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  1. 1.5/5, i'v seen you around on various topics and even replied to some of your posts AND received replies from you so you seem to be a bit famous! i don't know you personally, though! i'm not sure if it's too late for us to be friends, and i'm not sure if you'd be willing to be friends with me anyway since i can be quite a jerk sometimes, but that's for you to decide! Happy 2021, MI! ^.^
  2. "Danketsu! Kanzei! Dest!" ^.^ 

  3. "Reboot" by MADKID new 1st EP (REBOOT EP) being released in February 2021!
  4. "Very Merry Happy Christmas" by Yui Ogura latest single by Japanese J-Pop singer Yui Ogura! a Christmas themed J-Pop tune? now that's a great way to celebrate Christmas! i'm all for it! amazing! <3
  5. Merry Christmas, BZPower! and have a Happy New Year! ^.^ 

  6. "Oato ga Yoroshikutte... Yo!" by Goku-Rakujokai opening theme for the anime Joshiraku! Goku-Rakujokai are a group ov 5 seiyu's (voice actresses) who voice the five Rakugo girls in Joshiraku; Marii, Tetora, Kigurumi, Gankyou and Kukuru! the girls are awesome! the anime is awesome! and the song is seriously very catchy! i love it!
  7. "Azalea" by nano.RIPE opening theme for the yuri anime Citrus, released as a single and also appeared on a new full-length studio album in 2018! one ov my favorite anime op's ov all time! <3
  8. "Close Your Eyes" by Breaking Benjamin
  9. "Papapa" by Shuka Saito opening theme to the anime Oresuki which aired in 2019 with an OVA episode released sometime in 2020!
  10. obviously Bionicle G3 is an absolute must for me! however, i would also like to see Lego Alien & Predator figures! yeah i know the Alien and Predator franchises are too violent for Lego to partition making sets, but themes like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lord Of The Rings, any licensed theme you can think ov that had violence in it HAD violence in the source material! so therefore i believe Lego has the potential to design some really nice, accurate, fun CCBS figures to show the fans ov Alien and Predator how truly awesome the two species (Xenomorph and Yautja) can be in Lego! though functions like the second mouth would have to be pre-installed in the Alien's head since that is one ov the things that make the Alien so unique yet scary at the same time! and the Predator's shoulder blaster should definitely by spring-loaded to fire a white-blue projectile! anything can be done to make the two characters worthy ov purchase! it would also be a nice thing for Alien and Predator fans/collectors! i would LOVE for this to happen! anyone agree?
  11. "Soramimi Cake" by Oranges & Lemons the opening theme to a classic 'slice-of-life' anime "Azumanga Daioh" from 2002!
  12. didn't sleep well! went to bed after 11 PM, woke up after 6 AM ... yeah. my sleep schedule (if i had one) has been horrible ever since we moved into this house! staying up later and waking up later (though it varies)! what's worse is i can't tell if i actually slept or not! that is soo freaking weird! oh well! whatever! lol
  13. "I Love You" by Serina fairly new techno/trance project i discovered last night! here's the Amazon listing; https://www.amazon.com/Not-Today-Serina/dp/B08NHS7N1S/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=serina+not+today&qid=1605515820&s=dmusic&sr=1-1 very good music!
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