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  1. Oh, jeez, there really was a TPK option. I honestly thought you were kidding about that.
  2. IC: Xane - Irnakk's Tooth "A little bit, yeah," a sheepish grin took up residence on Xane's face, "Call it morbid curiosity."
  3. IC: Xane - Irnakk's Tooth "If I didn't know better, I'd say you're trying to dissuade me from investigating this mountain," Xane's eyes narrowed, "If this place is of significance to warbands you claim are your enemies, why come here, and challenge the first stranger you come across?" @Toru Nui
  4. IC: Xane - Irnakk's Tooth "There is little either of us can do to revoke the sins of our forebears," Xane replied, with the conviction of a man who'd spoken the words before. It had been a different time, to a different Skakdi, on a different world, but they were still applicable. "All we can do is try to be better than they were." @Toru Nui
  5. It occurred to me that the description for Aspects say they can have a suit that's as tall as a Toa, not that their form has to be even remotely Toa-shaped. I decided to lean into the eldritch nature of the Aspects and started playing around with parts in Stud.io to combine all of the best features of all of the most phobia-inducing things I could think off. I'm happy to tone this one down if it's too out-there. Name: Whisper Species: Aspect of Makuta Faction: Aspects of Makuta Brief Description: One of the first things Whisper witnessed at the beginning of her existence was two Lohrak fighting in the Fau Swamps, and this conflict inspired her chosen form. Her armour is akin to several serpents twined together, metallic tendrils writhing and wrestling for dominance, their frilled heads fused into a horrific multi-jawed monstrosity. Three twisted, mismatched wings sprout forth from the mangled mass of muscle, the only appendages visible on the entity’s oil-hued form. Background/Occupation: Whisper was always more fascinated by animals than sapient beings. The lives of animals were primal and purposeful, whereas sapient beings had so many complicated wants and needs and desires, all conflicted and contradictory. Her favourite hobby is toying with so-called civilised beings, breaking them down to their basest desperations to earn her favour. She has carried out her fair share of desecrations in her time, often sending her victims on dangerous scavenger hunts to retrieve trophies from the nests or lairs of dangerous rahi. Flaws: Like all aspects, Whisper is inherently manipulative and prideful. She also struggles to grasp concepts of morality and kindness, a trait which makes it difficult to anticipate or understand the actions of others. Her physical form is somewhat spindly, making it more vulnerable to injury. She also, obviously, lacks any opposable digits, making it difficult for her to grasp or manipulate objects. Powers: Like all Aspects, Whisper wields the power of Shadow. She also wields the kraata power of insect control. Equipment: None. Her only ‘weapons’ are small, blade-like protrusions at the ends of her tangled tails, and the hooked fangs packed into her mouth.
  6. IC: Sidra - Earth Temple Her conversation with the Turaga seemingly concluded, Sidra cautiously approached the temple entrance, glancing at her iStone screen to check if either of her nektann had spotted anything beyond the curious lizard. @Unreliable Narrator IC: Xane - Irnakk's Tooth "The level of technology the warbands have would certainly suggest they originally came from somewhere more advanced," Xane mused, "Do you know if your beliefs came from that homeland as well? Is the idea of Irnakk something your kind brought from home, or found here?" @Toru Nui
  7. IC: Xane - Irnakk's Tooth Now Xane's curiosity was officially piqued, "If you're not from here, where did you come from? Did your ancestors fall from the sky, like we did?" IC: Sidra - Earth Temple "I'll search nonetheless," Sidra replied, beginning to move past the Turaga towards the temple entrance. She paused, turning to look at him again. Something - guilt, perhaps - prompted her to add, "Stay safe, wise one." @Toru Nui
  8. IC: Zaliyah - Throne Room "Under our current circumstances, I feel eradication is beyond our grasp," she replied, choosing her words carefully, "But their god is dead. They're not the chosen race anymore - if they ever were to begin with. They're stranded on an inhospitable alien world, just like us. We have things they need, and they have something we want." She took a step closer to the warlord, wary of the very real possibility her head might be forcibly detached from her body before she could finish speaking. "We have united so many races under our banner. Perhaps it's time to consider welcoming one more... or, at the very least, making peace with them. They call us savages and monsters to justify their hatred and prejudice, but if we are the ones to show mercy, to extend the hand of peace... then we prove wrong their entire ideology." The thought of letting it all go made her insides burn. She didn't share Pridak's desire to wipe out the Matoran species entirely, but she had wanted to see them put in their place, made to pull their own weight and contribute to the collective good, instead of lording it over everyone else. She'd always hoped she might be able to sway Pridak's temper when the time came; it appeared that time was now. @Unreliable Narrator
  9. IC: Xane - Irnakk's Tooth "They sound like pirates," he replied bluntly. He'd seen then, from a distance, soon after he'd first arrived on this world, sifting through the drifting debris from the crashed Great Spirit's skull. "I don't think their help is the sort I need. But you've clearly travelled much of this land if you've managed to earn the ire of everyone in it. Do any of these warbands keep a recorded history?" IC: Sidra - Earth Temple "But we can learn from it. That's why I came here. I was hoping there'd be something in these ruins that might help us find a way back to our homeland."
  10. GM IC: Skrall - Black Spike Mountains. Wordlessly, the lead Skrall pointed out the sigil of New Atero on his armour.
  11. IC: Xane - Irnakk's Tooth "Unfortunately, I'm not sure that avoiding the locals is what I want," he replied, "There is clearly some shared heritage between your world and mine. Perhaps my kind originally came from here, or vice-versa. Either way, it will be difficult to learn more without speaking with the natives." IC: Sidra - Earth Temple "There are Matoran, Toa, and Turaga back at the refugee camps. You're not alone anymore." IC: Zaliyah - Throne Room "We need to rebuild, and for that we need the Mask of Creation," Zaliyah replied, offering her Barraki a curt, hunched bow. "I would ask your leave to visit this "Metru-Koro" to begin negotiations to secure it. I feel the Toa and Matoran may be more willing to cooperate with someone who used to be one of them." @Toru Nui @Unreliable Narrator
  12. IC: Xane - Irnakk's Tooth "I am Xane," he replied, "Pleased to meet you, Enra. I was begining to fear all of the locals were unhinged savages. I'm glad to see that is not the case." IC: Sidra - Earth Temple "Interesting." Evidently the history of this place was more complicated than it had first appeared, "How many of you are left?"
  13. GM IC: Skrall - Black Spike Mountains. "That was the plan," the lead Skrall nodded. Behind him, several of his companions appear to be replenishing the bomb bays of their Axalara aircraft.
  14. IC: Corrivalis - Fort Nektann From elsewhere in the garage, Corrivalis emerged from beside the Raptor, wiping sand and grease from his hands as he watched the approaching figure. Seeing an Aspect wander freely into the encampment was unusual; to his understanding they were more inclined towards expecting other beings to seek them out. Still, it most likely wasn't a threat. He kept a wary eye on the unusual being as he resumed his work.
  15. Yeah, I had a look around BS01 as well, there doesn't seem to be anything saying they can or can't. I figured, given their limited powerset, it wouldn't be particularly OP to suggest that they could use masks in this canon.
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