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  1. I would imaging the reason why he's called a rahi is because the Rahaga (and Roodaka at a later date) called him that. Since the Rahaga are the self proclaimed Rahi experts, I'm certain they'd know whether he's a true "Rahi" or some other species like many of the Dark hunters were. (there are many Dark Hunters that are very animalistic but they're considered an actual species, it wouldn't surprise me that a Rahi would be quite intelligent, but still be considered a Rahi)
  2. That was my first assumption before I realized others had found similar types lol ah well, they're interesting to say the least.
  3. Was reading through the comments, and I do happen to have an elongated fragmentation kraata (stage 5). Are elongated kraata worth anything in particular, or are they just fun collectables, but no one really "collects" them?
  4. Morbuzakh (this thing literally scared me like crazy when I first saw it...)
  5. That seems fair to me! I'll go through my collection tomorrow and IM you the list I can offer and we can work out the rest from there.
  6. Gracious what a list (reminds me of how many of those critters there are...) I'll look through my collection and see which ones I can turn loose on you. What would you consider a fair price per kraata? I've seen quite a range of prices, but I would be happy to work within your budget if possible.
  7. @toa trisabelle I don't mind personally, or you could start your own topic and we all can hop over there and see if we can help you out. I decided a long time ago that I wouldn't bother to collect them all, I only just about finished my krana collection and I feel that I should stop there (especially since there are a LOT of Kraata out there!)
  8. @ToaZero Bother, I have lots of spares, but unfortunately I have 2 Illusion that are the wrong stage (1 and 2) and also a stage 6 of Ice resistance (correct colors, wrong order...)
  9. Thanks! Yeah I was hoping the hands would match the gunmetal armor, but it didn't work out the best... and yes the black armor was my "well, there's nothing there, let's put something there!" solution! But yes otherwise they're really unnecessary. Yeah I was really happy with how that shield turned out, I recently gotten the Jetrax, and it comes with so many cool silver parts, and I was like "I can totally make all of these parts into a super cool weapon!" The flail was inspired by Knights Kingdom with their last wave of knights, showing how the chain and those pieces can be used in that manner.
  10. That makes me wonder, did the Makuta make any other type of beings other than Rahi? Rahi creation was their primary job before they went power crazy, but did they actually create other things too? (Not including Rahkshi, and the poor souls they mutated *cough*Voporak*cough*)
  11. I just checked mine... they're all like that! At least they're consistent in their non symmetrical form.
  12. Thank you I really appreciate it! I really enjoyed getting to use the gunmetal Vezon head, Maxilos was one of my favorite sets as he came with a lot of recolored parts. Ah I'm glad you spotted the Nuva elbows, I was afraid they weren't very noticeable in the photos. Yes they do indeed restrict movement unfortunately, I was having trouble figuring a way around that, I wanted to give him equal amounts of gunmetal to red, to avoid having too much of one color. If I were to do it again I'd probably use them as knee pads (which would restrict his legs of course) but they'd look a little more natural than elbow guards.
  13. This is an old MOC that I build a long time ago that I finally decided to share. I can't quite remember the story behind this, but I'm going with the idea that Vezon reoutfitted himself in glatorian armor and gear and was quite happy to participate in the Glatorian arena fights (I think he'd be quite good at it too!) I the figure build is obviously the Inika torso build, with some other elements slapped on, but I wanted to make him some great weapons, hence the huge shield and flail. Overall, this is one of my favorite MOCs, and I really like how the color scheme turned out. Anyways, let me know what you guys think, I'd love any feedback you all have, good or bad.
  14. Very nice! Very nice indeed! I love how your "incident report" adds to the Kanohi dragons lore, and its quite a scary thought that this creature could destroy the MU if left unchecked. Your dragon design is very cool, I especially like how you incorporated all the Kanohi on its flanks.
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