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  1. "you know me, evil eye! you know me, prepare to die! you know me, the snake bite kiss! devil's grip, the iron fist!" ~Iron Fist by Motorhead (immediately came to mind when i saw your username, boi! ha ha!)
  2. in related news; i'm freaking excited! LET'S GO!! (lol)
  3. nope! it was Alastair Swinnerton! nice try tho!
  4. i couldn't finish it because i couldn't defeat that darn scorpion to get the Toa stone! oh well! stuff happens!
  5. 4/5, not bad for whatever genre ov music this track is supposed to be!
  6. "Ooh Aah... Just a Little Bit" by Gina G i prefer the Caramella Girls cover but oh well!
  7. i'd say the early Techno/Tribal stuff was the best but i'm more partial to the Alt. Rock stuff from later years (Cryoshell, Daughtry, etc.)! the Templar music is just amazing and it suits the first three years perfectly! "Hero" by All Insane Kids is a very inspirational track that gives me a sense ov heroic power every time i listen to it; almost as if I am a Toa trained and ready to fight! anyway, "Caught In A Dream" is also really awesome and "Ride" by Presence is a great song as well! overall; i think Alt. Rock was the best kind ov music that Lego could ever use for Bionicle! but i still love the Templar music! so yeah! there's my two cents!
  8. i didn't know Gali was psychic! that's cool! my love and respect for her has reached beyond the peak ov Mount Ihu! she will forever be my favorite Toa! i mean wow! psychic powers? who'd a thought! <3
  9. well thank you for your wise words ov wisdom! i will do what i can to stay out ov trouble (or worse) on this site! i understand your point and it is clear! i do not want to make enemies on this website just over opinions on a toy! i respect your opinions, bro! and on that note i think it's time i play Bionicle Heroes on my GBA just for fun!
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