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  1. I'm fine with most of Garema's profile, but I'm going to have to say no to the board/backpack. I think the game offers enough aircraft and customisation options already, so I haven't been allowing custom/original aircraft for the sake of keeping things balanced and streamlined. All of that equipment also feels like a strong effort to circumvent the no-Toa rule by giving a Matoran near Toa-level mastery of their element. If you really want a little guy with powers, play as a Turaga.
  2. For those of you looking for a little more RPG action in your lives, check out Edge of Dawn, run by my esteemed friend Voltex, the mind behind Bionifight and BZPGOT, among other things.
  3. GM IC: Karzahni - Arkis' Office "That life is what makes him... fertile. This body has nutrients. The soil of this land is nothing but dust."
  4. OOC: Apologies, Arena folks, I've messed this up a little bit. I missed that Bacchus had already stepped onto the dais - the symbols would've lit up as soon as he did that, not after the second person stepped up. GM IC: The Dais - The Arena With three beings now standing upon the dais, the light was more profound. The centre circle of the three virtues symbol, and one of the outer ones, had taken on a green glow, but the second outer circle had dimmed to a dull red light. Evidently they were still missing something.
  5. GM IC: Blackbristle - Capstone, Cliffside "Try the desert," he grunted, "Anythin' that dies up here gets used for food, or tossed over the side."
  6. GM IC: Hakkzan - The Tower "Indeed," he replied, "Thank you for following up on this." GM IC: Tekmo & Co. - Black Spike Mountains Alas, Tekmo's certainty that he was in the right spot was somewhat misplaced. The Black Spike Mountains were vast, and had never been properly mapped; when Fe had still been standing, their scouts had prevented outsiders from mapping the terrain, and after Fe had fallen, there was no point in doing so. Still, the scribblings on the noticeboard map had put the expedition in the ballpark of their target. Far below, the ground near the base of the mountain they had parked upon was cracked and charred by recent demolitions, revealing formerly-buried pipes that had all the hallmarks of Fe construction. Further away, beyond another peak, smoke was visibly spiraling skywards... GM IC: Blackbristle - Cliffside, Capstone "Urgh... did somebody here misplace their pet... bird... thing?" Blackbristle glanced expectantly at the other patrons, his characteristic skakdi grin inverting into a frown when he realised no one was going to step to to claim the wayward creature. He stepped around the tables, trying to place himself in front of Rakpazis, "This aint the place for these kinda antics. People are tryin' to eat."
  7. GM IC: Blackbristle - Cliffside, Capstone "Excuse me, matey," a certain piratical skakdi placed himself firmly in Rakpazis' path, "You're bein' mighty impolite to the other patrons of this 'ere establishment. It'd probably be best for you to take yer disruptive... activities... someplace else."
  8. GM IC: Karzahni - Arkis' Office. "I have no choice. He is my... soil."
  9. Rakpazis and the Dweller In The Deep are Approved!
  10. GM IC: Doctor K - The Tower, New Atero "Perhaps..." he mused, "...but it's best not to dwell on the past. Look to the future instead." He began to ascend the stairs once again. GM IC: The Dais - The Arena As Drukann stepped onto the dais, a faint illumination began to emanate from the stone, forming the familiar shape of the symbol of the three virtues.
  11. Wherever you want is fine. If there's a particular storyline or location you want to jump in on, go for it. Once you've updated the profile, you'll be good to go.
  12. Right, then. With the legs, you haven't provided any explanation or justification as to why someone would build and attach large custom legs to an airship in the first place. It's pointless, and nonsensical. Airships can already levitate, so there's no purpose or point to them having legs. Integrating the thrusters and power source from a Skyfighter into the legs would also be a considerably complicated job, given that it's a completely different kind of aircraft. Also, as I previously mentioned, you've already given the ship an upgrade that allows it to be more fast/maneuverable. It doesn't need a second one. As for the Krana, I've given plenty of reasons, you're evidently just refusing to accept them. Simply put, I'm not allowing autopilots of any kind, period. If you need a further in-universe explanation for why it's not going to happen, the Bohrok in canon went dormant once their mission was complete, so in this universe, they would've all still been in their nests in the Matoran Universe when it fell into The Chasm.
  13. Sure, yeah, Bionicle tech is basically magic and can solve plenty of problems. But even within the fully-functioning Matoran Universe, there were massive disparities in the way that technology was distributed and used. For every thriving metropolis like Xia or Metru Nui, there were villages stuck in the stone age, isolated islands with nothing , and settlements struggling to survive. If the inhabitants of the Matoran Universe couldn't fairly share their technological wealth in their own universe, then they definitely aren't going to cooperate properly on a desolate alien planet, where so many resources and the means to replicate them have already been lost. It's the principle of the thing. If someone rolled up with a lightsaber, but swore they would only use it to cut toast, should I just take their word for it and let that into the game? Of course not. Some things are just too unbalanced to be allowable. Even if one person hasn't considered the OP potential of a particular item or power, someone else could've. It saves me and everyone else a lot of trouble in the future to just avoid the issue entirely by not allowing anyone to have it in the first place. I don't know what kinds of games you play, or where you play them, but if the kinds of attitudes you've just described are commonplace, then it sounds like somewhere where people have a disgusting lack of respect for the GMs and other players. That kind of mindset is not welcome here. There's no secret understanding or hidden knowledge here. It's very, very simple: have fun, don't be a jerk. Then I think it's time for you to make a decision. Are you interested in playing the game, or continuing to nitpick the way it and the community operates? If you want to play, make some changes to the profile and run it by me again.
  14. But airships in canon didn't require crews, they only needed a single pilot. In fact, a single pilot could control multiple airships by tethering them together. You actually raise an interesting point here. I hadn't thought of it that way. That said, if you have a look at present and previous games on this forum, the layout I've used is pretty much forum standard: the shorter name/species, etc. responses are listed first, followed by the slightly longer powers/weapons/gear, then personality/history, which usually gets the most detail. I didn't see a need to change things up solely for the sake of being different. Without the tech, this game would basically be a species-swapped rip-off of Wasteland, a game that previously ran on this forum and sadly fizzled out. And though I've allowed species and tech, the MU itself - and resources within it - are gone. Yes, I am trying to be polite. I'm kind of perturbed by your belief that I appear 'weak' for giving players the benefit of the doubt by not immediately accusing them of planning to do something cruel, unfair, or problematic. It's hard enough to attract new players around here without immediately alienating folks on the spot. I don't think I really understand this, if I'm being honest. In my experience (which admittedly, sounds like less than your own) most people who want to play a game want to play the game. Generally, first profiles are usually pretty tame, because they just want to jump in and start doing stuff. The crazier concepts tend to come a little later, once they get a feel for things. But based on what you're saying, it seems like you're less interested in joining the game, and more focused on... getting in my head? I don't know what sort of 'true intention' you're thinking you're going to find. There's no deeper secret or ulterior motive here, dude. It's just a game. I'm doing it for fun.
  15. Sure, I could do that. But I won't. I've taken a lot of measures to discourage rampant character murder, and create opportunities for characters to be able to survive situations they might encounter in-game, but at the end of the day, there need to be meaningful stakes. If I make it so that no matter what anybody does, no matter how hard an attacker tries, or how badly a someone screws up, no one can ever die, then the game loses all of its challenge, and it's going to encourage a lot of dumb behaviour. And if I decide to swoop in and spare some players but not others, it's going to lead to a lot of arguments about playing favourites, and who is or isn't deserving. It's a lot of added work, with a lot of associated issues, that really isn't necessary, since the current system works fine. I'm also not going to create a specific exception for one problematic power, when it's far easier and more sensible to simply not allow that power. Most of these examples are already against the rules. I can't speak for other sites or games you've participated in, but on this forum, manipulating an element inside another character's body is usually considered to be a form of autohit. But I do understand your point. Plenty of powers and weapons have the potential to be lethal. Someone could sneak up behind someone else and stick them from behind with a knife. Or nail them in the face with a ranged weapon. It's a fine line, but paralysis crosses it. Any hit, anywhere, means an instant win for the attacker, and renders the other character completely unable to defend themselves, or even really be able to play the game in any meaningful way. I feel like I've made it pretty clear that profiles are judged on a case-by-case basis. I'm not going to keep a living list of every specific design or detail I've ever rejected. Conversations that have taken place in PMs or off-site have happened there because the players wanted to talk in private, or simply didn't want to take up space haggling over details here in the topic. With the few very limited exceptions of players I know and trust RPing as guard/military characters, players don't have control over NPCs. That's what I'm here for. Day-to-day interactions, such as buying something from a shopkeeper, speaking with someone in the street, encountering a wild beast in the desert, etc. I'm okay with people playing out themselves, but at the moment, I have no intention of allowing players to have control over NPC groups, etc. If I was going to allow NPC crews, I would've included a space for that in the profile form. I realise that isn't really stated anywhere, but you're the first person who's come through here with that expectation. Because the game is supposed to be about the characters. If everyone has an expendable autopilot - be it a Krana, AI, NPC, whatever - that can pilot and fight for them while they sit back and relax, then there's no challenge, no stakes. The advanced nature of Bionicle tech can make things seem a bit unbalanced at times, but this game is still meant to exist in a semi-post-apocalyptic setting. Players and characters have to put in an effort, to work, fight, and explore for themselves. This is an oversimplification that I deeply disagree with. My job as the GM is to create and maintain the world of the game, to open up this sandbox to players who come along, to make places for their characters to explore, and plot points for them to follow. Resolving the occasional argument is a very small part of what I do. You're right. I'm not obligated to run my game this way, but it's how I've chosen to do it. It's the easiest, fairest way for me to get through approvals in a timely manner. If it's something that one person could abuse, then it's something I'm not going to let anybody have. By your own logic, I'm right not to let you have these powers. You're new to the game, and new to the site. I don't know how you play, or whether I should believe any of what you say. When it comes to abilities like erasing and paralysis, I wouldn't even allow it for players I've RPed with for years, who I know and trust implicitly, because they're inherently OP, unfair powers, regardless of who is wielding it. I'll conclude with a bit of background. I first started Skyrise a few years ago. It attracted a decent following, but eventually I hit a point where circumstances in my personal life got in the way of me finding the time and motivation to keep the game operating to a satisfactory degree... so I let it end. Earlier this year, a friend asked if I'd consider reviving it, and after asking around and realising there were a fair few people interested in the idea, I decided to go ahead with it, to help breathe some life back into a site that has sadly been struggling lately. I work full-time, in a job that really tires out my creativity, but I've still managed to strike up a work-life balance where I find the time to post here at least once a day, because people whose friendship I value asked nicely, and I enjoy being able to offer something they enjoy in turn. With that in mind, it's frankly quite insulting to have someone new to the site wander in here, going out of their way to test my 'strength', pick apart the way I run my game, and then call me 'weak-willed' for doing things in a way that has worked absolutely fine for everyone else. I don't have a problem with new users, or new players. I encourage it. The more characters inhabit this world, the more alive it becomes. But frankly, you're not making a great first impression.
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