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  1. In your own opinion, do you think that LEGO have ruined the Bionicle Timeline, with these new sets that are coming out, should they have just stuck with the timeline that we are used to? NOTE: DO NOT JUDGE ANYONES OPINION! 1st post since 2014, YAY...
  2. Lets hope it is a huge success because that will be they only thing i would get
  3. When Bionicle is Back do you think it would be a hit? Now this is only a nearly confirmed rumour so what do you think? I THINK YES
  4. Yet you have a Hordika Picture for your emblem, lol
  5. Which Toa Team would be more Powerfull in your choice do you mean "which Toa team do you think is the most powerful"? Yes
  6. Avohkii, I just love saying the Golden Avohkii
  7. No lol, we don't have enough money to make that but it will be fun to watch as we will include Great sets from the past and great videos
  8. Yes well we started last month, and we have covered 2001 - 2007 This tribute is to the Years that we had with the Toa, and all the great memories The movie will contain Heaps more Pictures and some videos like these
  9. That it is this is just a rough outline of what it is going to be, its going to be way more official than that trust me, we still have a month left of hard work in creating it, so wait till then and it will be great! We Hope
  10. I loved the Barraki design, the box had such a great feel to it
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