seeds down at the Skakdi's face, hoping to blind its eyes and choke its throat. That would turn it green. Whether the seeds crept into the cracks in the Skakdi's armour, settled against its skin, or flowed down its throat, he knew they would take root and grow. Everything grew around him. @Sparticus147
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