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  1. IC: Xane - Ruins of Fire "Right, clearly it's not that easy."
  2. IC: Zaliyah - The Razorfish "Defender appears to be running back to the settlement," the engineer reported. "He's probably going to try to shield the camp from within," Zaliyah replied, "It's nothing we can't handle." The ship continued cruising towards the village, periodically firing plasma and pulse blasts down upon the target.
  3. IC: Sidra - Ruins of Ice "My Kanohi is the mask of shadow travel. I can teleport through a shadow, to another shadow I know the location of," the Toa had already seen her teleport, so she didn't feel like she was sacrificing too much of an advantage by revealing the specifics, "Assuming some of the places I went to in Metru Nui are intact enough for the mask to recognise, I can try to teleport back there. We could even try to find whatever's left of the original Great Disk of Ice." @EmperorWhenua IC: Zaliyah - The Razorfish She frowned as her latest volley was abruptly wrenched out of the air and brought crashing to the ground. She let go of the weapon controls and considered her options. She was in no mood for a protracted battle with a lone Toa, but his powers meant he could easily deflect or redirect any ranged attacks that were sent his way. It wasn't a particularly impressive defence, but it was a tediously effective one. "New plan. Raise us up to 550 bios, then move us directly over the enemy camp," she ordered. "We'll bombard it from above, let gravity do the work for us. Engineer, keep an eye on that Toa and nullify him if he tries to fly up after us." The ship lurched upwards, rising ever upwards before beginning to swiftly accelerate towards Metru-Koro. Zaliyah resumed firing as they flew, raining pulse artillery and plasma flak down upon the ramshackle war camp. The Vahki in the engineering section firmly anchored itself to a railing and leaned partway out through the hole in the hull, watching below and behind the ship for any sign of pursuit. @Smudge8
  4. IC: Xane - Ruins of Fire "Sure," he took several measured steps back away from the forge, just to be on the safe side, "Let's see what happens."
  5. IC: Sidra - Ruins of Ice "Okay, then we just need to find a functioning forge. I could try to teleport us to somewhere in Metru-Nui?"
  6. IC: Zaliyah - The Razorfish The ship rattled as it became the focus of the Toa's power - gravity, if his dark armour was any indication. As the Toa jumped, and continued rising, Zaliyah gave her order. "Nullify that nuisance," Zaliyah ordered, "Bring us up." The Vahki in the engineering compartment - which had a clear view outside the ship through the gaping hole Kat's attack had left in the tail of the ship - focused its nullification ability on Jephro, cancelling out the Toa's elemental power. At the same time, the pilots increased the ship's levitation by a few more bio, ensuring the ship would remain out of Jephro's reach. "Should we land and deal with the Toa?" One of the pilots asked. "No, leave him. Let him watch," Zaliyah replied, switching on the ship's speaker, "Consider this my mercy, from one Toa to another. You get to live, and bear witness." @Smudge8
  7. IC: Zaliyah – The Razorfish With her eyes already cast out towards the village, it didn't take long for Zaliyah to spot a lone, dark figure sprinting swiftly across the pale sands. Considering the ship wasn't already taking fire, that suggested the valiant hero lacked ranged weaponry, or an element that would prove a nuisance at a distance. "Engineer, stand by for new orders," she said, as the Razorfish's weapons continued to rain karzahni down upon the enemy encampment. "We're about to have company." @Smudge8
  8. IC: Zaliyah – The Razorfish Though the desert was hot during the day, the night had brought with it a bitter cold that made Zaliyah shiver despite her the insulation her armour had adapted. The calm and quiet came as a harsh contrast to the blind, brutal rush of the battle that had briefly transpired above. But no further attacks or boarding attempts had pursued the Razorfish, and Zaliyah had slowly forced herself to relax. The village out to her left looked so peaceful, so unassuming. It reminded her of her own home village, so long ago, before she’d become a Toa, before she’d become a Hordika. It reminded her of what she fought for. It wasn’t fair that the Matoran got to live in such naive comfort while everyone else scraped and struggled and slaughtered each other just to survive. It wasn’t fair that the weakest, most worthless beings in the universe had been allowed to call themselves the superior species for so long. In standing against those she had once considered her kin, Zaliyah hoped she was helping to make up for the crimes she and other Toa had committed against the other races. “How are those repairs going?” She radioed her remaining Vahki. “Flames extinguished. Stability and pressure of remaining tanks assured,” one of them reported. “What about those side vents?” “Port-side vent fused shut from outside, beyond reach of repairs. Starboard vent piping damaged, no replacements or suitable patches on board.” “How badly damaged? Can we still use it?” “May be viable, but this unit calculates a high risk of catastrophic rupture if used.” “Fine, forget it then. Get the co-pilot back up front. Engineer, keep a close eye on the situation. I don’t want to break anything else.” Zaliyah returned her attention to the task at hand. No further signs of fire or pursuit had made themselves apparent, so it was time to resume the mission. The ship was still about 500 bios from the village wall, which put it within the effective firing range of the artillery weapon. “Adjust course to keep us moving parallel to the camp walls. Keep us at the same elevation and distance,” she ordered the pilots. As Zaliyah took the gunner controls, the pulse cannon swung forth to face the direction of Metru-Koro, loosing the first blast of its strafing run, aimed over the wall of the settlement. Regular shots began to scatter from the barrel of the plasma cannon as well, which would hopefully ignite spot fires if they struck something flammable. The heat and dry of the desert served well to render materials more combustible. The village would soon be in flames, just as Pridak had demanded. OOC: @Smudge8 @Sparticus147 and any other defenders. In real-life measurements, the Razorfish is about 685 metres from Metru-Koro, and 27 metres above the sand.
  9. IC: Marrow - Irnakk's Tooth Hoping he would live to regret the decision, Marrow followed Atriox Drukarus down into the dark.
  10. IC: Marrow - Irnakk's Tooth Something in Drukarus' tone made it sound like he was expecting a reply. "I've already come this far." @Sparticus147
  11. IC: Marrow - Irnakk's Tooth "This is the place," he intoned, resisting the instinctive urge to draw his weapon and defend himself from the unseen, "Last chance to turn back."
  12. IC: Sidra - Ruins of Ice "I'm not a scholar, but the Great Disk of Ice would have had the Freeze power, right? Just like the sword I got out of the Suva," she tapped the blade resting at her hip, "If a Toa Disk can be melted down to make an elemental Kanohi, then if we melted down the sword and poured it into a Kanoka mould, wouldn't we get a powerful Freeze disk?" @EmperorWhenua
  13. IC: Zaliyah - The Razorfish 950 bio... "Cut thrust! Reduce the weights!" 750 bio... The chute engine sputtered to a stop, as the Vahki severed the flow of pressurised protodermis. 500 bio... Creaks and crumpling sounds echoed through the ship as weight increase disks shifted away from the framework, steadily being replaced by the levitiation counterparts. "Level us out!" 400 bio... The harsh sound of metal snapping sent a thrill of fear straight to Zaliyah's heart. She could hear whatever had broken loose pinging wildly through the compartment above her. Loose equipment and shrapnel rattled around in the hold and engine section. She wasn't sure how much more punishment the ship could take. 300 bio... Momentum and gravity continued to carry the ship forth, even as additional levitation disks were directed towards the top and front of the frame, gradually lifting the ship into a more level trajectory. It's descent continued to slow... but was it quickly enough? 200 bio... Zaliyah's eyes darted back and forth from the altimeter to the sand below, her panic growing with each passing second. The reading was wrong. The ground looked much, much closer than that. 100 bio... At last, the ship leveled out fully, Zaliyah's view transitioning from a wall of sheer sand to the walls of Metru-Koro, now only about half a kio away. Night stretched out behind it, silhouetted by the distant, craggy outline of the mountain beyond. With the pursuit seemingly over, Zaliyah exhaled slowly, taking a few moments to collect herself before she addressed the crew. "Bring us lower, twenty bio from the ground," she ordered. "Then send another unit to assist with repairs in the engine compartment. Douse any remaining flames, cut whatever lights we safely can, and drop any shrapnel and debris in the cargo hold - unsecured. After that, get those side vents working if you can, we're going to need maneuverability if we're engaged again." As the copilot moved to assist its battered companion, Zaliyah gave further instructions to the remaining pilot, "Get us back up to cruising speed and set a south-easterly course, keeping us about 500 bio from the village. We'll circle around and hit them from another direction." The Razorfish - now running dark - began to lurch forward once more, leaving the battle behind as it set forth to finish its mission...
  14. IC: Marrow - Irnakk's Tooth "Whatever these creatures are that you speak of, they are nothing like the Tahtorak that emerge from the Pits," he laughed, "These beings are no rahi." @Sparticus147
  15. IC: Zaliyah – The Razorfish The problems kept mounting. As Zaliyah watched the fading flames suddenly flare back to life and begin to roil together for a second attack, the pilots reported that they’d been blinded. Not literally, they assured her their visual receptors were still fully functional, but something had clouded the cockpit in total darkness. Zaliyah had led the League's warriors in many battles. She’d encountered her fair share of unorthodox tactics and unique powers. Though she didn’t fully understand what was happening, she knew for certain that there were too many powers being brought to bear – invisibility, flight, fire, and now whatever was causing the darkness – for a single Toa. That meant the enemy airship was definitely in play. An airship which, as far as she recalled, hadn’t possessed any kind of viewport on its underside. Most powers required line of sight to use, and even Toa had their limitations, their effective range wasn’t infinite. If Zaliyah could get under or past the enemy airship, or far enough away from it, the Razorfish would be clear from taking any further damage. “Drop us,” she barked, buckling herself in. “Headfirst.” Most beings would freak out and flounder when suddenly deprived of sight, but the Vahki were machines, cold and logical. Their hands were still on the console, and they had the requisite recollection of the panel’s layout to find by touch the controls they sought. As Kat’s flames splashed across the outer hull and spilled into the already-damaged interior, the Razorfish suddenly pitched forward and dropped like a rock, weight increase disks striking the framework at the ship’s undamaged prow to bring the ship into a rapid downward dive. Liquid protodermis still sprayed from the chute engine, helping douse the pursuing flames. The ship creaked and rattled as it plummeted, plates and panels peeling away. For a moment, Zaliyah feared the damaged tail section might break loose entirely, but the ship held together. 2000 bio… 1750 bio… As the sand below drew closer, Zaliyah kept a close eye on the altimeter affixed to her controls, ready to give the order for the ship to level out once again. 1500 bio… 1250 bio… She knew the reading wasn’t going to be entirely accurate, given that the instrument relied on pressure, and the ruptures in the hull had altered the cabin's pressure well beyond the norm, but it was the only measurement she had to work with, beyond the naked eye. 1000 bio… 950 bio… “Get ready to level us out, on my order.” OOC: going to give others a chance to react before I complete the manoeuvre.
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