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  1. When BIONICLE was still around, I wasn't so much a buyer due to the fact that I was pretty young then and that I had so many interests that unfortunately BIONICLE didn't make it to top of my wish list on the occasion of Christmas. As a result, I had only one or two of them, and now they're lost. Now I can only lament my foolish choices. Now I just wish I had gotten stuff from 2007. I remember seeing the advertisements, liking them, and yet never getting to actually asking or saving for them.
  2. Captain America's first appearance was 1941, and this comic is not from Marvel Comics itself - it is from its predescessor, Timely Comics. He appeared officially inside of Marvel in an Avengers comic. Slightly related, the original comic assembly of Avengers consists of Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Ant Man, and the Wasp. No Captain America here.
  3. I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark last night.
  4. 5/5. That was pretty great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcL---4xQYA
  5. Matoran of light with a picture of what looks light Makuta Teridax... kinda ironic.
  6. The guy throwing the steak is LEGO throwing that cameo at me. (This video does not necessarily fully represent the beliefs of the one writing this, and should not be taken seriously.)
  7. Granted, but a worm got to it first, so when you take that big, juicy bite.... I wish that I had an infinite supply of Altoids.
  8. Granted, but your Xbox falls out of a Windows. (PC gaming is better.) I wish that I had a little Rocket Raccoon as a pet that will destroy my enemies and be cute and cuddly whenever I want it to.
  9. When I first saw Mask of Light, I remember most vividly Tahu surfing on lava and I thought to myself, "That is the coolest thing EVER!" And then Legend of Metru Nui rolled around, and I saw Lhikan using his swords to essentially surf on air, and that then took place in my mind as waaay cooler. And then Web of Shadows came, and my favorite part of that movie was the Visorak. They had Rhotuka and they were spidery with sharp, evil features and cool names. And then... the Legend Reborn. *Snore*. So altogether I think that the Legend of Metru Nui is my favorite of all of them. It's got a pretty solid plot line, the coolness of Lhikan, and a voice that wasn't Lewa for that year's Toa of Air.
  10. Captain America of the comic world (Earth 616) was killed in the aftermath of the Marvel event, Civil War, by Sharon Carter (yes, she is Captain America's love interest, and no, she was not conscious of what was happening when she did it). She was later proven to be brainwashed by the Red Skull. In 2010, Cap was brought back to life. Yay!
  11. 4/5. The music video totally reminds me of Maus. Maybe so, but it's a whoole lot more fun to play.
  12. My favorite are probably the Inika. They have weird, rubbery masks and they're cloned sets (and yet sort of less clone-y than other Toa sets, or even canister sets for that matter, previously made). But their time that I had with BIONICLE before it was really cancelled (I had a Tarix from 2009, but that was a lot less special), so they're nostalgic, and I really like the story line behind them. I didn't remember which set I had - I was really young, and it could have been a Piraka for all I know - all I remember was the Zamor Sphere launcher and the general dark feel to that year. My least favorite Toa was the Hordika (and now I seem to be approaching this set-wise and not story-wise). They're the ones that I remember the most due to the movie, but they're asymmetrical and all clones (even down to the masks, which, although not exact copies of each other, are pretty similar.
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