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    LEGO and BIONICLE, why else would I be here?
    Tolkein, Rick Riordan, and Cornelia Funke are my three favorite authors.
    I also enjoy writing, and am in the slow process of writing a book.
  1. Your characters tend to make the ones from Hearts of Vengeance look tame Omnipresent Makuta...Great Beings with one hit kill punches...a Toa capable of ripping primarily organic organisms to pieces from anywhere within sight...yeah. Granted that's only my bonkle characters. Normal Ek and Entropy are very tame. Ek can become a 2D image and Entropy can mimic energy patterns. Wooooot wooooot.
  2. Oh boy. I've got three standing Self-MOCs, in three different stories. There's Toa Ekorak, Ekorak, and Entropy. I know, Es. But Ekorak and Entropy are actually non BIONICLE. They're my own species. My own concept. The one that would matter to this topic is Toa Ekorak. As per the name, he's technically a Toa. More specifically, however, he's an Alpha. A subspecies of Toa with more power than a Nuva...but there are only a few of them and they're always competing in an Alphawar, or a competition between two Alpha and any of their legions or such. But if you stripped him of his Alpha power, he's still not a canon element. Strictly speaking, he's a Toa of Antimatter with a non canon mask, the Woltrak...which is still my favorite fanmask ever, as pretentious as that is. Basically the Woltrak is the Mask of the Hunt, which acts as a fusion of the masks of Accuracy (Sanok), Stealth (Volitak), Speed (Kakama), Silence (Shelek, only silences user) and Fate (Calix), but only for about ten seconds. Perfect for catching somebody quickly and silently. Also if he sounds OP, I admit he is. The hilarious thing is that all the other characters make him look pathetic. I abandoned the story a while back, but it is fun to remind myself of the Ek character's origins. Thanks for this topic
  3. This is just plain cool. It makes all those childhood dreams so much more real. Although I do believe it's called Spherus Magna. Solis Magna is a fansite, if I'm correct?
  4. I actually have my own little "fan made" team of Ninja, consisting of my friend and my sigfigs and a few other characters. My theory is that certain groups of elements can combine to form Creation, and in my little story...thing...the four elements in my team can form said Creation. For example, Shadow, Amber, Speed, and Water (or in my team's case, Magic, Energy, Crystal, and Force) might be able to form a Creation type element. Another alternative is that there are other possible combinations of the elements that form different types of combination elements, such as possibly Destruction, or even something completely different, for example Alteration (I dunno, just throwing stuff out there ), or Dimensions or some weird out of the blue element. This is also just me having fun with the parts of the line we may never get an explantion for, so I don't expect it to be the most accurate in the world.
  5. Not sure how new this is in terms of news. People like JANGbricks have already reviewed it. On the whole though, the set looks pretty awesome. I just don't have a hundred bucks to blow on LEGO sets. I'll settle for like, the smaller sets. I hope they have good figures :3
  6. It was indeed helpful! Which Chima sets did the maroon pieces come in? Because I'd love to get some. I already have tons of gold, but wouldn't mind some more. Also, I was just using this as a reference, as I was considering doing more non-purist MOCs in the future. The 2014, unfortunately non-American, Chima Ultrabuilds for Laval and Fluminox have them with some gold printing that could be removed if desired. The Pyrox set has no normal armor pieces, but has a dark red chestplate. I also found this on Bricklink after a few minutes of investigation: http://www.bricklink.com/search.asp?colorID=59&itemID=99305 Although I'm not sure where they came from, and I can't find any information on it, there appear to be normal dark red CCBS pieces for sale.
  7. Actually if you're talking about a dark red as being maroon, those pieces do exist. They came in several of the Chima Ultrabuilds as well as Pyrox from the Brain Attack wave of Hero Factory. Gold is also pretty common among CCBS pieces, particularly in the old Rocka Hero Factory sets, as well as being able to be obtained through some of the new 2015 Toa. If the option of buying sets is too expensive, as it does sound quite pricey, I have no doubt the pieces can be found on Bricklink for a reasonable price. As for the initial question, I unfortunately can't say I know for sure which type of paint works best. I am a purist MOCist and have had no need to paint pieces as of yet. Hope this was helpful
  8. As somebody who recently got Skyrim for myself (and my account has already logged 244 hours), although I've played it for two years on a friend's console, I can say I very much approve of this. The detailing is quite top notch, and I could totally see this as loot from a Dragon Priest.
  9. Thank you! One of the flaws I do admittedly see in a lot of my MOCs is that I tend to have legs too bulky for the torso. Also thank you! The swords aren't always the most popular thing about him, as some people aren't a big fan of the spread mode. I'm glad I happen to have ten Gorast wings though....I love that piece so much. It does indeed have full 360 waist articulation, along with side to side and foward and back. It's just a normal balljoint and socket. The yellow comes from a LEGO brand rubber band that's been coiled around an axle in his torso and hooked onto the CCBS armor to take advantage of the small gap. I quite liked the look. The head design is just some standard Technic fare, primarily using the piece from Onua's shoulders in black as the core piece. Thank you
  10. Alright then...I come back from a very long inactivity on here, despite what I had intended. I figured the best way for me to be active on somewhere is in the MOCing section, as that's what I tend to do. A lot. To the point, I have a story I'm currently writing, and this is essentially a MOC I made to represent the character based off of me. It can be considered a Self-MOC, and I do consider as such, although the actual Ekorak MOC is still around, and I have no plans to get rid of him. Anyway, enough talk. PICTURES! Full Album on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129915383@N03/sets/72157652864905808 As a short explanation, although I have not actually posted pictures of the updated modes, this character is meant to be a "blank slate" for various alterations to his body. One such mode is "Tesla Mode," as an example, which turns certain areas of his armor into...well, teslas. He also has Burst Mode, which causes some areas of his armor to emit flames, as well as a few others that I'm still fleshing out. Also, for people who don't get his name, I'm aware. It's rather unfitting. First of all, however, as a character that represents me, I am obsessed with the concept of chaos and disorder. I have no idea why. Second of all...well...story spoilers? There's a reason in the story as well. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this. I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on him, too
  11. Having attended this Brickfair as my first ever LEGO convention, I can say with certainty I will be returning. It was absolutely fantastic. If I had a single complaint it was merely that it was very busy and hard to get pictures at times, but that was in no way the convention's fault. As others have said, the MOCs were pretty amazing to see in real life, but the most interesting part of it was probably the display about the LEGO copies. I agree about all of them aside from Mega Bloks, which honestly seemed like an open attack on a company that has branched out of its LEGO-wanna-be origins.
  12. Better than basically cheating because I can't be more active..... .....I think....
  13. OOC: Unfortunately, I can't really keep up with this :/ I am away from my computer most of the day, so by the time I get back there are another 30 posts or so, meaning that I've been left behind and thus have an unfair advantage over everyone else by not being in the combat as much. I'll just like, commit suicide. Death before inactivity! IC: Ekorak, critically low on energy, runs around a corner into a building. Unfortunately, the building was weakened from the combat, and collapses in on him (1/20, CLONE: Dissolved). Knowing he can do no more, he uses his magic to fade away from the world, hoping to possibly transport himself back home. If he ever reaches there, nobody will ever know......
  14. Sorry. Been having trouble keeping pace.... IC: Ekorak was lost in the fray, falling down to hit to his own head. (9/20) He searches around, despite being a very, very obvious target. The other combatants were all occupied, and one or two had fallen, from the looks of it. He spots the black figure, Chro, once more. "Time for some pay back....." He runs towards Chro once more, determined to actually keep up with the fight this time. As he approaches, he summons his clone. (8/20, CLONE 5/5) Both Ekorak and the duplicate go in at Chro, hoping to land a few blows.
  15. OOC: Presumably, I guess. IC: 11/20 Hmmm. Time to try something new. Ekorak released a circular shockwave of energy, attempting to hit as many other combatants as possible, although knowing full well at least some of them would dodge. OOC: Sorry about that. Your post literally didn't show up....
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