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  1. I do happen to have this jpeg of Gali Nuva. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe I got it from BIONICLE.com back when they were releasing downloadable wallpapers and such. Sorry if it's not what you're looking for.
  2. That and the Bohrok animations.
  3. I second what Taka Nuvia said, we appreciate what you've done over the years, and I've loved BZpower ever since I first started ghosting around this site in 2006. Take whatever means you need to get a breather, we'll be here with our full support and encouragement in this new year!
  4. Very impressive. In all seriousness, it looks great! Each of the characters are instantly recognizable, the extra details in their expressions are fun (Kiina made me chuckle a bit) and the coloring was very well done. All in all, very impressive indeed
  5. Looks like a nice list, the only change I'd make is to have Heat Vision and Laser Vision be different staff shapes, so you could more easily tell them apart (aside from color of course)
  6. Yes, the PC servers are full of hackers currently. Fortunately I'm on the PS4 and the hackers haven't made their way to there yet, (my username is Teridax941 coincidentally )
  7. EA I sadly don't own classic, the EA version has gotten so much better since it's first release. Still very fun.
  8. Skyrim. Fus Ro DAH! Next on my list to play soon are Battlefront II, and possibly Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception if I have time.
  9. Couldn't say for certain, however, Hahli was a minor character in MoL, and the main character of MNOG II, which may have raised her popularity in the fan base. Macku certainly seems to be more popular in the early days of BIONICLE, with her being one of the first characters you meet in MNOG. They both were part of the 2003 matoran sets, but perhaps Hahli sold more, and so they decided to include her in the Inika instead of Macku. Who can say?
  10. To all who read my posts (and those who don't) have a very Merry Christmas from me to you! :xmas: May you and yours be blessed, and have a very Happy New Year as well!


    1. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom

      Thanks and may you have an extraordinary day filled with life's joys! Also, a very fine graphic/image.


    2. TERIDAX941


      Thanks, thought it isn't mine lol I kinda borrowed it

  11. Well anyways, if you want to know which quote I personally believe is one of the best... look at my sig
  12. "hey Nokama! I see us taking a romantic ride-drive" "haha and you think Vakama has odd visions." "HUH?!"
  13. I... almost did that once. I honestly had no idea people were having so much trouble with the Rahaga heads, I never had much trouble gripping the ends of that piece with my fingers and just sliding it right out. Of course, the only Rahaga I had access to was my brothers' Pouks, and we took it apart... 2 times? So maybe we were just lucky?
  14. Hey all, just wanted to get the word out that I've listed the Takanuva set I have on ebay, he's up for bid right now. By the time the bidding period is up, I'll be able to send it out to the lucky winner in time for Christmas, so if you've been wanting to get your hands on one of these (or give him to someone special) now's the time! Ebay listing is linked below. Cheers! http://ebay.us/RGEvhb?cmpnId=5338273189
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