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  1. Wow that was epic! It was fun trying to figure out which dark hunter was in the battle by just your description alone, like Poison for example.
  2. Wow, very well done! I never knew I needed to see Akamai and Wairuha in brickbuilt form, but it would seem I didn't know what I was missing, you did them both justice! The shadow form of Makuta is terrifying to say the least and the whole scene captures the essence of MNOG very well! You have my support!
  3. Body wise, it would most likely create a semi-duplicate like what happened with Vezon. Mind wise, it very well might split Dekar's mind from the Hydraxon "mind". When the mask created the new Hydraxon it completely changed Dekar's body so his little yellow (still a weird color for a Po matoran) body doesn't exist anymore. However his old memories are still in his mind, the mask just buried them underneath the new Hydraxon's memories. So, Dekar might live again, he just would be a "vezonized" hydraxon. But hey, that's just my thoughts about it lol
  4. Iron_Man5

    In a Line

    SPIDERS! A GIANT LEGION OF SPIDERS! (extra points if you get the reference) Describe sea squid in a line.
  5. Iron_Man5

    In a Line

    Responsible for the constant creeping in my soul... Describe lime green connections in a line.
  6. 1/5 I've seen your posts around, but I can't say that I know you very well haha. Nice pictures though!
  7. Plot twist, all non-organic Suletu's look like Hau's so that nobody knows they're being mind read. (Obviously not true, Hewkii found Kongu's Suletu before it became organic and they didn't recognize the shape). I actually have never heard that Krakua's mask was a normal Suletu, was this stated officially somewhere like a book or something?
  8. Double checking the actual model below, I can verify that those are indeed X-pod container lids. I collected practically all of them and am very familiar with their design lol
  9. Happy (belated) birthday to BZPower! I remember first discovering this site, and since then having so many good memories with the people here. May there be many more to come!
  10. Well the biggest reason was because Metru Nui was the Matoran's original home, and it was where the Turaga meant for the Matoran to return to eventually anyways. Because of Makuta hiding in his lair between them and the area below, without Toa they couldn't make the journey back. With the seven Toa and Makuta defeated they could finally go back and rebuild the city, as the city's survival was vital to Mata Nui's health. Of course they found out later they were to late, and he was dying anyways...
  11. Considering the matoran/toa were supposed to be "shut down" once Mata Nui fulfilled his destiny, I don't think the great beings would have bothered programming the agori language into the matoran since they weren't meant to interact.
  12. It's a pity, I really wanted to collect the G2 Tahu and his protector/creature as to complete my Tahu collection, but as of right now, they're *way* to expensive for my wallet right now...
  13. To be fair, it was a very nice blaster for the large vehicles that came out that same year, I'd say that'd be a great use for it. As a handheld gun though? Very heavy indeed.
  14. I was also sad when the last comic book bundle "power of the great beings" got canceled, I was really looking forward to finishing off the Bara Magna series with that on, I was a big supporter of the comics.
  15. I suppose my biggest disappointment is that 2006 and 2007 never got movies made of them. I would have enjoyed seeing the Piraka and Barraki fight the Toa Inika/Mahri and the stories behind those years would be a fun thriller I'd think.
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