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    When I'm not working, spending time with friends, or going out for a drive, I enjoy relaxing at home. I like reading, watching a few shows (Chuck, Castle, Firefly, Doctor Who, Community, Big Bang Theory, Futurama, Game of Thrones, and Red vs Blue), and playing some video games occasionally (Halo, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Star Wars, Grand Theft Auto, Elder Scrolls, Uncharted, Lego games, Donkey Kong Country, and a smattering of other great titles and series).

    I have sizable collections of Lego Star Wars and Bionicle sets. I also collect Halo action figures, Star Wars action figures, Collector's Editions of video games, some of the Hero Factory sets, and Halo Mega Bloks sets.

    I may not utilize my large collections of geeky stuff but I am quite proud of it.

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  1. There are actually five Avohkii masks besides the Platinum one. 2003 Takanuva came with a gold mask and a sparkling crystal mask, Makuta came with silver masks, 2008 Takanuva had a large grey mask, and 2010 Takanuva had his own silver mask.
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