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  1. Scuba diving, but only because my fear of falling outweighs my fear of sea life. WYR have X-ray vision or heat vision?
  2. No. Have you ever ridden a horse (even one outside a grocery store)?
  3. Get prosthetic limbs. WWYDI chickens suddenly went extinct?
  4. No. Have you ever wondered what your 10/11/12 year old self would think of you now?
  5. Draw because I've at least done that before. WYR suddenly wake up in the Star Wars or Star Trek universe?
  6. No, but sometimes at work I forcibly cram a package into a space until it fits. Would you try the meat of other animals (e.g. cats, dogs, penguins) if it was legal, available, and affordable?
  7. Begin work on the greatest The Shadowed One cosplay of all time. WWYDI the boogie man were real?
  8. Essays. WYR want ghosts or aliens to be real?
  9. Nope, but I have an OK singing voice. Is every movie better when viewed in a theater?
  10. Yes, although I'm sure a zoologist would disagree with that. Are full moons scary?
  11. Try and find a dimension warping traveler to blame (BRUTAKA!!!) WWYDI LEGO bricks started falling from the sky?
  12. Laptop, all the way (although I've started using my phone more recently). WYR gain a new talent or get rid of one of your bad habits?
  13. I don't know how to use chopsticks so no. Are you afraid of heights?
  14. Come up with a dress code so people could tell us apart. WWYDI you woke up one morning and realized that you had been sent 1 full year back in time?
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