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  1. Title says it all, willing to trade or pay up front. PM me or write a comment if you have one or know where I can procure one!
  2. Yeah, I think the only way three Tahu's could hypothetically fuse would be through a Mask of Fusion.
  3. Same question as above Unfortunately, all I have is a Mac
  4. YEAAAAAASSSS!!! YEEAAAAASSSS!!! Can't wait to try this!!! I'm gonna play and post my thoughts in a minute!
  5. Hey man! Really cool project you have going here! If you want any modeling help, let me know! Also, how do you texture your models? Thanks!
  6. Wow, this looks great man! Good look putting the rest of the demo together! I'm super hyped!
  7. Very interesting models you have here! I like the new system's flexibility a ton! Good job!
  8. Oh, that would be good. Or, perhaps, they already began that process. What if Makuta never expected the Skull Army to succeed, and instead used Skull Grinder's proximity to the mask to infect it, in the same way Makuta could infect masks in G1? Maybe The MoC is a Trojan Horse, and eventually Makuta will use his influence over it to enslave his brother, and use him to destroy the Toa and those who oppose him. That could be a way to "punish" Ekimu for denying him power thousands of years before. On the other hand, that is kinda what happened in G1...
  9. While following the current storyline and hearing input from the community, one issue commonly brought up is Umarak's ineptitude at capturing the Creatures, even after thousands of years. This theory, if true, may explain why that is, and why forging a mask of more than one element is so dangerous. Umarak came into being when the Creatures did, to balance the six elements with the darkness, or shadow. The reason he never caught them was because of this balance; in an almost yin yang fashion, neither the creatures nor Umarak could gain the upper hand, because the creatures were united against him, and the island's elements were in harmony. However, when Makuta made the MoUP, he upset the balance, and due to this upset in balance the island degraded, and the Creatures were divided, drawn to the areas where their element was the most prominent, to resume an uneasy game of cat and mouse with Umarak for years afterwards. However, while Ekimu did stop Makuta from further destabilizing the island, that initial destabilization did give Umarak an advantage. Shadow and Destruction, in my opinion in regards to this story, is that combination of elements forcibly wielded by one, while Creation and Life are represented by the individual elements each wielded by one, working together. Therefore, the existence of the MoUP slowly began to change the nature of Okoto, causing the natives to more heavily modify their regions to suit one element, which made the unity of elements on Okoto much weaker against the united forces of darkness. This, in turn, led to the eventual arrival of the Toa, to "balance the elements and shadow" again. But the unforeseen consequence of that was Umarak, the only fully alive user of shadow, gaining more power, to balance the power of the Toa AND Creatures, and this is why it is so important that the Toa and Creatures unite, so they can stand a chance against the shadow. Additionally, the Toa's arrival probably also boosted the abilities of Makuta, who is the only other known being in the Okotoverse that utilizes the shadow, and functions as a counterbalance. Well, that was a longer post than expected! In short, I think that the shadow element in this universe is a combination of the elements used by one, while the protagonists each wield one element, working together to balance the darkness. One quick correction: It is my opinion that Life or Light is represented by numerous beings working together, and this is the only way great power can be wielded for the good; Unity of the users, Duty to those they protect, and their Destiny on the horizon.
  10. I am not sure whether Ekimu is good or not, though if Lego did pull the "Good Guy is Really Evil" twist I hope there would be more built up. As for "destroying the Mask of Control", I think the primary reason Ekimu wants to get it is in order to prevent his brother from regaining his full strength. From what has been seen, Ekimu required the energy of the six Toa to awaken, and his Mask of Creation or MoUP to access his full power. I think that since Makuta wore the MoUP, he was endowed with the six elements in the form of the shadows that consumed him. Therefore, because of this, he was able to be much more involved with the universe compared to Ekimu, by directly ordering minions around and in some cases even managing to raise the dead, through undisclosed means. The six elements of the MoUP gave him this enhanced ability to still interact with Okoto, while he then needs either: a. The six elements once again b. The Mask of Control c. The Mask of Ultimate power To fully awaken and be a present, in his own form, in this universe once again. Just my thoughts though.
  11. Excellent! Can't wait to go toe to toe with the Iron Wolves... And I'm curious as to how annoying the Ice Bats will be Btw, can you post some screenshots?
  12. Well, after a HUGE delay, here is the Ice Bat! I left it white for now, but I can easily add a color scheme of your choosing and send you the model file. You can see the currently uncolored model here: https://skfb.ly/MNBy Enjoy! Sorry again for the crazy delay.
  13. UPDATE: The Ice Bat is almost done
  14. Great! So this mask is finalized, along with Gravity and Fracturing, I'll go ahead and do working on 3D models of them.
  15. Hey man! Is the Mask of Combustion finalized then?
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