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  1. well, i gotta sign out ov BZPower for now! but worry not! for when everything at the house is done and i have my internet back, i'll sign back in and see what's going on! it's gonna take time so please be patient! and with that being said; i am TheZOMBIEJ, i'll see you folks later, and have a good day! *scary ghost voice* i'll be back...
  2. well, i gotta sign out ov BZPower for now! but worry not! for when everything at the house is done and i have my internet back, i'll sign back in and see what's going on! it's gonna take time so please be patient! and with that being said; i am TheZOMBIEJ, i'll see you folks later, and have a good day! :) 



    *scary ghost voice* i'll be back... 

  3. and that's fine (the lip sync worked well, i'd say)! i'd still like to see Gali Nuva in this art style, tho! she'd look amazing!
  4. not bad! i like this new art style for the characters! it's really something i'v never seen before (except your previous posts)! good job! i'm interested to see Toa Gali Nuva in this art style! <3
  5. well aren't you a smart one? but no, i have no interest in owning one ov the pearl gold Kraata! mostly cuz' i don't care enough to own one! i just found it crazy that it exists (apparently)! though it still could be fake, we may never know the legitimacy ov the pearl gold Kraata or if it was from Lego themselves! still very fascinating, imo!
  6. do you know how/where they got them? cuz' my mind has just been blown to oblivion on this discovery! seriously! and if there are only three that you know ov, there might be a couple more here and there and nobody has bothered to show em' off! this is fascinating! really!
  7. WHAT?! okay, that can't be real! like, the shaping and designs look accurate but just the pearl gold fading to clear,... it looks real! then again it could also be a 1:1 copy ov the mold but with a different color choice! hmm.... this is rather intriguing! who's the current owner and how/where did they get it? just... wow! lol
  8. i'v never heard ov a pearl gold Kraata ever existing as pearl gold was first being used in 2006 and the Kraata slugs were three years old at that point! so if they (for some reason) wanted to test the pearl gold color with the Kraata slug it would be pointless cuz' the Kraata was irrelevant after 2003! they would have no real need to mold the Kraata in pearl gold! these rumors you heard might be fake so i'd take it with a grain ov salt! these is a user (who's name i can't remember) on BZPower that might go bananas if they saw it (if it actually existed) and probably would pay top dollar for it! which is kinda ridiculous, imo!
  9. if the purpose to kill Hero Factory was to bring Bionicle back it's fine with me! i think people give G2 a lot ov flak for not being as relevant as G1, but we all know the reasons why G2 was canned, but even if the story was not as remember-able as the story for G1 i actually really enjoyed all the sets! sure, some were bad, but they all had their own redeeming qualities! i thought G2 was alright despite, you know, everything that went wrong (before, during and after)! that being said; Hero Factory's story was still incomplete, and i still say Invasion From Below sucks! i was upset that G2 ended prematurely, but i'v since then been over it! and i forgive Lego for cancelling both G1 & G2 and even HF! Lego are a great company, they have just made many mistakes during the entirety ov their existence! but i still appreciate them! amen!
  10. yeah i'd have to agree with ToaDume on this one! i actually have a black/gold Kraata in my possession (however, it's in a parts bin somewhere! lol), and the shade ov gold i'm pretty sure is similar to the gold Kanohi Avohkii and Nuva armor on Takanuva from 2003! i'm comparing the two in my head right now (as i remember them looking) and they're very similar! although, the Kraata might be a tad off considering it's made ov rubber, but i digress!
  11. O.O wooooow!! this Artakha looks absolutely amazing! a lot ov crazy detail going on here! alright, time to analyze; there are a lot ov really unique techniques used here! the Mask ov Creation everybody is using (or not?) so nothing new there except some customization on the head! the torso is very built up! i like that you used the 2008 Makuta Phantoka torso as a base to build up upon! the use ov the Ben 10 parts is an interesting choice, but i think they work! the whole MOC makes good use ov Lego system pieces, i'd say! the crotch armor works, but i don't remember the "villain core" piece ever existing in gold! same goes for the 2.0 pieces on the hips, i swear i'v never seen those before in gold! the legs are loaded with detail and they look awesome! the hands and feet are interesting builds! the butt-plate armor is simple, but works! everything here works! the gold circular decorative piece on his back is a nice extra! the pose-able shoulder pauldrons are a great addition! also, you seem to love using those gold armor add-on pieces found on Ekimu! they really are nice pieces to use! and that warhammer while you say you tried to keep it simple without losing a unique touch, it looks way better than any warhammer i'v ever made (trust me, i'v made a few and they were trash! lol)! the only thing i feel is out ov place on this MOC is that little back "cape" thing! it doesn't detract from the MOC a lot, i just see it as a last minute bonus or whatever! overall; this Artakha is just the best Artakha MOC i'v seen so far! it must have taken you hours or more to complete! it's just awesome! i love it! my Artakha MOC pales in comparison to this masterpiece (and trust me, my Artakha MOC is pretty awful! lol)! excellent job here, bud! good luck in the contest!
  12. hey! i thought Brain Attack was alright despite, you know, weird plot points! the sets were actually really cool! my favorite ov the Beasts are; 1. Pyrox cuz' he looks like some evil demon devil thing, and 2. Frost Beast cuz' he looks like some kind ov yeti (though the facial expression seems a bit "inappropriate" as JANGBRICKS called it! lol)! so, i mean, the sets were good, still had flaws but were fun to build and use in my old videos (which i deleted for fear ov getting in trouble because ov the COPPA thing)! also they look nice on display! also, the "breakout" was already a distraction if you payed attention to the final minute and a half ov the second part! apparently the Evil Brains created by Eckstein (dang it! why am i calling him that? aagh! lol) were the real threat all along! oh, and Black Phantom and Eckstein (why?!), judging by their appearances, look so be ov the same race/species so they could be brothers in that respect! just saying!
  13. *takes deep breath* very well then! so, ... Dark Maker is not an official name, eh? well that was the only name he was given and i thought it was official! where did the name even come from? i mean, it works as a name for the villain responsible for the Evil Brains (at least, to me it does)! also, what would you name said villain if Dark Maker was never conceived by anybody? i myself can't think ov a better name for the guy, except maybe Brain Meister or Eckstein (German for "cornerstone" apparently! and don't ask me why i would choose that name cuz' it actually sounds kinda dumb for a villain name)! i don't know, man! what do you think?
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