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  1. I gotta say, 2010. I experienced it all through the comics, and I loved the artwork. Part of the excitement was the fact that there were both giant robots fighting, and a struggle on the ground. If either failed, the result could've been catastrophic. Not to mention journey's end, which was neat, too. Overall, it seemed fairly cool and it felt like it had the most magnitude behind it.
  2. Oooooooh! I absolutely love the idea of Halo coexisting with Bionicle! And, seeing as Transformers are somewhat alive, even having metal simply flexing instead of being made of multiple parts for the sake of movement, it'd be neat to think of the Transformers as being made of some form of protodermis in another section of the universe. Furthermore, if one considers the Quintessons, it's not improbable that they would come across some form of protodermis in their voyages throughout the universe. As shown in G1 of Transformers, there are actually several sentient species, and they interact quite often. Perhaps some Great Beings were involved? Ah well, those are my two cents.
  3. Karda nui. Aside from the makuta, beforehand it seems like it'd be a good place to live. Being high up, and able to fly down to the swamp. The whole environment just sounds so cool.
  4. I gotta say, the metrutoran were pretty cool to me. I especially liked the torsos for whatever reason, and they didn't seem as awkward or "weak" if you will, as the previous matoran. That's not to say the tohunga weren't great, but they seemed helpless. As for toa, the Inika build was pretty cool to begin with, but it got old after a while. For the small, non-matoran builds, I liked the rakshi in 2010, as their spine/head setup was pretty cool.
  5. Actually, I haven't made it an item that can be bought on shapeways yet, due to some imperfections. The dimensions aren't quite correct, so I'm currently working on another model with (hopefully) the correct dimensions. If they check out, I'll make the piece publicly available, provided it's legal, which I haven't looked into yet. This whole process should be wrapped up within a week from this coming weekend or so. At that point, provided everything works out, I'll post the link somewhere in this topic. On a different note, thanks for the support!
  6. I dunno, I kinda like the gas mask idea. And, given the goggles, I could actually see it as a popular mask for workers in a Ta-Metru forge. Furthermore, would it be able to filter out water vapor? If so, while maybe not the most practical, it could potentially make the air clearer, and at least you would breathe less humid air. Not sure how well these would all work, but hey, I thought I might share them anyways.
  7. Thanks for the kind words! I'd certainly be interested to see a stainless steel part. Good luck on your up and coming 3D endeavors!
  8. So, I notice you've stopped gathering individuals for this now. However, if you would like some more people at a point in time, or spaces open up, I'd love to get in on this!
  9. Wait, is friction the reason you can't stick an axle through there like you can with earlier sockets? Never noticed a difference in friction, but the inability to stick an axle through (plus likelihood of survival) drives me to pick the older style pretty much every time. Always seemed like an inferior part. No, I don't believe the axle impacted the friction. I think I made the socket a little big, so on my next model if I dial it down by .05-.1 mm, that should do the trick. However, I do agree that more coverage couldn't hurt, although I'm already gonna widen up the socket on my next iteration of the design for the sake of movement, so I'm not sure about how I'll achieve that.
  10. I don't know why, but the old Bionicle parts' tendency to break has always bothered me. If you look back on my older posts (of which there are few) you'll notice I have chimed in on a few topics about this subject, trying to see if someone's come up with a solution. There have been solutions to an extent, but they all seem a bit unstable for my liking. As a result, I decided to make this. It's essentially a double ball cup, but with the redesigned sockets that Lego introduced in late 2010. However, I attempted to retain full functionality of the original joints. For example, I have decided to open up the holes on either side of the socket so that an axle or pin can go through like so: So far, that hasn't affected structural integrity, and when inserting a ball you are greeted by the typical muffled pop. I've only popped it in and out a few times, so I'll certainly have to do some more testing before I can confidently say that it won't break on me. As for tolerances, it's a little more loose than I'd like and won't support some more heavy structures, so on the second build I'll have to fix that. As you can see in that picture, it's a bit shorter than an actual Lego piece, so I'll need to fix that as well. However, as other dimensions go, it's satisfactory. Overall, as a first build, I'd say I'm happy with what I did. For those of you wondering, I modeled it in Autodesk Fusion 360, and ordered it from Shapeways. Just as a disclaimer, I am associated with neither of the two, and I am making no money by promoting them. Any who, here are a few more pictures, so you can get more of an idea of its scale and whatnot. Ehlek wonders if these come in lime green... Well, that will do it for me. Let me know what you think!
  11. I thinks there's potential. It'd certainly have to be a couple of years down the line at the least, and I think we can agree that if a hypothetical G3 happens, it needs stronger marketing. If it does happen though, I'd hope it'll be the last. I'd imagine few of us want to see bionicle being dragged out of the closet every couple of years. And when it ends it must end on a good note. In my opinion, JTO had a terrible ending, and a giant robot boxing match wasn't very exciting either. Ah, well. Little can be done as of right now.
  12. I know it's a very hated year, but nostalgia really blinds me, so I'd have to say '08. It had a cool vibe going, with Mata Nui being reawakened after several years, sort of making it feel like there was some form of a countdown going on. As for the environment, I loved it. The Lego magazine artwork really did it for me, seeing the caves and swamp of secrets. As for the sets themselves, they were pretty bad, aside from the first three Makuta. Those tridax pods were cool! That said, it could've used some work.
  13. Actually, when Pohatu became a Toa Nuva, he got the climbing claw thingies. As the name entailed, they were for climbing. So, while they probably are just hands, I'd like to think of them as tools to help them traverse their environments.
  14. So, I have many parts sitting in a bin that get rustled around whenever I search for one. Hence, I have many beat up and nicked parts. In particular, some of the later pieces were made of softer plastic, and as a result look ugly after being in that bin for a while. I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about, and I was wondering, does anyone have a remedy for this? I was thinking of (as the title suggests), is there a way that anyone knows of to "buff" parts?
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