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  1. I just checked the "Bionicle Encyclopedia Updated" and the Ga-Matoran entry say, "All Ga-Matoran were female." Interestingly, all the entries for the other five elements make no mention of gender, although the Av-Matoran entry says, "The Av-Matoran tribe includes both males and females." Since the updated encyclopedia was basically just a copy paste of the original we can assume that the earliest source for gender locking was from 2005.
  2. I swear, this site just hasn't been working for me since the update.  :/

    1. Iron_Man5
    2. JAG18


      I can't filter tags when I'm in unread content and when I click on "insert image from URL" I never get past the loading box; in addition to just being super laggy in general.  I get that that last one probably has more to do with my computer and/or internet connection, but at least old BZPower was only laggy sometimes

  3. "Just Because" - Anna Straker
  4. TIL, that Elizabeth Olson and Danielle Haim were born on the same day (and in the same city!) 

  5. JAG18

    Dino Attack

    [Source] Sorry, but that's all I think of now whenever I hear someone bring up Dino Attack.
  6. Short answer: no one knows. Longer answer: the last time this was brought just lead to a topic full of memes (don't post there though, the topics long dead). BUT, I think Toa TimeLord Requiem had the closest thing to an answer that we're likely to get:
  7. "Papa Don't Preach" - Madonna
  8. Pfft, of course he was. Lewa got Takanuva to do it. What the Karzahni I'm referencing.
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