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  1. His Great Being is showing, look how he killed off two Toa Hordikas and wears their "masks" as trophies! In all seriousness, this is quite excellent! I like how you put his hands and weapon together!
  2. Lots of people have said what I feel as well, so to summarize, Hahli Mahri's mask was amazing (reused to Lesovikk was cool too) her color scheme was great as well (if you overlook the quality of lime green pieces). I'd say Mahri wins because they returned to the new metru compatible masks. The marbled look of Hahli Inika was really cool, didn't like her mask as much, but she was still really cool.
  3. Well, the votes have been submitted and the polls are closed. May the vote be in our favor everyone! Next vote will be the 3rd of February where we pick the best of the top 3.
  4. Bionicle all the way naturally! Second vote for me is Adventures, I came to that theme rather late in the game, (orient journey) but I loved the characters and the stories the LEGO catalogs told of them! I can't decide what my third vote will be though...
  5. 4/5, you're very active in many forums, but I notice you always have good insight with storyline and theory topics, and your avatar is super epic!
  6. Since we all know that Matoran masks are painted, did anyone get the feeling that the mask makers got really lazy and just slapped paint on half the mask and called it good? But in all seriousness, these look amazing! The color scheme for Kongu worked perfectly I feel!
  7. To be honest I thought the exact same thing!
  8. Vakama Narration: "For this is the way... of the BIONICLE!" End credit music plays. Hits me in the feels everytime.
  9. I actually randomly got recommended this on Youtube, watching it over I really enjoyed it, the movement sound effects are totally BIONICLE, the models are really pretty and they're pretty smooth in their movements. You did a great job, I'd be eager to see more if you have the time to create more
  10. Invisibility (technically concealment, but tomato, tomato...)
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