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  1. I believe some slight changes in Flash over the years has rendered certain parts of MNOG unplayable, and the only real solution I can think of is installing an older version of flash and downloading the offline edition of MNOG.
  2. I've always wondered, how do they make these cheap repros? I mean, as far as I can gather from a simple picture the pieces look pretty similar to the original.
  3. Front page of bio2001.eu5.org updated to include link to complete offline version.
  4. No. Don't bother thinking about it for at least another ten years.
  5. If I remember correctly the plastic dyeing only works with the original Ritz dye formula. Last I checked you could still order it on their website, but that was some years ago.
  6. I don't think so, this was a passion project and I only really care about the 2001 site. Then again, that's not a guarantee. Who knows, maybe one day.
  7. Lego video games exist to advertise their product lines. That's why they're almost always quickly slapped together trash. When the line no longer exists, the game might as well not exist anymore as far as Lego is concerned.
  8. Even if Lego wanted to fix it, I'm not sure how much success they would have re-tailoring the game to run on consoles without the source code. Not to mention the basic underlying fact that the game just plain isn't designed all that well as far as gameplay goes.
  9. Sorry, but there is absolutely no way that would ever happen in a billion years
  10. As I understand it, a lot of the "missing" content is actually present in the game files. As I understand it there are some remnant assets, but hardly anything along the lines of completed levels.
  11. Both Kaita were playable in the alpha. I use "playable" loosely, their section of the Makuta level is easily the most broken part of the game
  12. How do you mean? Most if not all of the text has been backed up in one way or another, I'm not remembering anything per se . Even some of The Buzz remains, although I plan on adding some new articles... What about the villages?
  13. Turaga and Tohunga pages completed, please test them if you can! I also added a homepage just for convenience's sake: http://bio2001.eu5.org/
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