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  1. Thanks! Glad I can represent! Mm-hm. I also find it unlikely LEGO would make a new color for a character that does not even appear in a set. It has happened a color is only used for one set, but only appearing in media seems very out-there. Yes, they have done prototype colors, such as 125 Light Orange, that weren't used in sets, but those never made it into media either, did they? Of course, this is an assumption. He is currently answering questions occasionally on the TTV Message Boards. This question has been posed to him, but he has not answered it: https://board.ttvchannel.com/t/colors-of-tamaru/48300
  2. Alright. 2/3) They're like in the photos, this is a well-noted error. 4) Originally a Ruru, but the Pakari has been retconned canon. 5) Same reason Kopeke wasn't, and same reason Kongu appeared medium blue as opposed to teal. Sand Blue, Teal and Medium Blue were made the same color in MNOG, that does not mean they weren't intended to be Teal or Sand Blue. By the logic that Matoro is Medium Blue in MNOG, so is Kongu and Tamaru. In MNOG II, this was kind of fixed, but the Sand Blue Ko-Matoran are a very wierd light blue color, that is almost, but not quite, identical to Medium Blue. WIth the argument that the Lime color does not match the one on Kongu, the same can be said about it not matching Yellow. If you are to assume them to be as absolute as you are, wouldn't Tamaru's 'Yellow' be identical to Jala's? There is more in Tamaru's image to tell us why he does not match Kongu: The background itself. It's the same setting, but the color of it itself is off. It's more a yellow taint to it. This tells us the image is off-colored, and that Tamaru should therefor too be off-colored in the image. This is also not the only image in which we see this, as well. Kopeke and Matoro, despite both being intended to be Sand Blue, appear different. Taipu's tan appears a lot whiter than Hafu's. I also wouldn't say Onepu's purple matches his set color.
  3. What's the story behind the Synopsis book? I have never heard of it prior to this topic.
  4. Well, seems like it is going to be the first known being to were a Mask of Healing. (Dume had a Kiril, Mask of Regeneration) I like it, but I voted for Calix, I like agility.
  5. Well, maybe Lhikan actully could control the fire on his own, and two flying Toa of Air would have helped more, but yeah, for me it stands between thoose 2.
  6. Well, I picked fire. Just something I got to think about, when is the end of thiss poll?
  7. Here's a Story: Eljay, Eljay, Wake up, it's Shrek!, Wake Up! *Eljay Wakes up, Shocked* What happend? said eljay. He destroyed everything, He killed Jaa! Shrek Repsoned. Who "he"? Said Eljay. Tuma! Shrek Scream While starting to fade away cause he don't belong in bionicle... Suddenly the roof came down, and some "Hunted" Mask came down... And tried to kill eljay with their powers. Eljay escaped. He ran, and ran utnil he clashed into Velika, A po-matoran. Velika, what are you doing here? Eljay asked. Velika responded: I am here to tell you that you should fight back. Ooh, I should. Eljay said. But I can't do anything with my mangosteams! You're power isn't mangosteam, it's canon Eljay. Velika Said. Well, Then, Karzahni is alive, and want's to kill you, you better run. Said Eljay. Velika Ran, and ran and... well it's not about him. So suddendly Tahu appeared. What happend to you? Eljay said. Tahu responded, The hero factory upgraded me, I'm omega now! In exchange for me catching jawblade. So, think you can take that dude on, Tuma or whatever? Eljay said. Sure! Tahu said. *Tuma Killed Tahu* I am the mighty Tuma, you can't kill me! Tuma Said. And the Masks said "Hail Tuma, Hail Tuma!" Eljay Ran some more, until Tuma said "Stop! I'm not Tuma, I'm here to call you back to the podcast, you're done playing Lewa... Cause I... Am... Makuta Mesonak!" You Can't stop me Mesonak, I will be Lewa, whatever you do! Eljay said. No Eljay. DIE!!!!! *Mesonak Blasted Eljay with a beam of shadow* *Eljay Died* But before he died, he changed canon so that there were lava above mesonak, killing him. And so neither of them were ever in the podcast nor bionicle anymore... THE END.
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