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  1. Thanks for all the replies - I believe you are right - they are from the Quest for the Masks card game from 2001. Shame they didn't make one for pohatu..
  2. Hello all... As an avid 2001-2003 enthusiast, I was browsing BioncleSector01 until I stumbled across these lovely pictures. I have no idea where they are from and would like to find out. Below are the pictures. If anyone knows anything about these or what they might be from, please let me know. Wonderful aren't they...
  3. Hi, The purple is a tad off, but I just couldn't find the right colour.. and those misprints can cost an arm and a leg so its usually cheaper to paint.. For the paints I mostly used Molotow Belton, found here: http://www.greatart.co.uk/BigDraw/Combine-Drawing-with/Acrylic-Painting/Molotow-Belton-Premium-Acrylic-Spray-Paints.html; really smooth finish.
  4. See here for update: ( The Tohunga of Mata Nui... )
  5. Hello all, Since my last post (http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/21671-mnog-2-matoran-in-tohunga-form/), I have expanded my collection of tohunga. I now believe I have finished and have made every official tohunga/matoran ever seen on Mata Nui, from the years 2000/1 to 2003. By 'official' I mean featuring in MNOG 1, MNOG 2 and the flash episodes. Nothing from any fan-based creations. If you know of any official matoran/tohunga that I have missed out, please say! ... ...
  6. Please don't hesitate to share! Thanks for asking.
  7. Recently I had a nostalgic surge after replaying MNOG 2 (Mata Nui Online Game 2), and decided to recreate all 72 of the matoran in the game in their tohunga form, simultaneously. Many of the pieces, such as certain kanohi, legs, torsos, arms in certain colours are not even made by lego, and therefore complicated matters somewhat. However, I managed to spray paint all the necessary pieces eventually. Collecting 72 tohunga was a challenge in itself, given their scarceness in the market place these days... Here they are in all their glory: Visit: http://biosector01.com/wiki/index.php/Gallery:Mata_Nui_Online_Game_II:_The_Final_Chronicle to see the full list I'm referring to.
  8. I'm no coder, so the only thing I really know how to make games with a powerpoint - just simple point and click, but still entertaining If you don't have powerpoint, I don't think there is anyway to play it i'm afraid...
  9. I have been working on a powerpoint game and have recently completed MNOG 3 It is not a flash game - only powerpoint, but I have still managed to create graphics similar to those found in MNOG 2 You have probably never heard of a powerpoint game - well this is one. Read the instructions below Animations such as moving water or tohunga also work. It is a point and click game, in which you explore Mata Nui and help others! There are many scenes in all six Koros! Here are some screenshots: I take no credit for the 'images' or objects in the scenery, as I extracted these from MNOG 1 and 2, and changed them to create a new landscape To play: 1. Download the Powerpoint in the link below 2. Open the Powerpoint and start the presentation 3. Click the arrows to advance to new locations 4. To move on with the speech bubbles, click on them. If no more speech bubbles come, then you are done with that conversation 5. Enjoy and explore! Here is the link: http://www.filedropper.com/mnog8 I take no credit for the 'images' or objects in the scenery, as I extracted these from MNOG 1 and 2, and changed them to create a new landscape! Please comment/criticise below!
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