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  1. I love doing surveys about Bionicle, so today I chose to do favourite rahi! Personally I really like the Tarakava and the Mana-ko, but I'd like to hear what you like! Rahi: Tarakava Ash bear Nui-Rama Nui-jaga Ussal crab Mana-ko Manas Bohrok Bohrok-va Those are your options to chose from, have a nice day! P.S. please comment your choice!
  2. I made this, giant cannon walker thing because I thought i wanted to do something I haven't done before, so here it is! The cannon you see attached to those arm looking things are not in fact arms they are just poles holdin' a gun. The legs and feet are pretty neat, they are fairly maneuverable too! I can bend those things all over town!
  3. nocturn701


    I made this pretty neat Bionicle, i'm calling Tarapu. His sword and shield can fit on his back. His arms and legs are like the Toa mata's, they have no joints so they aren't the best. However I needed to use those arms and legs because he was short and if I put long legs on a short body it just ends up looking really strange. Anyways, enjoy another one of my creations!
  4. I recently bought a hydraxon from mask collector when he was on the quest for the platinum Avohkii, no w I decided it's about time to do a review on 'em. I think Hydraxon was not as complicated to build as I expected. however it wasn't easy to build either. Once he was built he had two little things on his back, and if those were not perfectly aligned it would drive me insane. Also his arms are very heavy so sometimes when you hold them up, they fall right back down. The legs have poles on the back of them, these poles can move but it limits his maneuverability. Once he's built he looks really cool and there is a one in a million chance of parts falling off. So that is my review in total I'd give it a 8.5 outta 10.
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    I don't have very many black and grey pieces but I'll try next time!
  6. Two things. One I've already beat that game, I did it several months ago. Two, when you are trying to find the matoran to defend kini nui get every matoran but onepu. If you get onepu it blacks out and you have to reload the page. so skip that chapter of the game!
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    I didn't have any but if I did I would have included them.
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    I made a pretty neat flamethrower thing. The flames at the front can swing around and the cockpit can open. There isn't really anything that special about it, but it looks cool so that's good enough for me!
  9. nocturn701

    Speeder duel!

    I know this isn't much but I posted it anyways because I wanna save my best creations for later. So enjoy!
  10. I measured this super weapon in Lego minifigs. The cannon is approximately 10 minifigs tall, 1 minifig in width, 1 minifig in length. So I placed one of my favourite minifigs next to it to show you how massive it is! (Lego minifigs are about 3 cm tall. One inch if you're American.) (I'm Canadian)
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    Today when I was replying to a topic I saw the option for Bbcode, but I've got no Idea what that is! It looks cool though!
  12. Welcome to Bzpower!

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