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  1. Good: Mask Hunter Lewa After payment, the item was quickly dispatched, and arrived within few days. Thank you very much!
  2. Ok time's up! I will contact the winner/s Requesting topic closure
  3. Hi all! I am selling some spares! As you read from the title, I have: NYCC 2015 trans-white hau; Trans yellow kaukau; Pearl light gold Ignika; White & Brown Matatu misprints; Green hau, white miru and blue pakari. Pictures can be seen here: http://www.imgur.com/a/FP76l VERY IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING: Due to postage costs from Italy I will not sell the three kanohi mata (hau,miru,pakari) and the Brown Matatu separately, because the postage costs for just one mask would be higher than the price of the mask itself. Instead, I decided the one/ones to win the auctions will be able to decide whether they want to add a sum for one or more of these 4 masks, and the highest bidder for each mask shall get it along with the main mask he won. There are 4 auctions: one for the trans-yellow kaukau, one for the PLG Ignika, one for the white matatu, and one for the nycc hau. The auction mechanism is simple. Just PM me with the price you are willing to pay for each of the masks I am selling. I will allow one week from today to pass (ends 03/22), in order to collect all the messages.I will then contact the highest bidder and proceed with the transaction. I have done this a lot of other times in this forum and everything went smooth, check my feedback Shipping costs will be included in your bid, so please consider this when making your price. Postage available for Europe,U.S. and Canada. Bidders from other States, please contact me first. Packages from Italy may takes few days or weeks to arrive, so please be patient, unfortunately this is not something I can foresee. Payment can be made in € through PayPal, with no additional fees. If you are willing to use other forms of payment, please ask. If you need more info/pictures/clarifications, I will gladly help you Good luck!
  4. I was wondering if Templar Studios did ever released the tracks from MNOG with a better format than the one ripped from the game itself.I sarched the internet but I only found this collection. Does anyone know if a better version of these exist? Thank you
  5. Entry name: Deimox and Exo-S Main image: FULL ALBUM HERE: http://imgur.com/a/gJ1q8#0 MAIN FEATURES (see FULL ALBUM): 2 combinable characters poseable and extremely articulated joints opening ribs reveal Mask Reaper two launchers teeth glow in the dark (see picture)
  6. Ok, so the stage 1 is reserved for iron man5 and the stage 6 for toa_sialo! 3 stage 6 remaining
  7. Yes, it is, and yes, you can have it
  8. Yes, the 4 stage 6 shadow kraata you see on the picture and the stage 1 I found recently, so there is no problem for both of you
  9. No problem, I'm not going anywhere :-)
  10. All 4 stage 6 kraata are available and I also found a stage 1 kraata. Shipping to australia would be between €2,50 and € 4,50. The package weights far less than 20 grams so it would probably cost 2,50 €, even if you bought all of them, but I don't know if they will argue about the thickness, as I said above. Anyway if they make me pay €2,50, I will refund you the difference
  11. nothing more than the title here they are: Price: € 3 each including paypal fees Shipping: They will be shipped through standard mail, cheap, (apparently) fast, but not trackable and not insurable. I could also ship through trackable services, but it would cost 3-4 more euros, and considering how low the final price is, if I were you I would rather take the risk and save money Little note: on the PO site the package should cost € 0.85 to europe and € 2 to US and Canada, however it also says that this price applies to packages less than 5 millimeters thick. I asked a PO employee, and he told me that usually they do not apply an additional price for a package which is 1 cm tallrather than 5 mm. Anyway, I'll ask € 2,60 shipping to europe and 3,50 € shipping to US and Canada, and I will promptly refund you thedifference if I manage to ship them at the prices I previously said Any questions, please ask
  12. Sorry cannot tell, it's the rule Ok guys I have to close the topic it's midnight so Friday is over. Thanks everyone
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