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  1. Those hands look suspiciously similar to a set I've seen on Shapeways. I wouldn't be surprised if the bootleg set ripped off the existing 3D model.
  2. The vote doesn't matter. The 90th Anniversary set was always going to be ultimately based on Lego's internal decision, not the results of the vote. Given Lego's general disinterest/lack of faith in the Bionicle theme, I think it's safe to assume the set won't be Bionicle even if we did actually win the vote.
  3. IC: Savis – The Unfortunate Fikou Savis hadn’t been sure what they’d expected to find waiting for them beyond the door – certainly the notice had given the impression of someone more curious than concerned about the dreams – but the Matoran’s chipper disposition still came as a surprise. “I… I’m not really a tea person…” they replied, taken off-guard by such a mundane start to what would surely be a far more complex conversation. “But I would be grateful to join you.” They glanced past the Matoran, to the Toa already seated in the room, before turning their attention back to the Matoran. “You are the one who left the notice, yes?" @Goose @Perp
  4. Making up your own stories was always the beauty of Bionicle. The universe was so big, and so much of it unexplored; there were very few limits on what people could do. Cramming other people's fanfics into Bionicle canon just leaves less room for anyone else. It leads to resentment and disagreement when the new canon doesn't line up with the established story, or people's long-standing expectations. It doesn't matter how good a story might be, it doesn't need to be canonised... I'd go so far as to say it shouldn't be canonised. We should've left Bionicle alone instead of allowing any random to forcibly cram their ideas into the story (eg. the Toa Cordak, Perditus being an agent of Velika, and all of the other dumb nonsense that's been pointlessly approved over the years). Official canonisation contests with a lot of thought and work going into them (like the Artakha and Helryx contests you mentioned) are one thing, but in my opinion, the trend of people pitching their ideas at Greg and him going "uh, sure, whatever, it's canon now" is the worst thing that's ever come out of the Bionicle fandom.
  5. There is no "winning" choice, because the votes didn't actually decide the set. The final decision was made behind closed doors by Lego themselves. Which means Bionicle almost certainly didn't win.
  6. You really had me doubting my sanity here until I realised you'd actually edited the chapter to change Helryx to Tuyet. I guess that makes more sense. There are so many things you could do with these characters. They're on a new world, quite literally meeting their makers. That's such a rich opportunity for character development. But, that said, it seems pretty clear at this point that the story's focus is on consolidating all of the good guys on one side, and all of the villains on the other, for some kind of climactic final showdown. Which is fine, in principle. It's just a shame that it's happening at the expense of taking away the agency and development from many of these characters, rather than continuing their unfinished arcs or even taking them in new directions.
  7. I don't think it's unfair at all for people to say that Bionicle's writing is a mess. It's a convoluted fusion of sci-fi and fantasy, rife with retcons and contradictions, plot holes and wild tangents. But to me, that was always part of its charm. I never saw any need to "fix" it.
  8. IC: T'harrak - Tahtorak Encampment T'harrak had almost zoned out of the conversation by this point, losing interest as soon as the topic of conversation turned to combat, but at Sohmak's words, she felt something snap inside her. She held no special affection for Jojax, but she appreciated her strength and skill as a warrior, and understood the role she played in the function of their Fort. The same could not be said of their new recruit. "I respect Jojax," she growled, whirling towards Sohmak, "I trust Jojax. You haven't earned that." @Zeal @Smudge8
  9. I have a major complaint/question about the portrayal of a few characters near the end of Part 14. Why would Miserix and Helryx slink off with Vezon of all people to start plotting to take over Spherus Magna? Miserix was the good Makuta who actually kept the Brotherhood on-task, and Helryx was the first Toa ever made, and has been enforcing Mata Nui's will since the dawn of the Matoran Universe. There's nothing in this chapter or the preceding story that really justifies them backflipping on a few thousands years of established characterisation like this.
  10. I'm not going to touch on dialogue or writing technique here, I'll focus instead on the actual narrative. I agree with the earlier points raised about over-explaining/info-dumping lore, and the unnecessarily convoluted Velika reveal. I'm also not super fond of the way you've confusingly named your new Great Beings after Matoran Universe locations, and made up names for other characters without explanation. Eg. you refer to a "Repgole" and only explain much later that that's your new name for the Piraka Fusion/Golden Being. Another minor quibble I have is that you don't seem to have decided how the power inhibitors work. You have Lewa disable some at a distance with elemental blasts, then in the same chapter a different group of characters roll up and find that their powers don't work at range. My biggest criticism, however, is probably that this story is trying to spin way too many plates. I think that was always going to be a problem, since your goal was to wrap up G1 and somehow tie it all together with HF, but awkwardly shoehorning a version of G2 in, plus including actual real life earth for some reason, also complicates things. You gloss over and hastily resolve long-standing rivalries in an effort to consolidate groups of characters together (Takadox rejoining the Barraki, the Skrall resolving their gender divide), and invent entire new characters to be the masterminds of unrelated events (eg. Zakaz), in ways that feel really rushed and convenient. Characters randomly travel huge intercontinental distances for no apparent reason and coincidentally show up just in time to save other folks who are in trouble. And despite having all of these unique and cool characters to play with, and you going out of your way to namedrop every character in canon at least once (plus new ones of your own) no individuals really get a chance to shine. Fight scenes boil down to "the groups fight, and the baddies scatter or get captured", despite most villains in all of the themes being more powerful and numerous than the heroes. The scope of the story is so huge and it jumps around (and back-and-forth) so much that it took you something like four chapters just to resolve the cliffhanger from part one. You've got the bare bones of a narrative here, but it's missing emotion. The story rockets forward at this ratcheted breakneck pace without being given the opportunity to breathe. No one seems to get injured or tired or killed, so the stakes don't feel meaningful. Most of these characters should be exhausted from fighting a war, and reeling from the massive, world-changing revelations and changes that have occurred around them, in awe from meeting their literal gods, struggling to understand their place in this new universe, and you're not taking the time to explore any of that.
  11. I'm gonna ask for a source on that. I don't think I've ever met another Bionicle fan who cited the AU stuff as being the cause for Bionicle's cancallation. I won't disagree that it sometimes got messy and convoluted in ways that kind of demeaned others characters and plot points, (shadow Takanuva army), but the multiverse stuff also gave us some of Bionicle's most unique stories (lToa Empire universe).
  12. IC: T'harrak - Tahtorak Encampment As the two leaders negotiated, T'harrak did her best not to let her nervousness show. Zanakra's skill as a warrior and leader were above reproach, but her brusque approach and brazen confidence were flaws that T'harrak constantly feared would prove fatal for the warlord and everyone around her. Not for the first time, T'harrak found herself lamenting how she would have done things differently. Had she been commanding the Razorfish party, they would have been far more cautious in their approach, perhaps scouting around the island some more, before sending the new guy (the most expendable of the party) over to make the initial negotiations. But... T'harrak wasn't in command. She never would be. She didn't have the strength or skill or savagery to win the respect the way more bloodthirsty and brutal Skakdi could. But still... she dreamed. And worried. While the residents of the encampment seemed reasonable so far, T'harrak had seen plenty of negotiations spiral out of control when egos and pride got in the way, and from a numbers standpoint the situation wasn't exactly in favour of Zanakra's group if it came to a fight. A part of her longed for the comfort of having her launcher in her hands, but she left it hanging at her hip for now. Reaching for her weapon in the middle of the conversation risked provoking exactly the kind of violent response she was wary of. Even if these negotiations did end up going to karz, she could at least ensure it wasn't her fault.
  13. IC: Savis – The Unfortunate Fikou Once upon a time, Savis had been characterised by confidence. They’d been a buoyant, brash being, boisterous and brazen to a point that bordered belligerence. At least, that was the way they remembered it, in the memories that had slowly been unfolding to fill the fuzzy parts of their mind. But it was hard for Savis to look at those memories and see themself in them. That Savis was someone else, somewhere else… something else. The Savis of today was all but devoid of that confidence. The space it had once occupied, a lifetime ago, was now cloyed and cluttered with uncertainty and questions. But today, perhaps, they could find some answers. A soft sound echoed in Savis’ ears as they made their way into the inn, a sound that had accompanied them from their old life into the next, never changing or abating. Tinnitus was the medical term for it, according to the healer they’d once consulted, a symptom of damage to the auditory system, or an indicator of noise-induced hearing loss. For some, it was said to sound like ringing, or buzzing, or whistling. To Savis, it was more akin to the dim, distant crashing of ocean waves. Most days, it was so quiet that it was imperceptible over the bustle of daily life in Onu-Koro. But in the dead of night, in the quiet dark, it reverberated through the recesses of their tired mind, filling their every fleeting thought. It felt that way now, as they made their way through the inn and approached the room the notice had indicated. With each step, the wailing waves grew louder, roaring, raging, to the point that Savis could almost feel the waves battering their body, see the sloshing sea in their mind’s eye. They saw the door they sought. They stepped towards it. They raised their hand. And the sound suddenly sunk once more, the rapping of Savis’ knuckles upon the door echoing loudly in the ensuing silence. @Goose @Perp
  14. I would assume it's referring to models made in Bricklink's digital designer program. That said, last time I checked a lot of Bionicle parts, particularly masks and tools, aren't present in the program. There's a lot of parts packs made by fans floating around, but there's so much overlap and different versions that I imagine keeping track of which one/s were used is going to be tricky.
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