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  1. "Halloween (She Get So Mean) (feat. The Ghastly Ones)" by Rob Zombie
  2. "Blitzkrieg Bop (The Ramones cover)" by Rob Zombie
  3. 1/12/2020! Happy Birthday, Rob Zombie! you are awesome! :) 

    the man is 55! dang! and he STILL parties hard (Zombie style)!

  4. in 2010: 1. The Death ov Bionicle 2. Ben 10 Alien Force figures released (and sucked!) 3. The Rise ov Hero Factory 4. Cryoshell's self-titled album released (and it is amazing!) 5. Rob Zombie's "Hellbilly Deluxe 2" released! (as well as other awesome albums from Sodom, Linkin Park, etc.) that's all i can think ov... oh well! there you go, noobs!
  5. aww! this is cute! i always knew these two were a great couple! anyway, good job, mate!
  6. wow! what an awesome poster! i'd pay $20 for that (if i had the money to which i don't! :()! very cool find!
  7. interesting... is this movie going to be a thing in 2020? cuz' Josefina Vineyard claimed it was coming out this year (2019)! what the heck?!
  8. i trust Faber! this is Bionicle whether you like it or not, noobs! now buzz off or accept your doom! >:)
  9. "Out of the Frontline Trench" by Sodom
  10. hey! i just thought i'd say Happy Birthday before i forget! :) 

    i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoy my birthday! :) 

  11. your welcome! also, i didn't know someone else posted about the video! oh well! nobody's perfect!
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