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  1. Winner is Master Inika! Longest. Round. Ever. Now, before we get to the next round there is an important announcement I need to make. To put it bluntly, this downtime has more or less killed any interest I had left in keeping this game going. It has been a ton of fun and I'm glad I was able to restore this BZPower classic, but my time running this topic is coming to a close. BUT, all is not lost; if anyone would like to take over this game, then please express your interest below in this topic or PM me and I'll make you a host. I will let that offer stand for about a week, but in the meantime, here's round 125:
  2. *Pulls out two Gali hooks* Give me your face! My face mask!
  3. In the time before time, The Bionicle Caption Contest descended from the heavens and illuminated us with humorous Bionicle images. BZPower members embraced these gifts and in gratitude made 200+ pages worth of posts in the topic. But their happiness was not to last. THE DOWNTIME, cast a spell on the forums who fell into a deep sleep. The Downtime's power dominated the land and the Bionicle Caption Contest withered away. Still, all hope was not lost; a week after the forums came back a reboot was made, but it died out. Legend told that a new reboot would arrive and time would reveal that this was not merely a myth; for a reboot did appear on the shores of our island with one destiny: to be fun. This is its story. How-to-Play: I start by posting (or linking to) a picture of anything Bionicle related from the comics, movies, animations, or even of the sets themselves. Then players post their funny and witty captions for said picture that adds humor to the picture or enhances any already there or just makes the picture more interesting and thoughtful. Every 5 days or so I (or any additional hosts I might make if it becomes necessary) will come back, read through the entries and post the picture edited with the winning caption and then the process starts over. Additional Rules: 1) KEEP IT CLEAN 2) All captions happen in the moment, which means no “Jumps off cliff and dies.” 3) Only one or two entries per player, but players can edit their posts as often as they want. 4) Please, no complaining about how a certain entry won or didn't win; remember this is all just a game. Now to start: Good luck, everyone!
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