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  1. How do ppl get away with bootleg sets? Are the pieces technically different, or sold under a different name to avoid copyright? I never really understood knock off brands.
  2. I have 1 (stage 1 version since that's my favorite face type, and that's the type that appeared in the comics). I don't really plan on collecting more, I just wanted one shadow kraata for my collection, and I decided a long time ago I wasn't going to try and collect every single kraata type, so I'm happy with it. EDIT: Congrats on your achievement btw!
  3. The Piraka Stronghold system set, got it second hand in a shrewd business deal and at a great price.
  4. Actually to make a small correction, none of Nektann's faction were enslaved by the Golden-Skinned being, the being was created by the Skakdi who were trying to defy Teridax's rule as the new "great spirit" while Nektann had allied himself with Teridax. I don't think it was very clear what happened to Nektann's Skakdi after Teridax's defeat, but the Golden-Skinned being's followers were a seperate group of Skakdi.
  5. Kongu's Suletu looks human if you count Two-Face
  6. The Toa Mistika and their weird masks. To be honest they don't even really resemble the originals, nuva or otherwise.
  7. Hmm I can't seeem to remember the specifics, where did it say that Jovan and his team didn't have a choice? In all other instances of turaga transformation, the Toa chooses willingly to sacrifice their power, it wasn't forced upon them.
  8. I'd wager Teridax would love absorbing Thanos into his essence. Course Thanos is very strong willed, it'd be difficult for Teri to squash his mind once done (but then, he's one of the most strong willed characters in the MU so there's that to consider)
  9. So it seems that Faber has stopped using the 3IO hashtag anymore, and has switched to "Biological chronicle of survival" or #biovival as stated in this new instagram post. He posted a new art that he drew, and also a speed paint video of it as well, both are cool I'd recommend checking them out. It appears he's still asking people to let him know if they'll help support him in his crusade, whatever that may be.
  10. True, I wouldn't mind seeing a Bohrok Survival game, with different modes where you have to survive against waves and waves of Bohrok breeds, and another where you have to race against a clock (maybe a few hours or so, that pauses when you log off) to collect the krana and take the fight to the Bahrag before the island is completely destroyed (with a constantly updating map that shows how much of the terrain has been decimated). Either that, or just a simple Metru Nui game, where you get to explore the city in it's prime, that'd be fun too!
  11. My personal theory is that he built his own Suva in Kini-Nui, and kept it there for old times sake.
  12. Yes there definitely is an art portion of the contest. I don't know how hard it is to be a member of TTV site, shouldn't be that hard I'd imagine.
  13. Terrifying how, care to elaborate?
  14. So many of you might have seen here that Greg mentioned that he would possibly hold another contest to determine the canon appearances of various G1 characters. Well the TTV poll that was held showed staggering approval of this idea, so it has become official. TTV has listed which characters, the rules and start date of the first contest on their message board (link below). So this is now official! What do you all think? Will you partake? I for one am eager to pull out my old collection and start thinking up new designs for some of these characters. TTV Contest Characters, Rules, and Start Date
  15. Very good point, though one could say they still got the short end of the stick, because it seems that they bring their hazard wherever they go, rather than choosing to live nearby their elemental hazard. Loud noises are much harder to avoid than an active volcano typically.
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