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  1. Greg basically said that Skakdi can physically wear Kanohi, but lack the "mental discipline" to actually use them. It's dumb, and really doesn't make much sense, especially given that Vezon's mental state is considerably worse than that of an average Skakdi. Hence my suggestion that being able to use Kanohi might have been a special power that Vezon possessed.
  2. An argument could be made that Vezon's ability to wear and use Kanohi - something other Skakdi are incapable of doing - was his one power.
  3. Indeed. I think BZP has become a very different animal to other parts of the Bionicle fandom. Here, the roleplay forum is easily the busiest and most popular part of the website, which I think speaks volumes to people's desire to reimagine and reinterpret Bionicle in new ways, rather than rehashing the old. Whereas elsewhere, as you've said, the emphasis is more on adhering to, and adding to, the existing canon.
  4. An old version of Lariska's BS01 page described her species as having a similar appearance and build to Vortixx. This note seems to have since been deleted a few years ago, so perhaps it was unofficial, but I've found that a lot of people I've spoken to about the character still recall that detail, and base their mental image of Lariska on that.
  5. I wholeheartedly agree. As much as I wish I could walk into a toy store and buy new Bionicles, as much as I wish the story had gotten a proper conclusion, you're absolutely right. The world now is very different to the world where Bionicle first took off. Capturing that lightning-in-a-bottle effect that G1 had is going to be nearly impossible, especially given Lego's clear disinterest in maintaining a constraction theme, not to mention the disdain that other Lego "purists" have towards Bionicle. I wouldn't put it past Lego to try rebooting Bionicle again, as they did in 2016, or creating some new constraction theme, but I don't think anything they do will ever manage to be as big or lore-rich as the original Bionicle was. I don't think they'd even try to make anything that ambitious again. I'm not even going to bother broaching the idea of a G1 continuation, because that's absolutely never going to happen. A belated ending would never satisfy everyone anyway, after all this time. I especially agree with your final point. I'd very much encourage people to go and do their own thing, create their own legends, instead of kicking and picking at the corpse of G1. The lore has been so twisted out of shape by Greg over-explaining things, answering questions without considering the repercussions, and people pitching their random headcanons at him for "approval." We can remember Bionicle, reminisce about it, revisit and reread it, reimagine it to make our own worlds... but we also need to let it have the rest it so rightfully deserves.
  6. IC: Vazaria – Mount Koshiki There were few places in the archipelago that demonstrated the dichotomy of death and life to the extent that Mount Koshiki did. The immense monolith of rock could rain fire and belch forth fetid fumes, and the dragons that dwelled amidst its cruel crags were the most powerful predators in living memory. The volcano was a place of death and destruction, and yet its very presence provided the fertile soil that brought such vibrant life to the rest of the island of Odaiba. And now, in a way, the mountain was taking back that which it had given. Whether the eruption had opened a way for the creatures to emerge, or their emergence had caused the eruption, the strange invaders had come forth from the volcano. And so Vazaria had come, to find them at the source. You can still turn back, her doubts whispered, as she crept closer to the edge of the treeline. There’s nothing to go back to, her conviction countered. They’ll kill you. They’ll kill everyone, her doubts pleaded. Maybe. Or maybe they’ll change everything. A Lohrak – oily black, tinged with streaks of iridescent pink – shot out from the end of a hollow log as she strode over it. The winged serpent whirled in the air, hissing softly as it regarded her with its beady black eyes. Vazaria met its stare, and after a moment more the serpent fluttered off into the foliage. As she finally emerged from the cover of the underbrush and approached the foot of the mountain, Vazaria could glimpse furtive flickers of colour flitting through the clouds high overhead, as more of the invader creatures flew off to join their brethren on the front lines. There was little doubt in her mind that there were many more of the monsters that she couldn’t yet see… and perhaps some that could already see her. If they hadn’t noticed her yet, they soon would. She activated her Kanohi, and shot up towards the summit. OOC: @Krayzikk or another suitable GM-type person.
  7. OOC: Whisper You have my attention, chronicler. I shall be watching this story unfold with great interest.
  8. IC: T'harrak - Fort Razorfish;Vaa T'harrak - with everyone else presumably following - headed down to the docks on the island's shoreline. "Should we use the scout boat we took out earlier, or would you prefer we use something bigger for you to make your entrance?" She asked Zanakra. @Snelly
  9. IC: T'harrak - Fort Razorfish;Vaa With the others having chosen their items, T'harrak took a moment to consider the remaining weapon. She was familiar with the technology and function of a Lightstone Rifle; she'd used their design as an inspiration for her own launcher... and frankly she was more comfortable with what she already had. "Thank you for the offer..." she said, stepping away from the wall and turning to offer a curt, respectful bow to Zanakra, "...but I'm satisfied with the toys I currently have." She patted the handle of her own launcher. "We can save the rifle for future recruits, or for barter." OOC: @Snelly @Sparticus147 @Smudge8 Sorry, didn't realise we were sort of waiting on me.
  10. IC: Minnorak/Kain - Obsidian Outpost Outsider. He found himself smiling slightly at the Toa's choice of word, spoken without spite or condemnation. It felt good to be known and named again, and for that name to be recognised for something more than the failures of the past. A new beginning, for all of us. Leaving the visitors to their macabre memorial, Minnorak brushed the snow from himself as best he could, then headed through the double doors that led into the outpost proper. He could see fresh footprints on the floor leading in towards the hall - evidently the visitors had made themselves at home during his absence - but he wasn't particularly bothered by it. If they'd come to loot the place, they'd no doubt met with disappointment already. There was little of worth left in the outpost, save for Minnorak's own memories... and his hopes for the future. He headed downstairs to find the stone door that led to the subterranean sections already unlocked and open. For a fleeting moment, Minnorak hoped he might find Zero or Forger or another lost member of the group waiting to greet him in the meeting room, but what he found instead was the caretaker Kain sprawled, asleep, under the table. An open box and several glass bottles were strewn around him, the last remnants of Draygon's old stash. "Wake up," Minnorak growled, nudging the Ta-Matoran with his boot. "We have visitors. You could've greeted them." "Not my job," Kain mumbled, belching loudly, "By the way, your mate had an eye for good grog." "I could make it your job." "When you start payin' me, I'll-" "Done." "What do you mean, done?" Kain squirmed his way out from under the table, sudden excitement sobering him slightly. "The Akiri agreed?" "We're back in business, officially," Minnorak nodded. "Tolls, trade, everything we wanted." "Hah, I didn't think you had it in you." "Your faith is truly humbling," Minnorak rolled his eyes, "Now, we need to get to work tidying up this place. There's a lot of work to do."
  11. IC: Minnorak - Obsidian Outpost "Understandable. I wish you luck, whatever you decide to do." @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  12. IC: Minnorak - Obsidian Outpost "Unfortunate." He knew how it felt to lose people, but what the Toa was describing was something else entirely. To see someone changed, twisted into something they weren't, losing themselves in the process... he couldn't begin to imagine how that would feel. "There may be a way to help him," he said, after thinking it over for a moment, "There have been rumours of new arrivals in Ga-Wahi, beings from a distant land who can manipulate the mind. Perhaps their powers can... de-program your friend." @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  13. IC: Minnorak - Obsidian Outpost "Ah, I see. He wasn't a willing convert, I take it?" @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  14. IC: Minnorak - Obsidian Outpost "I did," he said, nodding. "A strangely friendly fellow for a follower of a death cult." @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  15. IC: Vazaria – Odaiba Charcoal crunched underfoot as Vazaria worked her way through the war-torn remnants of what had probably once been a wonderful little village. The air hung heavy with the sickly scent of death, dust, and despair, a rancid reek that made her throat burn and her eyes water. In her vengeful dreams and pain-induced deliriums, the thought of witnessing the collapse of the caste system and the rest of Kentoku society had delighted her. It was all she’d thought about for so long she could barely recall what had come before. But in reality, the revolution she’d pursued for so long had proven to be nothing more than a macabre mosaic of mud and blood and misery. There was no victory here, no liberation or change, just senseless slaughter. The grim realisation gave her pause. She sat down in the shade of some poor soul’s fragmented front porch, looking up at the distant silhouette of Mount Koshiki as she weighed up the options that lay before her. Did she really want to do this? To rally against her rulers was one thing, but to ally herself with monsters that dealt out death and destruction without cause or compassion was quite another. That was assuming the creatures were even interested in an alliance. Maybe they’d just kill her on the spot. But then again… what was the alternative? What did she have to go back to? There was no point in campaigns or protests now; the arrival of a new common enemy would only have helped bridge the divides in society that Vazaria once sought to exploit. And she’d already seen Dashi and Menti far more skilled than herself fall to the blades and claws of the invaders, so joining the war effort would get her killed long before she earned any measure of respect. If she went back, all that awaited her was the same life she’d already endured for so many decades, the life of a scarred Saihoko without clan or kin… and that was no life at all. They deserve it, she decided, standing. This plague of abominations didn’t discriminate in its destruction. The creatures didn’t care about caste or clan, blood or birth, discipline or destiny. Their presence was the perfect punishment for all who had ever elevated themselves above others based on imagined superiority and self-importance. They all deserve it. Her resolve renewed, Vazaria continued on towards the mountain, consigned to whatever fate awaited her there. OOC: open for interaction with anyone who happens to be roaming central Odaiba, I guess.
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