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    Currently constructing 1:1 scale model of Ga-Koro (2001-early 2003 version). Have finished the beach and sea, designing the buildings for Ga-Koro village for 3D printing.
    Also programming a new MNOG (using first game's files, but changing the text).

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  1. Ah, stone rats! Do you still have the VMKK Xa for sale?
  2. Creature Name: Aerodrax Species: Only known one of it's kind Gallery Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129763343@N02/sets/72157649134502679/ Aerodrax is Okotoan for "sky terror". Flying with his huge rotors, he fires Skull Spiders from his ballista and carries a large shield. Although he rarely attacks, a village will spend years repairing the damage of a single strike. Aerodrax likes to hover high above a village and rain Skull Spiders down on crowds of people before landing and using his rotors to tear through streets and buildings. A failed project of Makuta's, Aerodrax was intended to be a guardian of Okoto before developing a personality and attacking its creator. It is unknown what Aerodrax does most of the time, but his attacks seem to be fun games that he plays when he's bored; although he uses Skull Spiders, he has been spotted fighting Skull Spider hordes in the jungle and has even disrupted their attacks on villages before. Strangely infectious if touched, it seems the only way to defeat him is by firing from a ranged distance. He is also vulnerable to high-pitched noise.
  3. Simply AMAZING work!! I'll be honest, before I saw any pictures I figured this would be a super-poor quality attempt at a game to say "Hey guys! Get excited for Bionicle!" Boy was I wrong! This is Version 0.1? Because that could be a final version in itself as far as the in-game graphics and objects go! Truly fantastic, blew me away!
  4. Oh, I didn't see this post earlier, but there's a link in my signature to my fanfic story. I was hahli on UStream.
  5. Dude I got this six months ago for $30 and free shipping. Feel free to inflate the price, but anything over $50 just plain ain't worth it. Anyone can download the disk contents. Anyone can "MOC" Hafu (not really an MOC but whatever). Aside from the Rua and map there's really nothing all too rare.
  6. I was Hahli, the source of all Eljay madness. Check out my fanfic at "My canon cannon!"
  7. I was hahli. Check out "My canon cannon!" for my Toa Eljay fanfic.
  8. Yeah that's fine. I have more content but I don't care where it goes. Here's Part Two: Eljay was stranded on a dune, facing Meso, Makuta of Pandemics, and a small Fohrok swarm. "Ah, Bohrok." the Toa of Canon says , "the perfect island destroyers. Omni-directional kickballs, color schemes are a pro, Krana launching is a pro, ah, but no elbows and knees and they're too short to reach a Toa's head, like myself." "Shut up, Eljay. Besides, didn't the last Miru-wearing Toa get Kranaed?" "Don't get technical." "What do you even do?" "I'm a Toa of Canon, I rule things canon and non-canon. If something is ruled non-canon, it blinks out of existence in the story." "What if it's already canon?" "Doesn't matter. I could make those Bohrok disappear if I wanted to. What can you do?" "Spread diseases. Attack stuff. I hang out Viper." "Viper's here, too? None of you are canon!" "You're not canon..." "I'm a Toa of Canon, of course I'm canon! I even have a cannon!" Sure enough, Toa Eljay produced a Judgement Cannon that for some reason no one saw earlier. "Eljay... did you just make that appear?" "Uhh, yeah, I guess." "Did that even appear in any actual story?" "It is now. I'm ruling this story canon." Eljay fired the cannon, which made Judgement Cannon-like noises and blasted Meso. "NO! Peace! No more Tunneler Beasts!" "Meso, if you mention Hero Factory in my story one more time..." There was a big fist fight that Meso won, but someone ruled that non-canon so we'll skip that part... A heavily bruised Eljay slid into an abandoned Thornatus, wondering why he couldn't make Meso and his Bohrok disappear during the totally nonexistent fight. He'd made all kinds of things appear from a "Bionicle 2015? Tune in to TTV!" billboard to a fully functional cannon. But Meso didn't disappear. 'Why?' Eljay thought as he drove past a group of Kopakas arguing over who was more canon, one of which was entirely pixilated. Eljay tried practicing his mask powers as he drove past a group of lightsaber-wielding Matoran fighting a group of phaser-wielding Agori. At the last second his Hau was triggered as a Splitter Beast tossed a boulder at him. 'Dangit Meso. Why'd you have to ruin a perfectly good story with Splitter Beasts and Tunneler Beasts and...' ...and that's when Eljay realized his power. He could make things canon and non-canon whenever he wanted. Because he could make things canon, he could make them appear, but thanks to fandom, he couldn't actually make anything disappear. It stayed in fandom forever, even if he objected. What could he do? Could he really leave, knowing that somewhere out there, Klingon Agori and Jedi Matoran were in written stories? Knowing that there were eight Kopakas? Knowing that Meso's MNOG-HF comparisons were affecting fan fiction? He wasn't even supposed to be driving- he had a war to fight. He knew what he had to do, even if his Earth self didn't like it. He changed gear and raced to New Atero. "You want to nuke half of Spherus Magna?" Vakama number three yelled. "That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard!" "Really? What happened to "let's go this way oh look Visorak"? Besides I saw a unicorn on the drive here. A unicorn. This is saddening, Bionicle doesn't deserve this." "I hate to say it," Vakama number two said, "but he's right. There's three of us. Yesterday the seven Tahus tried to fight to the death to stay canon, and two more Tahus appeared today. This is madness. It must end." The Toa of Canon turned to Takanuva. "Take two of every Rahi and one of every person out into the desert. I shall prepare everything else. Meso laid his hand on Eljay's shoulder. "You're doing the right thing. We need to clean up this garbage." "Hopefully, this will erase every fan story." "And this one-" Eljay shook his head. "I've made this story canon, so it shouldn't be deleted. And it looks like the device is set." Meso shook Eljay's hand, and Eljay nodded to the two Takanuvas. Both donned Mohtreks, summoning every past Takanuva that wore the Olmak, the fanfiction's only hope of surviving. "Thank you, Eljay." The Takanuvas said. "Thanks to you, we can live peacefully, outside of the canon world." "I couldn't leave you here. Canon Bionicle deserves no less." And with a final nod, Eljay activated his powers and winked out of existence within the Bionicle storyline. At his computer, Black Six noticed something bad. A virus seemed to have deleted all of BZP's fanfiction. A few seconds later, they returned, seeming to have never moved. Must've been just a glitch. Earth Eljay finished reading the story, deciding it was completely stupid.
  9. 9396-B thundered down the hillside. The two-bladed helicopter was holding several guards and a desperate Helryx. Her Order hadn't won a single engagement with the Skrall in a month. The needed help from, frankly, anybody. Perhaps even someone who wasn't canon... Yet... Toa Eljay stepped onto the Technic plane, wearing a TTV shirt and a paper golden Miru, pretending not to notice the funny stares from Onua, Jaller, and Chiara. Even the emotionless Bohrok were clearly having trouble processing the, the, unknown species. "His name's Eljay" Helryx quickly explained as pilots Kai and Macku quickly rushed by. "He's human, and a Toa of Canon, so..." "So I can make anything canon, including myself." Jaller raised his hand. "So, you can alter the past?" "I have. I was interested to see how the Red Star works, and I also found that accidentally breaking- well, any other questions?" Hahli stepped on, clutching a MakutaFest 2014 banner. "Is that Miru on your face... functional?" Good idea, Hahli. I'll make it functional, and canon." The Toa went silent, glancing at each other as Toa Eljay did nothing. 42025 started up and took off, and he still did not move. "So..." Chiara began. "Oh, yeah, it's fully functional." Eljay replied. "Watch." Before anyone could stop him, Eljay jumped out of the plane, trying to keep his paper Mask of Levitation from flying off. Then suddenly Eljay slowed down. His mask was working, gliding him down to a dune. "So," a Makuta said from behind him, "think you could make the Splitter Beast canon?" "MMMEEEEESSOOOO!!!" To be continued in "Cannon of Canon, Part Two"!
  10. Just saying... https://community.lego.com/t5/MESSAGE-BOARD-Help-and/Talk-to-the-Moderators/m-p/10609387#M173344
  11. Anyone else think Lego has to make a NuiCraft set?
  12. So my wallet isn't the fattest, but I'm interesting in buying some cheap prototypes or a VMKK if the owner wants to part with it for closer to the $100 range than the $200 range. I've heard of 2001 Turaga and McToran prototypes, and I'd be interested if anyone has a Nokama or Maku prototype, although I'll look at whatever prototype you may have.
  13. $10? Ten? For all of that? Yeah, hate to tell you but that's ludicrous.
  14. Looks great! I would like to sign up! First ever Kanohi... now wearable without making parents scorn at that little thing on your nose... UStream Account: hahli Name: Eddie VanZandt I found MakutaFest on The Three Virtues' YouTube podcasts by sifting through their old videos and watching MakutaFest 2013. Then they made new videos announcing this one a short time later. Contact Info: eddievanzandt3@yahoo.com
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