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  1. IC: Sidra - Le-Metru Nuva She nodded numbly, and followed Viltia up into the village. She was still reeling from the brief, horrifying encounter with the undead creatures. Questions burned through her brain, begging for answers that she couldn't provide. What were they? Why were they here? Was it something to do with her, or just another twisted coincidence? @Kal the Guardian
  2. IC: Sidra - Le-Metru Nuva "Okay, so we can't really run for it," she summarised. "Not all of us, anyway." It was simple math. A group was only as strong as its weakest member, and even before some of the villagers had been injured in the mosquito attack, not everyone had really looked to be fighting fit. Not to mention the difficulties involved with gathering enough food and water to support the entire populace if they did have to make a run for it. "If we're going to stay, then we need to warn everyone, and prepare a defence." @Kal the Guardian
  3. IC: Sidra - Le-Metru Nuva "Even if I wanted to leave... there's nowhere for me to go." Sidra replied, realising that for the first time in her life, the thought of teleporting away from her problems hadn't been her immediate reaction. If Viltia had been another Dark Hunter, if their encounter with the undead had been on a mission, Sidra would have abandoned her without hesitation, with the footage conveniently scrubbed from her nektann and excuses ready to be made. "Those things came from Metru Nui," Sidra turned back around to look at Viltia, "Unless you know of any settlements even further south for us to evacuate to, there's nowhere any of us can run to except right towards those monsters. Even if we got past them, who knows if they've even left anything alive?" @Kal the Guardian
  4. IC: Sidra - Le-Metru Nuva "I don't know, I don't- karz!" She dropped out of the saddle and slammed her fist against the side of the kahu pen. She gashed her knuckles on the coarse bark, but the pain barely registered, drowned out by the anger and despair threatening to overwhelm her. "I came so. Karzing. Far. To get away from everything I saw and did in Metru Nui. This was supposed to be a fresh start! How are those things here? Why now? Why me?" @Kal the Guardian
  5. IC: Sidra - Fau Swamp "Easier said than done," she replied absently. "We don't have... any of what we'd need for something like that." What she didn't add was that she wouldn't go anywhere near an airship even if they somehow managed the minor miracle of making one. The last airship she'd been on had exploded apart around her, burning and breaking and birthing a horde of living corpses from its wreckage. Too much of her history was already repeating around her. She had no desire to relive that particular experience. "We need to... I don't know, set a trap or something," she muttered. "Find a way to delay or destroy them." @Kal the Guardian
  6. IC: Sidra - Fau Swamp "I hope so," she echoed, though her heart wasn't in it. The combined strength of nearly every Toa in existence and the League of Six Kingdoms hadn't been enough to eradicate these things in the midst of their battle for Metru Nui. If anything, they'd probably ended up creating more of them, if their fallen had risen again as undead. Though she didn't dare give voice to her doubts, Sidra couldn't bring herself to believe that Le-Metru Nuva stood the slightest chance if the undead came for them. @Kal the Guardian
  7. IC: Sidra - Fau Swamp "I... I don't know," she replied, "I saw them, or something like them, in Metru Nui in the days before we crashed here. Whatever they are, they're hard to kill." She hoped Viltia was wrong about the creatures being able to track her. But even if she was, the fact that the undead were out here at all didn't bode well for the village. @Kal the Guardian
  8. IC: Sidra - Still in the air "How far do you think those things can see?" She asked, after they'd been in flight for a while. The clear air and open skies had helped calm her somewhat, the sprawling green vistas of the forest helping push the images of the decaying, decrepit undead from her mind. "We can loop back to the village once we're out of their sightline." @Kal the Guardian
  9. IC: Sidra - Fau Swamp (Giant Sword) Sidra was operating largely on autopilot as she clambered onto the Kahu's saddle. The world felt dull and indistinct, her mind clouded by confusion and questions. Too much was happening, too strange, and too fast, for her to make sense of. What were the undead? Had they followed her here, or was this some twisted coincidence? But amidst the haze of shock and uncertainty, one coherent thought won through. "Don't take us back to the village!" She pleaded to Viltia, "If these things want more people to... join them... we can't lead them back home." @Kal the Guardian
  10. IC: Whisper - Grand Temple Ruins As she slithered around the main chamber, Whisper wracked her gaseous equivalent of a brain for a solution. Nothing about this place added up. Glancing into the other rooms had revealed assortments of pipes and writing and starscapes that weren't consistent between each chamber. Twice now the Administrator had emphasised the importance of thinking outside the box. There had to be something they were missing. While her insects continued to explore the chamber around her, Whisper stopped at the edge of the pool, peering at the lone lotus at its centre. It was strange, seeing something so pure and untouched in the midst of the mutagenic muck that plagued the pool. Everyone else had walked right past the curious sight to focus on the other chambers, but perhaps there was more to the pool than mere decoration. Given the obvious age of the structure, it was entirely possible that the water hadn't been toxic at the time the structure had been built, and being forced to swim in a temple of the jungle certainly seemed to fit the criteria of thinking outside the box. Deciding it was a prospect worth investigating, Whisper leaned forward and slipped quietly below the surface of the pool, intent on searching its sides and bottom for anything that might offer a clue to solving this puzzle. @Unreliable Narrator
  11. Yep, that checks out with what I had in Sidra's profile. I was aware that going to the swamps would put me well and truly out of the Suva's range. Good to know there's a way to reconnect with it.
  12. IC: Xane - Ruins of Fire With nothing more to go on, and no further questions coming to mind, Xane bid farewell to the disembodied voice and followed Enra out of the chamber. @Toru Nui
  13. IC: Whisper - Grand Temple Ruins She watched on as Apex, then Taja, emerged from the tunnel and back into the main chamber, both wandering down into the middle tunnel. Whisper deigned not to comment at their brief appearances, not wanting to risk provoking the larger Aspect, or disrupt her focus on the search she herself was carrying out via the insects she'd summoned. She idly wondered what the pair had been discussing in the side tunnel - their voices had been too muffled by distance for her to make out their words - but she knew better than to pry. At best, Apex was tolerating her presence, and she had no desire to push the limits of that forbearance. @Eyru @Sparticus147
  14. IC: Sidra – Fau Swamp (Giant Sword) “Join me. Wish me. Stars. Give me life. Let me fix.” Different voices, different inflections, but undeniably familiar. "I am going where you would take me. I will allow you to join me." Othorak, who had refused to die even when she’d carved away a chunk of his skull. Othorak, whose actions had brought flaming corpses swarming through the streets of Ta-Metru, spilling like a grisly slick from the wreckage of the stricken airship. Othorak, who’d vanished like a wraith just as swiftly as these monsters had suddenly appeared. She felt certain that the force behind these undead and the ones she’d faced before was the same entity. No matter how far or how fast she fled into this strange new world, her past continued to pursue her. She watched as the creatures shrugged off Viltia’s shots, shambling forth no matter where they were struck. Everything they touched seemed to crumble and decay, while the interconnected corpses only grew in size and strength, as if they were feeding off the life energy of what they destroyed. “Fix this!” Sidra loosed the rhotuka she’d been charging, aiming for the silver filaments that connected one of the outermost creatures. She hoped that severing the cords might disconnect the corpses from the force controlling them, returning them to death, but even if that worked, she and didn’t have the time or firepower to do the same to all of them before they were overwhelmed. “We need to get out of here!” she called to Viltia, “We can’t take these things on.” @Unreliable Narrator @Kal the Guardian
  15. IC: Zaliyah - Metru-Koro "Until it's time for us to leave, there's nowhere else for me to be." @Onaku
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