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    BIONICLE, History, Movies, Board Games, Music; favorite artists include: CHVRCHES, HAIM, Marina and the Diamonds, Taylor Swift, and Dua Lipa.

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  1. JAG18

    My BIONICLE Collection

    Sorry not sorry. :P Yeah, at first I tried to pose Pohatu so that he was kicking Thok kind of like how Vakama is kicking Kongu, but I couldn't keep Pohatu up so then I looked at his fingers and thought, "This could work..."
  2. Today, I got the box containing all my BIONICLE sets down from the top of the closet for the first time in probably a couple of years or so. Giant nostalgia blast. I decided to take a picture to commemorate the moment, but to make it funnier I posed them all duking it out in a huge side-less battle. Can you spot everything wrong with this picture?
  3. JAG18

    In Your Opinion

    Speaking as a guy who's favorite holiday is Halloween, my traditional time is Oct. 1-ish. I guess if it's general autumn decorations then maybe mid-to-late September is fine. Marginally related, I once remember seeing on this TV show, some guy who celebrates Christmas everyday; eats like it's Christmas, opens a present, and I presume keep the decorations up year round. Whenever that guy comes to my mind I try and imagine what the Halloween version of him would be like.
  4. "Plastic Love" - Mariya Takeuchi
  5. You wanna talk about huge, one of the benefits of having Axonn and Brutaka was I was able to build Botar and see him in all his glory.
  6. Brutaka is such a great set to build and look at; he and Axonn are two of just a few sets I still have on display.
  7. Not really. Do you ever listen to ASMR?
  8. Real. WYR be able to see into the future or the past?
  9. A qualified yes. I grew up listening to contemporary Christian and Christian rock music because of my family, but my music tastes have changed a lot over the years and now I only listen to a little Christian rock for nostalgia's more than anything else. Do you like found footage/mockumentary films?
  10. I think it could work if it was like "Animorphs" and the minifigures had dragon head pieces like the ones LEGO made for the old wolfman figure. Maybe it could also have a small constraction side line too. I think it would be hard for LEGO to have a military theme.
  11. No sense of smell. WYR have your favorite candy be discontinued or your favorite restaurant go out of business?
  12. Eventually, yes. Should you always say "You're welcome," after someone says "Thank you," to you?
  13. Scuba diving, but only because my fear of falling outweighs my fear of sea life. WYR have X-ray vision or heat vision?
  14. No. Have you ever ridden a horse (even one outside a grocery store)?
  15. Get prosthetic limbs. WWYDI chickens suddenly went extinct?
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