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  1. Double checking the actual model below, I can verify that those are indeed X-pod container lids. I collected practically all of them and am very familiar with their design lol
  2. Happy (belated) birthday to BZPower! I remember first discovering this site, and since then having so many good memories with the people here. May there be many more to come!
  3. Well the biggest reason was because Metru Nui was the Matoran's original home, and it was where the Turaga meant for the Matoran to return to eventually anyways. Because of Makuta hiding in his lair between them and the area below, without Toa they couldn't make the journey back. With the seven Toa and Makuta defeated they could finally go back and rebuild the city, as the city's survival was vital to Mata Nui's health. Of course they found out later they were to late, and he was dying anyways...
  4. Considering the matoran/toa were supposed to be "shut down" once Mata Nui fulfilled his destiny, I don't think the great beings would have bothered programming the agori language into the matoran since they weren't meant to interact.
  5. It's a pity, I really wanted to collect the G2 Tahu and his protector/creature as to complete my Tahu collection, but as of right now, they're *way* to expensive for my wallet right now...
  6. To be fair, it was a very nice blaster for the large vehicles that came out that same year, I'd say that'd be a great use for it. As a handheld gun though? Very heavy indeed.
  7. I was also sad when the last comic book bundle "power of the great beings" got canceled, I was really looking forward to finishing off the Bara Magna series with that on, I was a big supporter of the comics.
  8. I suppose my biggest disappointment is that 2006 and 2007 never got movies made of them. I would have enjoyed seeing the Piraka and Barraki fight the Toa Inika/Mahri and the stories behind those years would be a fun thriller I'd think.
  9. I'm trying really hard not to get any hopes up, and to tell myself that I'd be content with a Ratatouille or Legend of Zelda set (to be honest both of those would be really cool) but yes I am definitely hoping that Sokoda's Bionicle idea passes, that would make my day, week, month, even year if that happened lol
  10. As a lover of both BIONICLE and Settlers of Catan, I have to say, well done! This looks like a very fun combination of the two, and the way you utilized the MNOG art is very cool!
  11. This raises the question regarding Krika being "regret"... did Teridax ever display regret over his actions in any of the media variations? Internally or otherwise?
  12. How do ppl get away with bootleg sets? Are the pieces technically different, or sold under a different name to avoid copyright? I never really understood knock off brands.
  13. I have 1 (stage 1 version since that's my favorite face type, and that's the type that appeared in the comics). I don't really plan on collecting more, I just wanted one shadow kraata for my collection, and I decided a long time ago I wasn't going to try and collect every single kraata type, so I'm happy with it. EDIT: Congrats on your achievement btw!
  14. The Piraka Stronghold system set, got it second hand in a shrewd business deal and at a great price.
  15. Actually to make a small correction, none of Nektann's faction were enslaved by the Golden-Skinned being, the being was created by the Skakdi who were trying to defy Teridax's rule as the new "great spirit" while Nektann had allied himself with Teridax. I don't think it was very clear what happened to Nektann's Skakdi after Teridax's defeat, but the Golden-Skinned being's followers were a seperate group of Skakdi.
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