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  1. IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru. Perched on a different rooftop, shrunk down to the six-inch minimum his mask would allow, Vyarik watched the arrival of the Vahki with a growing sense of bitter disappointment. A rematch with Stannis seemed out of the question for the moment. The machines were even worse than Toa, arriving too late to make a difference, but just in time to prove an annoyance. But they don't have to just be an annoyance for me... he backed further down the street, out of sight of the crowd, then clambered back down to street level and returned to a size slightly shorter than the average Matoran, turning up the hood of his cloak to conceal his mask. By the time he returned to the scene, mingling with the onlookers beyond the Vahki blockade, another Toa has arrived, further dashing any hope Vyarik might've had of taking on Stannis now. "Arrest that Toa of Stone!" He shouted to the Vahki, "He let one of the Dark Hunters get away!" He knew Stannis might recognise his voice, but his hope was that his shorter height would mean the Toa and Vahki would have difficulty immediately spotting him beyond the Vahki blockade and the other Matoran. More importantly, he was hoping any Matoran who had witnessed Stannis let him go free would raise shouts of their own, corroborating his story.
  2. That's two-for-two for Dark Hunters talking their way out of Toa trouble.
  3. IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru. The Dark Hunter had only made it a few rooftops further down the street when he felt his iStone vibrate in its pouch on his belt. He pulled it out and checked the name of the new target - and then he laughed. Looks like my masters already know you're here, hero. Still chuckling to himself, he started to work his way back down the street towards where he'd last seen the Stannis.
  4. Well... this is awkward. Guess Vyarik won't be skedaddling after all.
  5. IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru He could hear the commotion still unfolding further in the next street. He wasn't sure if Thom had somehow gotten himself caught, or if another Hunter had arrived late on the scene, or if something else entirely was happening. Nor did he particularly care. He'd already gone above and beyond his usual role by unintentionally distracting the Toa, at least for a while. He'd done his part, and though he hadn't claimed the kill himself, he could still take comfort in knowing the Dark Hunters had achieved their goal. Vyarik shrunk down to a smaller size and began to scale the wall beside him - it was easier to find handholds with smaller hands, and since his body still retained its full strength, he was able to lift himself up just as efficiently. It was a more uncomfortable process than usual, his arms and shoulder aching from the bruises left by the Toa's bombardment of rocks, but it wasn't enough to prevent him from finishing his climb. He reached the roof, and began to clamber across the rooftops, putting more distance between himself and the site of his companion's crime. There would be plenty of other targets to hunt before his time in this doomed city was done, of that Vyarik was certain.
  6. Do the Dark Hunters have some kind of official safehouse or base of operations they can regroup at in the city? I'm assuming they have some kind of central location/s to report back to, given that they all received the same orders, but I wanted to double-check if you had something specific in mind, or if we're free to come up with something ourselves?
  7. IC: Vyarik - Onu Metru Managing only a thoughtful frown, Vyarik watched the Toa leave... then waited several moments more before accepting that he truly was gone, and relaxing. He returned his blades to their sheathes on his back, still musing over the strange conversation. Toa Stannis... Not a name Vyarik knew, but clearly one that carried some weight. He has an eye for the bigger picture... or perhaps he's just arrogant. Either way, Vyarik was certain he would be seeing the Toa again soon. He was looking forward to it.
  8. IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru "I- wait-" Vyarik's facade shattered for a moment as he sputtered in confusion. He hadn't been expecting the Toa to actually agree with him. They didn't normally do that. He paused to clear his throat and refocus, before speaking again, deciding to humour the Toa a little further. He was curious to see how this situation played out. "The mission was to kill the Matoran, plain and simple. I don't know who set the bounty, or why," he shrugged. "As for the Hunter who claimed the kill, I'd never met him before this morning. I don't know where he went after we parted ways. I don't even know if he actually was a Dark Hunter." His voice took on a mocking tone. "What I do know is that the Dark Hunters are far better at their job of taking lives than you Toa are at saving them."
  9. IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru. With rubble pelting him from every direction, Vyarik shrunk down as small as his mask would allow - making himself a harder target - then slammed both blades against the ground to repel himself backwards - putting some further distance between himself and the Toa. "You're right. I didn't kill the Matoran!" He hollered, tentatively returning to a Matoran size. "I haven't killed anyone since arriving in this city, so how about you back off and mind your own business... before I'm forced to change that." He knew the Toa wouldn't back down, but Vyarik felt compelled to at least offer him the option. It was the honourable thing to do.
  10. IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru. Smiling, the Dark Hunter activated his Kanoka Blade and pointed it forward to meet the incoming block of stone. A red glow began to emanate from the lightstone in the hilt as the armguard slid into place and the power of a Crast was channeled through the weapon. The stone only made the barest of contact with the blade before being violently repelled by its power, spinning aside to cascade against the wall of a nearby building. "Straight to the point. I like that," he drew and activated his second blade, though he did not yet move to attack, "The Hunters could use a being with your conviction."
  11. IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru. "You presume correctly, Toa," he sneered the word. "I suppose this is the part where you demand my surrender?"
  12. IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru As he neared a bend in the street, Vyarik momentarily glanced back over his shoulder, checking to make sure the skakdi had made himself scarce. What he saw instead filled him with equal parts trepidation and anticipation: a being that could only be a Toa, in hot pursuit. He didn't entirely understand how the Toa had singled him out. He didn't really care. This was a challenge worthy of his time. He continued around the corner, backing a little further into the street as he drew one of his blades and settled into a defensive stance.
  13. IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru (Boom, headshot) "Efficient," he chuckled, before doing exactly what all of the other hapless, terrified Matoran would do in the moment - he broke and ran. Hopefully Thom would have the good sense to do the same before the authorities caught on.
  14. IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru (itchy stabbing hand) "Indeed." The longer they lingered here, the greater the likelihood they would incite suspicion.
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